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The Peoples Reaction

3 hours ago by King_Richard3
Well the Brexit happened, and everyone saying that “no matter what, the elite will win and Britain will stay in the EU.” I was convinced Britain would stay, with or without voting fraud. But the fact that they left and the media knew it right it away is rather surprising.
Expletives deleted.

I’m English and haven’t voted for 25 years, but today I voted [Leave], I even marked my cross using the ballot box as a table in full view of the officers and people behind, I’m not ashamed in showing my choice; not all of us are puppets.

I was talking to the officers and they said in all their years no one has ever asked for a pen (they give you pencils to mark your choice) and they said today a number of people used pens; so others are slowly realising how easily rigged votes are swayed…that’s a small step across the giant chasm of the illusion of democracy.

And I really hope that this drives wooden stakes through the hearts of Soros, Osborne and Rothschild – or at least gives them serious, debilitating strokes.

Kudos to Britain!

Unfortunately, you know the EU isn’t going down without a fight. The EU is going to do everything in its power to make it painful for Britain, especially to dissuade other countries in the EU from leaving.

F… the EU.


Jean-Claude Junker


mkkby Dsyno Jun 24, 2016 1:21 AM

It doesn’t matter what the EU does, or what elites do to negate the people’s choice.  This proves people are FINALLY WAKING THE F… UP.

Now the question is, why do nearly half of all britons still want to be part of that globalist venus fly trap?

Next, Americans must throw out the c… hilldebeast and elect TRUMP.  One more f… you to the globalists.


I haven’t been so slap-happy in a looong time, as I am to have been wrong about the outcome of this vote.

You DO realize, if the Bremain side had won, it would have been the first time since the Romans, that the UK would have been under foreign rule.  In fact, even the Romans never conquered Scotland, so it would have been unprecedented in recorded history.


The UK along with the colonies and former colonies are still under Red Shield rule and Operation Gladio.

I get your point.  The Romans at least built a lot of good stuff.

I am very happy for the English and kudos to the Brexit voters.

I am thinking either:

1. It was to hard to steal.

2. The global economic reboot started tonight.




2 Responses to “It Has Happened – BREXIT IS OFFICIAL”

  1. ferryt says:

    Hmmm soros was buying gold last week.

  2. Nollidge says:

    “And I really hope that this drives wooden stakes through the hearts of Soros, Osborne and Rothschild – or at least gives them serious, debilitating strokes.”
    Really,you underestimate that mob.I am absolutely certain that they have methods in place to profit from whichever way the vote went.That’s why they are fantastically rich & you and In ain’t & never will be.

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