How humans are mind controlled to become killers

Peace Brother :-) I haven’t seen QT’s IB (or his Django Unchained crap) and don’t ever intend to – which is a fault on my part because I don’t believe you can fully review/criticize/express an opinion on something you have never seen.

I’ve seen excerpts of IB of a German soldier getting his head caved in and that was enough for me. I served in the miltary through three decades and saw an awful lot but I don’t appreciate Hollywood misrepresenting what the ‘Allies’ did to Germans and Germany. I’ll leave the Japs out of it for now but the Goy have got themselves into hell of a lot of very bad stuff for international Jewry on the altar of Satan.

“It’s a deep seated need for deprogramming and to hear the truth.”

It’s very difficult and we can only try out best. Cognitive Dissonance or something. I read a very disturbing article (Henry Makow/Truthseeker?) these last couple of days of how these Satanists work. It’s not entirely unrelated as to why Jews mutilate a new born baby with circumcision. The baby never forgets the horror.

Apparently, in the Satanist/Illuminati/Jew world of horrors, a child must be sodomized between the age of 3 to 5 or something. The terrible effect on the lower spine affects the brain/mind to such an extent that the child never forgets the ‘experience’. I believe this is the true reason for circumcision also. A mutilated/deformed penis is incidental; the everlasting effect on the mind is what it’s all about.

We really are dealing with diabolical entities who have taken on near human form and in the case of many Khazars, are often very difficult to distinguish from normal human beings who would identify with God.

UK Cops Enforce Homo Hysteria

Sodomy Key to Mind Control, says Deprogrammer

Aldous — June 16, 2016

Marion Knox. Click to enlarge

Marion Knox. Click to enlarge

Marion Knox, 78,  is a grass seed farmer, pilot and businessman from Lebanon, Oregon  who has deprogrammed some 500 MK-Ultra victims. He says sodomizing children is the Illuminati’s “key” to satanic possession and mind control. (Puts “Sex Ed” in new perspective doesn’t it?) He raises the specter that most of our political leaders are in fact mind controlled sodomizers and/or victims of sodomy. 

Interview with Marion Knox by Elana Freeland: In the House of the Strong Man, Sodomy is the Key

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

M: Based on … what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years … the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.
E: What is it about sodomy that does that?
M: It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will … for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.
E: For all multiple personality disorders?
M: As far as I know. It’s not commonly told this way because sodomy puts in a deaf and dumb spirit and causes memory loss so that some people may remember occult rituals but won’t remember the sodomy. But sodomy is the foundation of the whole thing. It is called “the key of David” by the Rothschild Illuminati.
E: When you say Rothschild Illuminati, you’re not talking about just the Rothschild family?
M: No, I’m talking about all of the occult people all over the world. This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye.
Ancient Egyptian depiction of sodomy

Ancient Egyptian depiction of sodomy

E: Are you saying that back in Egypt in 3000 B.C.E., when the priesthood was at its peak, they were using sodomy for their initiations?
M: As far as I know, sodomy is always used in the occult going clear back before the Flood. Sodomy is Satan’s sex or Satan’s new birth of the child. I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age.
E: The third eye meaning the pineal gland between the eyes?
M: Yes. I have traced migraine headaches from anal sex. It comes up the spine, over the back of the head right into the forehead.
E: All migraines, or —
M: No, I’m not saying all migraine headaches are from sodomy because I had one once that was put on me by a retired chiropractor and he did not sodomize me. But I think he was a sodomite. Basically, Satan cannot sodomize someone on his own, but he can influence somebody to sodomize someone else and then it’s like having Satan sodomize them and put the sodomy power within them. Sodomy is spiritual. I get intense about this because it is so clear, and the Bible is the best source for discovering this.


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  1. UglyTruth says:

    “It’s not entirely unrelated as to why Jews mutilate a new born baby with circumcision. The baby never forgets the horror.”

    If it’s done at the right time the nerve endings haven’t fully formed. AFAIK it was first called mutilation by the false apostle Paul.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    The premature activation of the Kundalini – a very dangerous process.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      This chap is very knowledgeable and clearly doing very valuable work, though I think he misunderstands that what he is referring to is the practice of prematurely awakening the kundalini although in the case of genuine mystics the kundalini will be awakened either by another means or spontaneously.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Whichever I would not recommend looking too deeply into these matters, there is a veil that was placed by GOD for a reason to separate the spirit world from the physical.

  3. Mark says:

    Can’t comment on the overall thesis but suspicious there’s underlying influence in the desire to discredit, all homosexuality, in the name of God. The final back-room elite who dance around with demons, in a frantic faith-build and thrill-up. See some wonders, think this is ‘god’. This lot, have more than anal-sex about them, my guesstimate. As for having to be raped before five years old? Reckon they might allow exceptions, even if it’s such a main exercise. As for penal glands and eyes? Again can’t/won’t comment. With respect to this brother, assume, going ‘around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil’ – The repetitive use of ‘sodomy’? Try a search: Is this biblical or not? What’s Sodom – necessarily – got to do, with anal-sex? Anal-abuse? The Church (a decreasing/Evangelical majority on this) are desperate to ever-bolster their, under siege, traditional theology about gays. For some this – one way or other – secondary consideration, is primary and all that’s front and centre to protest. For accuracies sake, a start would be acknowledging, the history and development of this S word. Somehow writing/saying it, asserts a theological potion, whilst on sandy ground and the use of this word. And if God wanted us to know, ‘Satan sodomizing is power’ – could have inspired in a write. Marion says, ‘sodomy is spiritual. I get intense about this because it is so clear, and the Bible is the best source for discovering this’. So clear? So not. Over and above other kinds of sexual contact. Believe whatever from a dream or vision, what-have-ya but if it ain’t reliably sourced theology..?

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