Insults fly as Farage & Le Pen laud Brexit victory at raucous European Parliament debate

28 Jun, 2016

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker welcomes Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, prior to a plenary session at the European Parliament on the outcome of the "Brexit" in Brussels, Belgium, June 28, 2016. © Eric Vidal

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker welcomes Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, prior to a plenary session at the European Parliament on the outcome of the “Brexit” in Brussels, Belgium, June 28, 2016. © Eric Vidal / Reuters
Emotions ran high during an emergency session of the European Parliament on Brexit, with bitter exchanges between MEPs culminating in a call for Britain to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin exit negotiations immediately.

The extraordinary session of parliament saw MEPs boo UKIP leader Nigel Farage – one of the main figures in the ‘Leave’ campaign – and turn their backs on him after he said none of them had ever done “a proper job” in their lives.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker accused the UKIP leader of lying and “fabricating reality” in the referendum campaign.

At the end of the debate, MEPs voted in favor of a motion urging Britain to begin formal exit negotiations immediately by triggering Article 50.

Juncker opened the debate by telling MEPs he was sad about Britain’s decision to vote for Brexit, but that the EU must respect British democracy.

Juncker said Farage “lied about the budgetary aspects” of the UK’s membership of the EU, before suggesting Britain may not have voted for Brexit if it knew the true figures.

The Vote Leave campaign controversially claimed Britain sends £350 million (about US$460 million) a week to the EU, a figure which has been widely discredited because it does not take into account Britain’s rebate.

A truer figure is £136 million a week, after taking into account the rebate and EU spending on the UK.

Farage also backtracked on a promise to see this £350 million invested in the National Health Service (NHS) – rather than the EU – within hours of the referendum result being announced last Friday.

You told us a few days ago that you made a mistake on the budgetary aspects of what was at stake in the relationship between the UK and the EU,” Juncker told the UKIP head.

If you’d said that before the vote, then I wouldn’t need to congratulate you [on winning the referendum]. But you lied, you didn’t tell the truth. You fabricated reality.

Juncker then touched a personal note with his old adversary.

I enjoy debating with you, sparring with you, Mr Farage. I think we share a similar sense of humor. You used to have a sense of humor, I still do I think. But I find it regrettable that this will be the last occasion we will be able to debate, because you won’t be coming back.

Farage began his address to the parliament by accusing the EU of being in denial over its failed project.

The reason you’re so upset, the reason you’re so angry, has been perfectly clear from all the angry exchanges this morning. You, as a political project, are in denial. You are in denial that your currency is failing.

Farage went on say the “ordinary people” who voted to leave the EU “rejected the multinationals, they rejected the merchant banks, they rejected big politics.”

He ended by predicting the UK “will not be the last member state to leave the European Union.”

Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt attacked Farage over his claim to be a defender of workers’ rights.

I’m shocked Mr Farage. You are presenting yourself as a defender of the little man, the hard worker, while you have an offshore financial construction. I don’t think all citizens have offshore financial constructions in Britain.”

The leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe added: “But finally we are going to get rid of the biggest waste in the European Union which we have paid for 17 years, your salary. Thank you.

Scottish National Party (SNP) MEP Alyn Smith received a standing ovation following his emotional call for the EU not to forget Scotland.

The people of Scotland, along with the people of Northern Ireland, London and lots of people, voted to remain within our family of nations,” he said.

Please remember this. Scotland did let you down. Please, I beg you. Do not let Scotland down now.”

Some members of parliament were enthusiastic about Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen hailed Brexit and called on MEPs to “put away those sulky faces, put away those angry looks and rejoice in the free and great emancipation” of the British people.

Le Pen added she is “committed to pursuing the path of liberty” for France.

Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson meanwhile asked the EU to respect Northern Ireland’s vote to remain in the EU.

You in the EU, you have supported [the Irish] peace process and I ask you to continue to do that.

Sinn Fein, we worked for a strong Remain vote, on the basis of another Europe. A more social Europe, a more democratic Europe.

The EU must change if it is to survive,” she added.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    “Promoted by Will Straw on behalf of The In Campaign Ltd”

    a company incorporated in England & Wales under company registration #9641190
    registered address is at St Bride’s House, Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8EH

    Will Straw another Loser and the son of Jack Straw former Minister of Justice (some of my surveillance is run out of that building – yep the same one where the Paedophile Information Exchange ran from and were raping kiddies)

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Comment by sk left at AgeofTreason
    1 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 9:58 AM

    “Using deception to further one’s interests is, well deceitful, and will backfire. Always does, eventually. It’s time for honest whites to stand up for our race, the white race. Anti-racist really is a code word for anti-white. The program pushed is GENOCIDE. There is NO justification for genocide.”

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Other interesting comments left at AgeOfTreason:

      1 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 3:07 PM
      Jewish Daily Forward: Jews Run US Economy, via Daily Stormer, is a timely reminder that when jews aren’t decrying jewish influence as a “myth” they’re crowing about how real and good it is for their tribe.
      1 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 3:37 PM
      Michael Kimmel says White men are afflicted with “aggrieved entitlement” and is clearly antipathetic rather than sympathetic. Why?

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s because he’s a jew, or crypto-jew. Like his hero Louis CK, and like Tim Wise and David Sirota, whose anti-White animus he echoes. They all clearly see Whites as the enemy rather than as fellow “whites”.

      Jews provide the best example of “aggrieved entitlement”. Jews (and crypto-jews) love to psychoanalyze Whites, as Kimmel does, faulting Whites for things like “privilege” and “aggrieved entitlement” that better describe themselves.
      1 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 5:59 PM
      Jews aren’t Semites. Therefore, one cannot be ‘anti-semitic’ when discussing the Khazarian Kosher Krowd.

      End of story. Nothing to see/hear here. Move along.- Fr. John+
      2 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 2:16 PM
      See comments to post
      3 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 11:54 AM
      Isn’t he half-Jewish himself?
      3 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 6:31 PM
      I’m glad someone pointed this out. Apparently, he’s only an eighth jewish but from his appearance it was a very strong “eighth”. And I’m sure this “eighth” was very important when he was groomed for politics.
      How does someone like Milliband the first generation son of an immigrant father get to be leader of the Labour Party if not picked out and groomed for the rôle?
      As usual it’s smoke and mirrors, Jews playing both sides and sowing confusion.
      You’d be amazed how many “British” politicians with anglicised names are really jews. There was a reason for the Inquisition.
      5 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 12:09 PM
      There is an article about the ethnicity of “British ” Leaders on alternative right.
      I notice that Boris Johnson who admits to one jewish great grandfather only mentions that he has “Turkish” ancestry never Muslim. I bet the “Turkish” ancestry is also jewish. The same goes for Cleg’s “Dutch ” and “Russian” ancestry. If we ever get the opportunity to isolate and expel jews it is going to be one heck of a problem.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Farage says none of you have ever had a proper job in your life. Now that is funny.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    They should give Juncker the balloon test before he is allowed to speak. He is probably drunk.

  5. RabbiT says:

    The European Commission President accuses the UKIP leader of lying?

    In 1975 the UK took a referendum on membership of the European Economic Community not on giving up our sovereignty to the European Union.

    That was the great lie. The people were lied to over the intent of Europe and now that the people have had a second vote, 40 years on, they choose to say No, to the European Union.

    Farage has in effect promoted himself out of a job and off the EU gravy train.

    To be booed for heckled for doing so demonstrates how several of these MEP’s are indeed not “grown up” when in effect Nigel is putting the UK where it democratically voted to be – a part of the common market.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yes and there is the question of blackmail and Heath. I wonder what this man’s views are on the subject of child rape if he doesn’t care about that then why should we care about him or his money or anyone else’s for that matter

      • RabbiT says:

        Bit like Hollie, time has moved on and proof is nay impossible. Justice is not what the MOJ is about.

        As spirit beings, with knowledge of the truth, I am sure we agree Jesus Christ will judge each of us accordingly, in the afterlife on the way we lived in the flesh.

        Rick is a creep and I believe made his cash from abortions, a convenient form of soft murder though I am not judging those who inadvertently found themselves caught up in such.

        In my opinion there is no justification for any adjustments in the market except having studied markets for a few years, I noticed a trend to collapse prices to shake out investors and make profit.

        Upon this study I made one stock market purchase in my life which in a few months doubled my investment. The Iraq war caused a collapse in price so I sold. Had I retained such I would soon have made 20 times my original investment over the next couple of years.

        I just wished I had more faith in my thoughts. However it is not all about money, as we are expected to believe and I have been robbed by other parties my whole life yet am free from work as God specifically disclosed to me in my teens telling me to read Jeremiah 29.11 as I feared destitution. God is good.

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