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  1. Aldous says:

    Denzel Washington stars in a movie called Unstoppable about a runaway train. It’s very loosely based on an actual event – faction in other words – but it won’t stop the gullible goy from soaking up the anti-White, self loathing message.

    The guy that allows the train to get away from him in the depot/shunting yard is of course White, grossly overweight and depicted as a real dickhead. The office boss of the depot is of course Black, female and portrayed as capable and blameless – even though she’s in charge of the depot but wasn’t actually on site when the train got away, so that makes it OK and not her fault in any way, which in the Hollywood surreal world gets her completely off the hook. The buck obviously doesn’t stop with her.

    The rail company boss – who repeatedly shuns her good advice and threatens her job – is again White and depicted in a very negative and arrogant way.

    The train driver co-star (Chris Pine) who eventually saves the day and train, is depicted as caring/human but is in a desperately failing marriage which seriously distracts him from his duties and very nearly gets a trainload of kids killed.

    I’m not even sure the guy that Denzel Washington portrays in the film is/was actually Black and I very much doubt that he was. In other words, Hollywood substituted a Black guy (and the office woman boss) for a mainly/wholly White event and passed it off as real. The agenda and endgame justifies any and every means in the minds of these malevolent and mendacious mother____ers.

    Unstoppable 2010 – Denzel Washington Movies, Tony Scott,Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson – Excellent IMDB (1:25:39)


    Note: Quality of imagery deliberately reduced (but still watchable up to a pont) due to copyright infringement and holder’s request. Suggest buying the DVD because it’s a real education of the mind warping power of Hollywood.

  2. Aldous says:

    Crimson Tide is yet another Denzel Washington (nuclear sub) movie where he is pretty much depicted as saving the World from Nuclear Armageddon in spite of all the best efforts of his arrogant – and borderline mad – White captain played by the now retired Gene Hackman. Otherwise good movies reduced to Hollywood garbage and rendered virtually unwatchable.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      As they proclaim in Hollywood, All hail the black dick[head], because of course “the jooos did so much for the black man”…”oyvey wi were always der fer you, even on the quayside waiting for all the ships we financed to arrive from Africa back in 1800…”

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Inglorious Basterds was the worst one I have seen in a few years but every single mainstream cinema film has a subtext that can be detected. Many are full of triggering and programming imagery which all the goys are just sucking up. I find it quite weird to go to those places nowadays. Even conversing with “normal” people can be dangerous, I find that it can either be traumatizing for them or revelatory, whichever it is quite annoying. They are either left in a state of shell shock, or they start sticking to you like glue. It’s a deep seated need for deprogramming and to hear the truth. Well if they don’t already know it is certainly heading in their direction and fast.

      • Aldous says:

        Peace Brother 🙂 I haven’t seen QT’s IB (or his Django Unchained crap) and don’t ever intend to – which is a fault on my part because I don’t believe you can fully review/criticize/express an opinion on something you have never seen.

        I’ve seen excerpts of IB of a German soldier getting his head caved in and that was enough for me. I served in the miltary through three decades and saw an awful lot but I don’t appreciate Hollywood misrepresenting what the ‘Allies’ did to Germans and Germany. I’ll leave the Japs out of it for now but the Goy have got themselves into hell of a lot of very bad stuff for international Jewry on the altar of Satan.

        “It’s a deep seated need for deprogramming and to hear the truth.”

        It’s very difficult and we can only try out best. Cognitive Dissonance or something. I read a very disturbing article (Henry Makow/Truthseeker?) these last couple of days of how these Satanists work. It’s not entirely unrelated as to why Jews mutilate a new born baby with circumcision. The baby never forgets the horror.

        Apparently, in the Satanist/Illuminati/Jew world of horrors, a child must be sodomized between the age of 3 to 5 or something. The terrible effect on the lower spine affects the brain/mind to such an extent that the child never forgets the ‘experience’. I believe this is the true reason for circumcision also. A mutilated/deformed penis is incidental; the everlasting effect on the mind is what it’s all about.

        We really are dealing with diabolical entities who have taken on near human form and in the case of many Khazars, are often very difficult to distinguish from normal human beings who would identify with God.

        UK Cops Enforce Homo Hysteria


        Sodomy Key to Mind Control, says Deprogrammer


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