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The internet is so full of supposed cures for cancer that the best one is being overlooked.  Read World Without Cancer to get the full picture.  Written by G. Edward Griffin thirty years ago, this is still the most thorough explanation of why so many people are being diagnosed with cancer, and how they can improve their condition.

Another good read is ‘Dying To Be Me’ by Anita Moorjani.  This deals with the mental, psychological aspects of the disease, and provides a stunning example of these can also cure people.

I am suspicious of the screening programmes which diagnose cancer in so many people.  The money to be made by the health industry is vast, and the ‘cure’ statistics can be made to look good by over-diagnosing the disease, often on the basis only of ‘markers’.

B17 is called laetrile.  Look online.  It’s available to buy.


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  1. OutandAbout says:

    US$ 86.00 B17 vitamin Injectable I.V. Box with 10 liquid I.V. vials Each vial contains 3gr/10ml This Product is extracted only from raw Apricot Seeds AMG-310

  2. OutandAbout says:

    It sounds too good to be true , that B17 could like a sledgehammer solve all or most of someones cancer issues. I would of course certainly have this sledgehammer on hand and use it like a missing nutrient that should be there.

    The worry is what if it doesn’t work against all types of cancer? Lawrence Wilson does say it works very well in colon cancer, and not as well in other types. I suppose that would be the point one would have other natural strategies on hand.

    Since ive not read too deeply into B17 yet, I did read somewhere cyanide toxicity concerns, but looking at Mercolas site and a few other places that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I really must read Edward Griffins book cover to cover soon



    This was a father/son research team that discovered that cancer cells lack an enzyme, betaglucuronidase. As a result, certain compounds called nitrilosides, can be lethal to cancer cells while not harming other body cells.

    They developed a very low toxicity compound that they called laetrile (L-nitriloside) that helps with some cancers, particularly colon cancer. (I understand there is a drug with the same name, so do not be fooled and confuse the two.)

    This compound was tested at The National Cancer Institute and found to be as effective or more effective than standard chemotherapy for colon cancer. However, it is not made by a large pharmaceutical company and is very inexpensive.

    The National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC suppressed the results of their trials of laetrile, and the substance was actually b a n n e d in the United States. This sort of disgrace is sadly common in the medical cancer establishment. For much more about this story, please read World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin.

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    Amygdalin contains glucose, benzaldehyde, and cyanide. Cyanide is believed to be the active cancer-toxic ingredient in Laetrile. However, cyanide is toxic to all cells, so Laetrile’s overall toxicity is a concern.3

    Some Laetrile proponents claim that it’s more toxic to cancer cells than to normal cells.4 Getting cyanide poisoning from apple seeds or almonds is extremely unlikely h ttp :/ / ar

  3. Gordon says:

    About a year ago my blood test showed that my cholesterol level was 6.5 and the doctor wanted to give me 40mg Statin for the rest of my life. Well, that’s not going to happen, and told the doctor that I would make a slight adjustment to my diet and that I’ll be back in a month for another cholesterol test.

    Every morning over the following month I drank a concoction of diluted organic apple cider vinegar with the juice from one lemon. Mid morning and late afternoon I would eat 5 almonds, 10 per day.

    After completing the month my cholesterol level had dropped from 6.5 to 4.8 and have continued this daily routine ever since with one further blood test showing normal.

    On the subject of Bitter Almonds, the other week I was reading a Gnostic gospel were basically Jesus was asked a question concerning food. His response was that we should not eat volumes of food but one or two items at a time with a few almonds.

    I wonder now if he meant the wild almond – Bitter Almond. Knowing what I’ve read since makes a lot more sense.

    • OutandAbout says:

      Jesus too went on about the value of tge enema.. This is all chiming and very consistent, with Ayurvedic teaching, all disease results from Ama, in the intestines. This is more imperative now though as bill gates funded and bush Khazar Monsanto and im sure other subtle corporate hidden presences that support Monsanto. Destroy tge pig and human gut intestine lining. As well as cause pathogen dysbiosis. As well as im sure, insert foreign alien genes into our intestinal cells and cells im sure elsewhere since GMOs cause a leaky stribg vest gut.
      Whsts my point? GMO avoidance, as well as coffee enemas. Are highly useful now in 2016. Im no saint. Due to logistics problems and hassles im not creating tge time, space, around me to do beneficial coffee enema retention 15 min on the floor meditation home spa escapist retreats enemas
      But its on my agenda

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Drop the Almonds! Now Mister! Back Against the Wall!
      “Drop the almonds! NOW MISTER!”
      Vitamin B-17, Raw Bitter Almonds, and Apricot Seeds

      In 2007, bitter almonds were becoming popular throughout alternative medicine for their vitamin B-17 (laetrile) content. Health food stores had stopped selling B-17 in the form of apricot seeds in 2002, due to armed raids. The F.D.A. openly b a n n e d apricot seeds and laetrile extracts, because they had been published as a cure for cancer. Curing cancer is illegal in America. The British government followed suit, and did the very same things during 2002. Innocent people in both countries were arrested and wrongfully charged as criminals for merely selling apricot seeds, a carrier of vitamin B-17.

      Bitter almonds were later discovered to be the highest source of this vitamin. Vitamin B-17 was still somewhat a newly-discovered vitamin, and it is rare in nature. In fact, there are organizations that are affiliated with orthodox medicine which still refuse to officially recognize laetrile as a vitamin. The reason for the exploding popularity of vitamin B-17, and thereby bitter almonds, was due to the fact that vitamin B-17 has dramatic and miraculous tumor-killing properties. While alternative medicine has had other effective and non-toxic cancer cures since the 1930’s, this new vitamin really looked like the magic bullet. There were reports everywhere of cancers being killed merely from patients eating bitter almonds daily. Soon there would be almond extract capsules, so that these same patients would only need a cheap, non-toxic pill per day. This did not bode well for the most lucrative segment of the medical industry. Hundreds of billions of dollars were expected to be lost in the oncology market.

      In September of 2007, the F.D.A. made the claim that raw almonds had been linked to two salmonella outbreaks in five years, and that all almonds needed to be pasteurized for safety. Almonds had suddenly become “dangerous”. The salmonella outbreaks were not due to organic almonds, which is reminiscent of the many meat recalls. Salmonella and e-coli are present in our foods only because of grossly unhygienic factory conditions; not because our foods are inherently putrid. For bitter almonds, the required pasteurization would bring forth only one significant change to them. It would neutralize the vitamin B-17, and that was their agenda. Pristine bitter almonds are the most easily accessible source of vitamin B-17. They are illegal now by F.D.A. fiat. The bitter almond tree had already been ba n n e d from the U.S. in 1995. They even went so far as to make the tree itself illegal

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      The wild almond, bitter almond. I can tell im going to become obsessed with this nut/pip and develop a full on relationship with it. My next step will be looking into how long it takes a tree to grow into maturity where i can have abundant bitter alminds and Laetrile. This might not be practical. It might take years.
      Ill look into bitter almond plants if they exist. As well as sourcing online purchase routes. Perhaps thats the best option.
      However Gordon its occurred to me buying land somewhere in the world that has many bitter almond trees…….is suddenly an exciting thought.

      Another exciting thought is imagining tge Synergy between laetrile bitter almond extract, and high CBD low THC flower bud cannabis ( not bioaccumulator industrial hemp ) against cancer and other illnesses.
      Yet more exciting. Is to imagine tge Synergy when adding those 2 things, with daily coffee enemas, and NIR home light sauna therapy for the cancer, or MS, or Lyme, or other patient. Of course, a GMO avoidance diet will be anotger synergistic component too. And much more we could go on about.
      Is it just me, or do i feel tremendous optimism and hope Humanitys going to be alright, and our Earth? The optimisms surging from somewhere.
      Yes on the topic of the cancer.screening mafia scam. These are my thoughts emailed to someone before

      Mammograms are a dangerous scam, exposing a woman to more radiation than being at Hiroshima. There is evidence mammograms actually cause cancer. Chemotherapy is not only very toxic and devastating to the body. It works ridiculously, extremely poorly, not only are survival rates very low, chemotgerapy actually can cause more cancer. After 50 years of research and trillions raised. Some people are saying the entire official cancer industry is a lucrative lethal scam making trillions, with clever propaganda used on TV and newspapers and other means such as celebrity cancer association, to reinforce and drive home this mind control deception deeper

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      A rough way to understand cancer is the following:
      Cancer loves:
      1. Excessive estrogen in the body. This is related to the trophoblast theory of cancer, discussed above. Some estrogens are potent carcinogens. Reasons for high estrogen levels today include:

      1. A toxic liver that cannot properly detoxify estrogen.

      2. Elevated copper levels and low zinc levels. Copper and estrogen levels tend to follow one another. Zinc is deficient in the soil, so it is deficient in our food supply, as well. Stress also lowers zinc and often raises copper in the body.

      3. Possibly a compensatory mechanism that could result from adrenal exhaustion.

      4. Use of birth control pills and patches and the birth control IUD.

      5. Estrogen-mimicking chemicals used in chemical agriculture, mainly.
      The Johanna Budwig protocol interferes with estrogen in the body by using large doses of flaxseed oil, which occupies estrogen binding sites and thus has an estrogen-reducing effect. In other words, it is a type of natural chemotherapy with no side effects.

      Coffee enemas, red heat lamp saunas, an excellent diet and other measures can help reduce liver toxicity and therefore also reduces liver toxicity and estrogen buildup.

      2. A toxic body. This is related to the above. Toxins often damage the liver, and this leads to high estrogen. Dr. Max Gerson, MD found that if he could regenerate the liver, meaning reduce its toxicity and improve its nutritional state, he could usually heal cancer. He used coffee enemas, diet and other natural methods for this purpose.
      3. Low levels of alkaline reserve minerals. This common situation causes the body to become too acidic, which causes many dysfunctions. Replacing the alkaline reserve minerals therefore is very important to avoid and correct cancers.

      4. Low oxygen levels. Cancer does not use oxygen in its metabolism, as the body does. Instead, it thrives on sugar. Low oxygen in the body is common, and favors the growth of trophoblast.

      Low oxygen levels are due to shallow breathing, lung problems, living in cities with little vegetation, and working or living in closed-in, low oxygen environments.

      The Budwig protocol restores oxygenation of the tissues. This may be because it interferes with estrogen, or for some other reason such as restoring cell membranes.

      5. Yeast and fungus in the body. This comes from a copper imbalance, primarily. Copper problems result from adrenal and thyroid exhaustion, zinc deficiency, stress, fear, and occasionally from exposure to copper, though this is not that common.

      6. Yin bodies. This means cold, upward-moving energy, and “expanded” bodies. Causes for a yin condition include old age, toxicity from any cause, eating sugars and other sweet or raw foods, holding grudges, and the use of alcohol, too much sex, or holding on to negative emotions.

      For more on this condition, please read Yin Disease on this website.

      7. Low etheric energy in the body. This can be due to old age, ill health, too much sex, poor quality diet, improper lifestyle, or other causes for lowered vitality.

      8. Sugars of all kinds in the diet, including fruit. These foods make the body more yin, deplete nutrient minerals, upset the blood sugar, damage calcium metabolism, and damage the body in many other ways, as well.

      9. The emotion of resentment, in particular. I am not sure why this is so, but it is reported in the medical literature. If one wishes to overcome cancer, let go of all anger and resentment against everyone.

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