How 1973 ‘stuffed dummy’ took Britain into EEC, then EU Ex RN Bill Woodhouse on Ted Heath


Published on Aug 22, 2015

investigative reports: with Bill: Interview with Bill Woodhouse, former boater and acquaintance of Edward Heath – he discusses his meetings with him and stories he heard about his life: Heaths’ gay relationships and rumours scandals and cover-ups at Balliol College of blackmailing; at outbreak of WWII Heath goes on camping trip through Poland and into Nazi Germany with his alleged boyfriend and lifelong confidant banker Madron Seligman; Heath then joined an Anti-Aircraft regiment in Liverpool – were the Germans aware of convoy movements? In later life Heath was paid £212k annually by the Chinese government as ‘a Public Relations retainer’; Britain entered the EEC in 1974 under Heath’s premiership but Bill Woodhouse says he was worried ‘people are calling me a traitor’ – Loss of sovereignty in the EEC and subsequent EU.…

The Conservative Party won the 1970 General Election with a majority of 30 seats. Heath now became prime minister and immediately made the third British application to join the European Economic Community (ECC). On 28th October, 1971, the House of Commons voted with a 112 majority to go into Europe. However, many in his party was unhappy with this policy and it created deep divisions that lasted for over thirty years.…

Ex-RN Bill Woodhouse on
Tory Prime Minister 1970-74 Ted Heath
‘Stuffed dummy’, ‘glazed look’ ‘quite capable of obscuring facts & telling downright lies’
on Bristol’s BCfm – 14Aug15

Edward Heath abuse claims: Five forces investigating ex-PM
4 August 2015
From the section UK
Sir Edward Heath
Edward Heath, who was prime minister from 1970 to 1974, died in 2005
Five police forces are investigating claims of historical child sexual abuse involving former PM Sir Edward Heath.
The Met, Wiltshire, Kent, Jersey and Hampshire forces are conducting separate inquiries into the late MP.
The BBC understands Wiltshire Police halted an inquiry into a brothel keeper in the 1990s after she said Sir Edward was involved in child sexual abuse.
The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation said it was confident he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.
‘Case dropped’
On Tuesday night, Hampshire became the fifth force to say it was investigating “allegations”, but gave no further details.
The BBC’s home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani says claims made by the brothel keeper, Myra Ling Ling Forde, that Sir Edward was a client, meant that she had left herself open to prosecution.
However, the case against her was allegedly discontinued between 1990 and 1995.


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