How You Can Manually Change The World: Turn Your TV Off

by June 04, 2016
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It’s been called the greatest mind control device known to humanity and amazingly it’s the one addiction that when truly broken can most definitely change your life forever. Yes, that’s how bad this problem of mind control has become. You can cut the degree of mind control deception with a knife, it’s so thick. Freeing oneself from such a deep level of deception is a mental freedom you can only truly understand if you have experienced it yourself. Consider the prospects of going from a full state of being mesmerized in a controlled environment to one of freedom. Mental freedom and spiritual freedom that is. Perhaps these are the two most important freedoms. Physical freedom on the other hand, is usually the first to go and the one we’d like to think we will fight for and defend. It (the physical freedom) is the one they always threaten to take away. This physical freedom is the image of freedom we all dream about for what good is freedom of speech if it’s at a prison or concentration camp?

No question the values and virtues of physical freedom speak for themselves, but what about mental freedom? How do we measure this? Is it really all subjective? Who can answer this? This much I know, television is a prison for your mind. When you are watching TV, especially every day, your ability to connect to your real life is fogged; the line between reality and fiction become blurred. The young generation knows about this real well; they live in the matrix every day, subjected to the impulses that come with being young. As they should enjoy their youth, I cast no stones at youth who won’t consider the problems of the world. A part of me empathizes with a youth who would rather not know how bad the world really is.

Empathy only goes so far, however. Ultimately ‘I understand’ gives way to ‘no I’m serious’ and ‘hey I really need you to understand this’. Realizing what is really happening should induce an ‘oh my god’ out of you, at the very least. If only you could connect with the reality of the suffering that humanity has endured throughout history. That’s right, if you could actually experience reality through the eyes of those who have had close family and friends murdered by war and propaganda, this would significantly impact your view about life. So why are so many especially in America so disconnected from the reality of what I speak? Television.

How dangerous is TV?

Television and TV programming is singlehandedly the most powerful force of energy pointed directly at your physical brain. It changes how you see the world and how you react to situations you encounter. Yes, even the physical electronic signals that come out of your TV have been shown to affect your brain. Studies have even connected television watching at early ages with bad grades, attention and concentration issues, bad behavior and communication problems among other things.

How then can anything so bad for you be so legal?  Only after being mentally cleansed from the TV addiction can you truly appreciate this question. Television is quietly the most important tool for the success of the globalist new world order plans. It’s the direct channel of communication they have set up to push their messages across to the masses in order to see their agenda through.

This television ‘power cable’ which sends signals directly to your mind,  is real and works similar to the cable lines that run all across America. We see the lines all over the country. Cable, Wi-Fi, telephone and fiber-optic lines. It’s a network of communication lines that coat the country. These lines deliver television and other signals directly into everyone’s homes and now we are observing the multidimensional effect of this whole phenomenon. How can so many electronic radio wave signals not affect the mind in a deleterious manner? And how about the degree of mind-control it has on those hard-wired to it?

Disconnecting your way to freedom

This is why disconnecting your television and throwing it away is one of the most powerful ways that you can change your life forever. Yes forever and manually, no power needed. Right now every single person in America has the power to manually turn the TV off and find out or rediscover who you really are. Turn off the electronic signal that has you fully mentally controlled. The TV has found a parking space in your mind. If the majority of Americans could find the courage to turn off that mental parking space and start their life anew, the global government minions and their politician mouthpieces would lose their audience instantaneously. Imagine! With no audience, how can one complete a plan? Sounds crazy? Wait till enough people have had enough. Though it may or may not ever happen it is factually true that if everyone right now turned off their TV we would have a world-wide revolution never before seen. Imagine humanity focused on fixing what is wrong. What if we could finally unseat the criminal politicians who are running the show? Actually it’s been said that all that is needed to induce true change is for 1% of the people to wake up. If this is true then think of how close this ‘TV turning off’ effect is to coming true.

Spread the word. Turn your TV off and do without it. It’s easy and it’s fun. It really is. After a few months you’ll look back and you won’t believe you watched TV in the past. It’s an addiction you usually never go back to and when you are around someone who watches TV you may feel uncomfortable with the signal alone. You’ll understand the phenomenon a lot more once you cross that line.

Here’s to being focused, being positive and believing this TV-turning-off phenomenon will happen and will bestow a blessing on humanity that we cannot understand. Now that you know, turn it off and pass the word.



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  1. Dogman says:

    According to Daniel Reid, writing in the Tao of Health Sex and Longevity, the rays from a TV flicker erratically, causing uneven and irregular stimulation of the retina. “This choppy stimulus is transferred directly into the brain via the optic nerve, which in turn irritates the hypothalamus. In scientific experiments conducted in the US but ignored by both the government and the television industry, rats exposed to colour TV for six hours a day became hyperactive and extremely aggressive for about a week. Thereafter they suddenly became totally lethargic and stopped breeding entirely.” In effect their endocrine systems had been ‘burnt out;’ equally significant was the fact that during the experiment the TV screens were kept covered in thick black paper so that only the invisible rays came through. Thus the damage was done, not by the visible rays, but by the invisible radiation.

    These findings were echoed by Dr H.D. Youmans of the U.S. Bureau of Radiological Health, quoted by Associated Press in 1970: “We found rays escaping from the vacuum tubes to be harder and of higher average energy than we expected. They penetrated the first few inches of the body as deeply as 100-kilowatt diagnostic X-rays. You get a uniform dose to the eyes, testes and bone marrow.”

    The same year Dr Robert Elder, director of the BRH, testified before Congress that even very minute doses of radiation, which fall below the legal limit cause damage and that the damage is cumulative.

    In fact the evidence is beginning to mount to the point where it can no longer be ignored, unless you happen to watch a lot of TV, in which case you may not have noticed the results of a study by Sally Ward. One of Britain’s leading authority’s on children’s speech development, she completed a ten year study which showed that the background noise in the average two year olds day can delay his or her acquisition of a language by up to a year. Almost invariably the background noise came from television. Amongst other things she found that:

    · Children learn to speak from their parents and parents don’t play or talk enough with their children when the TV is on.
    · Background noise from TV or radio, confuses infants. In response they learn to ignore all noise and then they ignore speech.
    · Children of two years or older should not be exposed to more than two hours of TV a day.
    · Children of one year old or younger should not be exposed to television at all..

    Sally Ward is currently preparing to focus on television and the way it affects our attention. In particular she will be looking at Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
    “. . . a lot of people think it’s chemical,” she says, but in her view . . . “it’s very peculiar that at the onset of children’s television it got a lot more prevalent, and at the onset of children’s video’s it got a lot more prevalent.”

    Her concern is being reiterated in America where child psychologist John Rosemond has stirred some controversy by suggesting that ADHD is environmentally created; a suggestion that is completely at odds with the pharmaceutical industry, which maintains that the disorder is genetically inherited and makes considerable profit as a result.

    “Ritalin may work, temporarily,” says Rosemond, “But pharmaceutical intervention won’t change behavioural and motivational problems.” And these he blames on television – “the endlessly changing images, flickering like the attention spans of ADHD children.”

    Interestingly, Rosemond began questioning the role of TV after his own son began displaying symptoms of ADHD. In response he got rid of his television and within six weeks the boy’s behaviour was transformed. Today he is a commercial airline pilot, a job which requires some concentration.
    Still, there may well be a place for television in modern society: in our prisons. No seriously. At a time when its budget is being cut by over 15% you may ask why the prisons service is spending an estimated £5 million on television sets for a third of its inmates? Why? Well, according to David Roddan, general secretary of the prison governors association: “It’s the best control mechanism you can think of.”

    Extracts from The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, Simon & Schuster and GET A LIFE! David Burke and Jean Lotus

  2. Dogman says:

    Beta waves are the normal waking brain wave activity. In that state one is alert and aware at a concious level. In the beta wave state your conscious mind acts as a kind of gate keeper for the subconscious mind. Kind of like a virus filter. However once you start watching television you switch to an alpha brain wave state. This happens, because of the subliminal hypnotic flicker rate emitted by the television. (eighteen frames per second.) The transition to alpha wave occurs within thirty seconds to a minute of viewing a television. And it feels good. Which is why TV is so addictive.

    “Brainwashing” “mind control” and ” mind conditioning” are based upon the technique of bypassing the conscious mind and downloading messages and data directly into the subconscious mind. This is done easily by using images, data and signals that cannot be detected on a conscious level, such as a flicker rate of eighteen frames per second. Also, as previously noted, these rapidly moving images induces an alpha brain wave state. Once you are in an alpha wave state you are highly susceptible to suggestion and subliminal conditioning and “mind control” becomes possible. (worth a look at the video links)

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