Don’t let this happen to you

Baby Cash

Dear Parents,

Baby Cash died after being injected with 8 vaccine doses after his two-month checkup.

After burying their son, Cash’s parents, Whitney Hill and Jesse Dewayne Thomas, regretted that they listened to the doctor over their own instincts. They entrusted the doctors with their infant son and know the vaccines led to his breathing problems and ultimately his death.

Cash’s mother and father want to send a strong message to parents who support vaccines and hope their son’s story will help save others from suffering a loss like they have.

Please help us support Cash’s family and share his story.



They wish they’d followed their instincts but they trusted their doctor’s advice.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Again Zero TV/Print Media Coverage.

    No coverage I have seen even to debunk what the parents have asserted, a silence which speaks volumes.

    God Bless Tapestry for doing this work.

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