David Irving references the Rothschild films

Die Rothschilds 1940 – English Sub:
Just after 129 mins, historian David Irving says:
“… 50 years later Hollywood churning out films of hatred against the Germans. although in their entire existence, the Nazi film makers made only 3 anti-Jewish films; Jud Süss, Der Ewige Jude and a film about the Rothschild’s…”

“It is one of three Nazi-era German films that provide an anti-Semitic retelling of an earlier film. The others, both released in 1940, bore titles similar to films released in 1934: The Eternal Jew was a documentary-format film with the same title as the 1934 film and Jud Süss was a drama based on a 1934 film adaptation of a 1925 novel.”
For comparison, this is the earlier Hollywood English version:

They are not so different.

For reference:

I thought we defeated Hitler to have the freedom to tolerate those we do not like the views of. Irving is a multi-lingual historian who goes to the source material whether documentation or living witnesses. He does not appear to plagiarise or use others material at all. He has been previously incarcerated in ‘free’ Europe for what can be described as ‘thought crime’.
Even my so called liberal open minded German friends avoid historical revision…
I’ve grown up with lies and propaganda all my life. I do not know the whole truth, will we ever, but I recognise the humongous facade of bullshit I’ve been served up all my life.
I do recommend anyone interested investigate Harry Cooper and http://sharkhunters.com/ as another source attempting to explore real and accurate WWI & II history.
You could try Terry Boardman to: http://threeman.org/
For a sometimes called ‘self-hating Jew’ view of the Jewish issue, I recommend Gilad Atzmon, an inspirational musician and philosopher who would run rings around the imbeciles at the BBC: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/

Please, save your anti-Semitic accusations; it’s so passé. My Jewish uncles says “don’t be a mug”. It’s good advice. It seems most people do not even understand what Semitic is. I guess I do have some prejudice; don’t we all? For example, I find body piercing unattractive. However, with regard human beings, my prejudice is either pretty non-existent or you could say it is across the board and leaves non one out as I deem most human beings bloody stupid, docile, dumb and daft regardless of creed or colour. I try to avoid belief systems, though again, I probably have some. I am interested in what really happened. For me it is abundantly clear 9/11 was not the result of 19 Muslims with box cutters, yet to suggest so I am accused of conspiracy theorising by small minded twits and twerps. Accuse way oh tiny minds, accuse away! I hear so called experts daily who cannot even make accurate observations on current ongoing historical happenings, yet they serve up tosh and nonsense whether pontificating upon Romans or dark energy theoretical science or man-made climate change inaccuracies and lies.

As for you FaceBook, if you don’t like this material, block me, remove my account, do whatever you want. I do not need FaceBook, though it is curious making to test how politically correct and stupid FaceBook is.
Thomas Sheridan, who makes fascinating commentary from the Vikings to magic, asks if FaceBook steals our dreams? Nope, not mine Thomas!
I dream perfectly well with or without FaceBook.

What a pity we have so side lined terrific historians such as David Irving. We really are a pathetic and ignorant bunch. Take for example female genital mutilation? What about male genital mutilation? To remove the foreskin is to remove cells and senses that were ‘God’ given…. but, that’s another post.

Winston Joseph Adolf Smith (ho ho)

Taken from The Hidden World on FaceBook:
“More than five million German soldiers in the American and French zones were crowded into barbed wire cages, many of them literally shoulder to shoulder. The ground beneath them soon became a quagmire of filth and disease. Open to the weather, lacking even primitive sanitary facilities, underfed, the prisoners soon began dying of starvation and disease. Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps. Eisenhower’s hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequaled by anything in American history … an enormous war crime.”
-Colonel Ernest F. Fisher Ph.D. (1918-2013), 101st Airborne Division (World War II veteran), a former senior historian at the United States Army Center of Military History and post-war investigator of US military misconduct in Germany
Colonel Fisher worked with Canadian author James Bacque for his groundbreaking 1989 book “Other Losses”, which is full of both German and American witness testimony. It was Bacque and Fisher’s research and investigation that led to the exposure of this network of Allied death camps.

“…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater.”
-Peter Worthington (1927-2013), Canadian journalist and founding editor of the Toronto Sun, reviewing Other Losses

“I served General Eisenhower as his Vice-President for eight years. He was by far the most devious man I ever met in my life.”
Richard Nixon

Only the Communist genocides in Russia and China surpass that of the German people. Millions more – the majority of whom were children and the elderly – perished of starvation-related causes and disease as “punishment” in the first years after the war ended (see the page album on this suppressed topic, which also debunks what’s written about Other Losses on Wikipedia). It boggles the mind and gives a unique insight into just how brainwashed we are, that the Germans can be so successfully and unquestionably portrayed as the evil side, and the Western Allies the good one.
The locations of Eisenhower’s death camps, the Rheinwiesenlager, are conveniently protected as “war graves”: any and all excavation is forbidden by the German puppet government, enabling the continued denial of these record-breaking crimes by the establishment and Wikipedia.


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