Forgive my suspicions

Forgive my suspicions, but the Brexit vote is starting to look a little suspicious.  Cameron’s going out of his way to rile the voters with nonsensical threats.   Knights Of Malta like Geldof are being set up with ludicrously pre-arranged media exposure, posing on a massive yacht alongside billionaire friends raising two fingers to fishermen, at least those few who are left, struggling to make a living inside the mad EU regulations.  Murdoch has declared for OUT.  Now the Spectator, Cameron’s best buddies.  It’s all too much.  These are the parasites who we thought would be backing IN, not helping OUT to gain traction, and declaring open support for the same.

Boris Johnson is an insider.  No one gets such favourable treatment in politics and media unless they are so.  The whole thing is starting to smell like a game, which feels like a real contest, but is a manipulated battle designed to bring the EU to an end.

For us, the people on the end of it all, the EU continuing would have been a totalitarian state with a terrible future.  We have to vote against it.  But what hope do we have with the EU cracking all around us, and living with the financial and political instability that will be unleashed?  We know the Islamic gameplan is in full flood, with ‘immigration’ and seeding of people into power to develop Islamic values in Britain and Europe, such as the New Mayor Of London.  It will be a fine thing to see the end of the EU followed in turn with a push for Islamic Law.  The suppression of our lives will become a lot more direct, than the bureaucracy operating out of Brussels.

Spectator – featuring a mind control butterfly (Monarch) flying out of a Satanic cube in EU colours.  It seems like Brexit is intended to be a new phase of more direct suppression of the mind, given birth to by the Satanism of the European Union.  The parasites intend to keep us in their grip, while allowing us to believe we might get a taste of freedom along the way.

UPDATE – a Monarch mind control killing.  Jo Cox was hit by a crazed killer, who walked calmly away from the murder.  No proof but it sounds like a mind control perpetrator.  The killing the latest act of desperation by Remain – to kill one of their own, and blame an OUT fanatic.  Fact is, that part of the story is false.  The killer did not shout ‘Britain FIrst’.

Eyewitness Quoted Says ‘Did Not Hear’ Alleged ‘Britain First’ Shout

The Spectator backs Brexit. In the 1975 referendum, only two UK publications argued for what is now called Brexit: the Morning Star and The Spectator. Our coverline, then, was ‘Out – and into the world!’. We use it again today. No economist knows what 2030 will look like but as Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, observed, the wealth of nations is decided primarily by the health of their ‘laws and institutions’. We asked the EU to reform; it refused on suspicion that we’d be too scared to vote out. Set aside whether we’d grow by 29pc or 33pc over the next 15 years: we cannot look the other way while our laws are undermined from Strasbourg and our democracy from Brussels. The history of the last two centuries can be summed up in two words: democracy matters. Let’s vote to defend it on 23 June.



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  1. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    And yes. It is all so hugely confusing, subtle, deceptive. Shell fake red herring agendas masking other more real agendas. Yet a much bigger Truman Show exists above it all.
    This doesnt mean were doomed. This us a system. We must think with Systems Theory.
    The Satanists are fighting hard putting all their energies to fulfil tgeir End Time dystopian NWO and realise their sicko view the world shoukd be.
    The Satanists create the ILLUSION that they have things all sewn up as we are marched towards totalitarian.NWO world.
    Thats why even though David Ickes done a lot of good, pointing loads out. I think the black magic sting in the tail that helps the Globalists realise their NWO, is people like Icke informing us how bad things are, what the enemy is. I think tgats needed for the mass black magic spell deception thats planned for 2016, to work.
    Icke using him as an example, has of course done so much good too i dont deny.
    But his bbc roots raise a red flag.

    However thats a digression.
    We arent doomed. Theres lots of healthy uncontrollable chaos in the system and getting more as tge Schumann resonance gets higher and higher. And their GWENtowers and ELF scalar weapons work less on us.
    Its well known too there are loads and loads of ‘ entry points’ into a System, that take only a small amount of effort but change the system massively.
    The human body works the same way.

    However i think this is separate to the tipping point hundredth monkey effect were in now of the 144,000

    So to show some relevancy i thought it was all highly dodgy months ago insider Johnsons brexit stance. Gove. And now Murdoch

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