Iceland’s Independence Is Icleand’s Strength

Recent examples of winning through against the odds; against the established status quo:

Farage’s UKIP won the €U elections
Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest
Leicester won the Premiership against the odds
Brexit won against the odds… the Brexit vote may have been even bigger!
Iceland beat England

Iceland have already told the IMF, €U and entire establishment: NO!
There’s even rumour they actually jailed bankers.

Look at the Iceland football team:
This is from a population of 300,000. The manager is a part time postman? Whether you like football or not, look the captain lead his community in a pretty dignified manner compared to the usual football teams and fans.
Is this the look of independence? They look calm, strong and confident. They have a spirit long lost by our players’ mind set… there is change afoot, and not Obama ‘marketing strategy’ change, but an awakening of an innate knowing despite all the bullshit.

Now Corbyn is fighting to keep the Labour leadership.I suspect he can. Like Farage, he commands people support despite the persistent negative mainstream PR.

If you have a spare 2 hours check this excellent commentary, commentary which puts the blasted BBC to shame yet again:
Sunday Wire EP #141 -‘The New Euro Man’ with guests Branko Malić, Mike Robinson, Basil Valentine:
Basil Valentine says we are out, whatever they do or think, we are out. He also suggests Corbyn has constituency support and can prevail.


3 Responses to “Iceland’s Independence Is Icleand’s Strength”

  1. UglyTruth says:

    Winning at football isn’t really in the same league as triggering a global movement against tyranny. Independence is not strength, Iceland’s constitutional woes are yet to be resolved:

    In spite of clear popular support, Iceland’s new crowd-sourced constitution was recently killed by politicians.

  2. NPP says:

    I beg to differ – independence is a strength in my book, but each to their own….
    I watched the team celebrate in their way and it made an impression. If it did not with you, so be it…
    Iceland told them NO and did not crash into Mark Carnage’s predicted hell zone. Of course, politicians will keep popping up and cause concern… it is an on-going process.

    Same league? the quantum fluttering of butterfly wings, or something like that…. unexpected results are occurring. I love it. Others are less enamoured apparently.

    The mention of football to ‘alternive media’ forums is like saying ‘Farage’ to the politically correct; too tempting.

    Corbyn-Farage coalition would make me smile. The world is unlikely to be ‘fixed’ anytime soon, so we enjoy the enjoyable moments as and when they occur.

  3. UglyTruth says:

    Full credit to Iceland for giving the banksters the boot, but a crowd-sourced constitution makes them as vulnerable as Venezuala IMO.

    Brexit was a significant step towards fixing the world, Britain’s unique history makes it possible to find common ground with Islam, but Europe is ill-equipped for this.

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