How the next British Prime Minister will be chosen

The process for electing a new Conservative leader is fairly complex.

Candidates must first be nominated by two sitting Tory MPs via a submission to the chair of the 1922 committee Graham Brady.

Graham Brady will oversee the election
Graham Brady will oversee the election CREDIT: PA

If one person is selected they win outright. If only two people are selected by MPs they both go forward to a wider ballot of Conservative party members, conducted by post.

If three or four members of the party are nominated as potential leadership candidates MPs must whittle them down to two choices using a first past the post system with subsequent ballots after fourth place has been knocked out.

Then the two final choices are sent out to the wider party for the postal ballot and Mr Brady will decide the deadline for the vote, before a count begins at noon that day.

The result is then announced to the Parliamentary party and other members.

Boris Johnson is the man of the moment as far as the public is concerned, and probably as far as Conservative Party members are concerned.  But will MPs share the public’s enthusiasm for Bojo?

Liam Fox has a good track record in the Parliamentary Party for being against the EU for twenty years and more, whereas Johnson 100% supported Cameron against Fox in 2005 when he was the Editor of The Spectator magazine and he was keen to get into politics as an MP, with no interest in the issues.   Fox came in third in the Parliamentary round in the 2005 leadership contest, when Cameron won the leadership. Had he come second in the Parliamentary round (He did in effect come second, but Cameron posted ten of his supporters to vote for David Davis knowing him to be the easier opponent to beat with the membership, nudging Fox into 3rd place), he would have been chosen against Cameron by the membership in all probability.  Fox has a good number of MPs who would support him making another bid for the Party leadership.  He’s from a normal working class background, once a GP in the NHS, Scottish, the MP for Somerset North.  He might be able to make a pitch for support from other sectors than those Boris is able to reach amongst the public, and has a base of support in Parliament amongst many Conservative MPs.  He has indicated he has the right political views on topics such as fracking, while Boris apparently has no interest in environmental issues, which could be critical in winning seats, especially COnservative seats, in the next election.


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  1. peugeott says:

    If fox gets elected will the last person to leave the UK turn out the lights

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