Challenge the media muppets

The Orlando shootings have brought the usual choir of media muppets out of their muppet nests.  Well-meaning messages are placed on facebook by lovely mums who want to show solidarity and sympathy to those affected, but not one has the first clue as to why this stuff is happening.  I send them links to the things that appear on alternative media, after these kind of media events occur.  The mainstream media narrative, in the Pulse attack, has several holes in it, but, as usual, the muppets who believe every word spoken on television, won’t ever find out.  It would be sensible to withhold judgement for a while, until more details emerge, on the alternative media, but the muppets are already giving out emotion, as planned by the media managers who put this stuff out.

Some ‘events’ like Sandy Hook never even happened.  The Boston Bombings were poorly performed by crisis actors.  In other gun-focused manufactured news events, the lone gunman narrative is simply not true.  At Orlando eyewitnesses are saying the exits were being blocked by other perpetrators, and the below post mentions other doubts.

The US government campaign to get rid of privately owned guns never mentions that some US states already have strict gun controls, while others have gun freedom.   The States with high gun control are the ones suffering by far the most gun crime, not the one where guns are allowed. (Read Jim Marrs’ book Population Control for a lot more detail)

The parasites that want to control our every thought cannot set up a totalitarian fascist state with private people owning guns, as we’d be able to defend ourselves.  The NAZIs knew that, and abolished private gun ownership first before destroying democracy.

In today’s America, guns are still thought to be a Constitutional right, and the people are being shocked into believing that guns are the biggest threat they face, when it is the FBI that sets up most of the attacks.

Also never mentioned in the mainstream media is the effect of mind-bending drugs that the massacre – perpetrators are taking, or their being part of CIA Mind Kontrol programmes.   That’s why they always have to be killed so the truth cannot get out.

The four men who supposedly bombed London transport in 2005 were not suicide bombers.  They thought they were being paid to take part in an exercise.   Their train was late, and when they arrived at Kings Cross station, and they found a real bombing had taken place, the penny dropped.  They realised the danger they were in and ran for it.  They were shot in The City during the morning, while heading for the airport hoping to get away.  Gunshots were reported there.  The Brazilian who was executed on the tube the next day was another witness to the fact that the bombings were carried out by the ‘Security’ services, not by supposed terrorists.

The media muppets still believe it was all a real and not a false event.  Bless ’em.  9/11.  J.F.Kennedy.  Pearl Harbour.  The concept of the false flag is not taught at school.  The movies are there to reinforce the deceptions that our culture depends upon.  The muppets oblige by believing, and emoting.





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  1. Dublinmick says:

    You would be surprised, many twitter sites were ablaze immediately afterwards calling false flag, same old same old. It is the media and political establishment that insist on living on Orwell’s farm.

    By the way Professor Tracy, who was fired by FAU for joining with Professor Barrett in calling out false flags ran into this.

    Drill prepares emergency nurses for mass casualties —Students from Joe Blasco Cosmetics make-up artist training center in Orlando practiced their skills of creating life-like wounds, cuts and bruises. | Orlando Sentinel | 02 Oct 2015

    The actors however have realized it is much better to plan these drills in the middle of the night when nobody is around. People won’t notice that no arms and legs blown off by an AK-47 which does just that if used. They won’t notice no blood on the ground.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Senator sleazy Bill Nelson met with sellout shieriff Demming in 2013. He was explaining nobody needs these high capacity magazines that hold 60 rounds, the sheriff doesn’t even have them.

    Says he is going python hunting in the everglades the very next weekend. Lawdy was probably going python hunting at the pulse lounge.

    All of their people are in place. The florida governor Rick Scott sometime back instructed all Florida State employees were not to discuss climate change. If you are going to work on Orwell’s farm you cannot even think of such matters.

    The reason being rising sea levels are eating away Florida roads and beaches, leaking into fresh water drinking supplies and threatening the mansions of the people who put this killer clown into office.

    He now says there is a state of emergency because some gs4-formerly wackenhut operative put on a bad stage show.

    At least the mayor and some of the deputies looked nervous at the press conference, probably wondering which part of hell they would end up in for being involved in something like this.

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Hi, there are no emails coming through anymore from HCTS despite quite a few new postings, can you check that WordPress hasn’t disabled it. Breaking News is ok though
      Yes climate change in Florida. Galactic events, Celestial events soon to come. The Red Star Kachina Show. It can be easy to forget about all this when stuff happens in Orlando and other things.

      However Dublinmick I still think that advanced technologies are being employed and will be even more so when the Red Kachina makes its appearance undeniably to us all, to offset and alleviate several things, such as make the pole shift much slower so theres more time to prepare.
      But these coming changes are going to force the cabals hand to get out their UFO exotic craft toys and the games and deceptions will begin. Because I feel strongly in my bones either elements in the complex octopus like factionalised Secret Space Programme, and Galactic Confederation 1000 mile wide Motherships, are helping us now with their technologies. The cabals hand is being forced, going to be forced.
      I say all this to be a harbinger of optimism and hope for those who might not know about the SSPs and suppressed technologies.

      I haven’t noticed on Breaking news or HCTS you have done any posts about the Secret Space Programme. I hope you will, it will sit well alongside your hercolubus and other postings. Heres Cosmic Convergences latest on the SSP topic
      One of the Disclosure Project’s Top-Secret Military Witnesses Speaks

      By Cosmic Convergence Research Group – Jun 5, 2016

      History has shown this cabal has an ancient past as rulers, they have infamously provoked wars with false flags furthering their agenda of world domination, while profiting as lives are lost. They’ve manipulated stock markets, impoverishing people, and put them into debt with government interest loans through the Federal Reserve system they created in 1913.

      In 1933 when they initially funded Hitler, the cabal working in concert with the fascist bankers toward a one world fascist government, attempted a government coup in the United States and the establishment of concentration death camps for those they deemed undesirable, yet their overthrow failed due to whistle-blower General Butler who infiltrated their plan.

      It appears that the cabal continued to use it’s select agents for its agenda, operating in secrecy from within a chain-of-command network of secret societies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones and Knights of Malta. With the organized command authority of those of the highest degrees such as the selected 33° level of the Freemasons.

      In 1946 the cabal had purposely rewritten the history of WWII and incorporated this fabrication into all the new school text books in order to hide the cabal’s banking connections to the Nazis as well as hidden military operations, and the occult and metaphysical connections with the Nazis, for the purpose of disinformation in the education of future generations to maintain the cabal’s secrecy of infiltration
      There were those inside of our government that knew of the reality of Nazi Antarctica base such as Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Admiral Byrd who tried to destroy it in 1947, but where defeated by advanced flying discs out of the ocean coming from the Antarctic base, possibly from an alliance the Nazis had with an extraterrestrial race which started in 1933. Since the explosion of nuclear weapons, UFO activity in the skies increased dramatically, and many sightings have occurred according the US and USSR Naval Intelligence to come from out of the oceans, indicating possible deep undersea or underground bases existing.
      So it appears that there was a split within out government that dates back to the 1940s when Allen Dulles was recruiting Nazis while the other half was attempting to hunt them down. While elements within our government knew of Hitler’s escape and even assisted the Nazis. The greatest split within our government occurred after the recovery of crashed ETVs which started in 1942 during the Roosevelt administration with the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, and then the Truman administration in 1947 after Roswell and the creation of the CIA with no congressional oversight and the specially formed “government within the government” unit called MJ-12.

      Today these split elements are still active and have expanded their operations. According to the reviewed classified documents that Edward Snowden released, he stated that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”

      One side within our government is working to protect the liberties and freedoms of the citizens of the United States and the Constitution they swore an oath to. While the other infiltrated side is utilizing the National Security apparatus as a front for its hidden operations as well as for it’s hundreds of corporations working in concert towards the cabals agenda.

      They go to extensive efforts to deny their knowledge to the public of the existence of the extraterrestrials, as the answers to the UFO/ET question would expose their secret operations and hidden technologies. They apparently even used the Reich’s saucers in the 1950’s with George Adamski to see how easy the public can be fooled.

      This secrecy is kept to avoid acknowledgement of their possession of anti-gravity craft and subsequent reverse engineering efforts which would ultimately reveal their many hidden operations, yet at the same time they promote a false reality of evil extraterrestrials in the entertainment industry, and promote the idea that “we are not alone”, as the anti-gravity craft people witness will automatically be assumed to be extraterrestrial in origin, thus serving to hide their earthly advanced anti-gravity technologies, which would allow them the option to use their technology, if they so chose, in a future false flag scenario

      Indications show that a Secret Space Program currently exists, and may have even started with the Nazi anti-gravity craft in the late 1940s that eventually colonized the Moon and Mars. In 2001 Gary McKinnon found hacking into the systems of US Space Command, a log that listed “non-terrestrial officers“, as well as the names of some of the ships. All the while NASA has the public believing we need rockets to go into space and telling the astronauts to keep quiet about what they have seen.

      In the meanwhile utilizing their “world view warfare” on the entire population of the planet, with its core of control within the United States, they continue to let the world run on dangerous and polluting technologies of oil, nuclear and coal, which allows their corporations to profit and keep the world in a retarded condition, while they advance their hidden world for their elite. This is why the CIA has suppressed well over 5,000 inventor patents having to do with alternative energy generation from being released to benefit the world, citing national security interests to not allow these advancements to be utilized by the people.

      And BTW for the record I don’t see how it isn’t perfectly possible and likely that a Galactic or Intergalactic Confederation of benevolent civilisations with 1000 mile wide Motherships and amazing Etheric technologies to offsent the Red Kachina effects and help us cant exist. Because
      – We exist
      – The Nefilim exist
      – The Ringmakers of Saturn exist (Hubble evidence)
      – So any other galactic civilisations don’t/cant exist?

      • Dublinmick says:


        There won’t be one germ surviving on planet earth this pass from Nibiru. All souls are subject to a reprogram.

        That is not a bad idea Some spirits need to enter their spiritual form again as a germ in a wolf’s throat on some other planet. That is if they are ever allowed incarnation in spiritual form again

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Norman Bergrun – Ringmakers of Saturn
      Upon leaving Lockheed, he wrote “Ringmakers of Saturn” about the enormous craft spotted in the rings of Saturn and became something of an outcast in the scientific community. This interview covers his views on time travel, the nature of the vehicles that he says are creating the rings and much more… His conclusion is that the Ringmakers of Saturn are now creating rings around other planets and they are on their way here….

      Groundbreaking and a real wake-up call for the mainstream scientific community not to mention the World.

      This man Norman Bergrun apparntley has higher clearence then the presidents.. his book, “Ring Makers of Saturn” is selling for over $2000! Apparently it has government pictures from the voyagers and other high-tech machines of the Spaceships that have been seen over Saturn’s rings. His argument (with validity) says that the rings of Saturn are not natural (if anyone belived NASA in the first place that the rings were natural.. you are obviously more of a sheep then you think..) but in fact created by these un-imaginable sized spacecraft..

      Here is the pdf book download and enjoy.I highly recommend you downloading this as its been taken down a few times

      ht t p:// w…846/index.html

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      What you really want to know is whether Nibiru will bring destruction. Nibiru’s return is timed to the 6,480 year half-cycle of the solar system crossing the galactic equator, which happened on December 21, 2012, what people called 12/21/12. At that time, as we conjoined with the galactic equator, Nibiru entered our solar system as a comet. These two events happen every 12,960 years as the solar system again crosses the equator going in the opposite direction. The terminal limits of the solar system rising above and below the equator also coincides with the passing of the Platonic Year, the period of 25,920 years that it takes the Spring Equinox point of sunrise to move backwards (precession of the equinox) through the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

      Nibiru is a large comet that produces tremendous magnetic effects on the earth. It helps the earth keep in sync with the magnetic happenings on the sun. Nibiru only takes on its huge cometary auroral glow when it gets near the earth and reacts to the current magnetic dynamic between the earth and the sun which are part of its cometary family. This is why Nibiru in the past has had such dramatic effects upon the earth. Nibiru seeded DNA into the earth in the distant past and its return is the harbinger of dramatic shifts in consciousness throughout evolution.

      The beings who live on Nibiru are more advanced than humans and can move between the physical and spiritual world as their cycle demands. The inhabitants of Nibiru, called by some the Annunaki or Nephilim, live in an etheric world that defies what most people “believe” through natural science. The last time the Annunaki were near the Earth, great changes took place in geology, and gold was finally solidified in veins through the Earth. Gold is the substance of sunlight having become material. The Annunaki basically find nourishment in Earth gold and Sun light. One could even say that they are aliens who periodically come near the earth to cleanse the atmosphere, align Earth magnetism with Sun magnetism and imbibe in the refined elements of the earth and sun.

      So Tyla, you can see why so many of the stories about comet planets, whether they are called Planet X, Nibiru, the Red Planet, the Twelfth Planet or any of the other names, are in fact somewhat true. But no matter what you called it, the “missing planet” that has been reported in many stories is in fact a cosmic convergence of multiple cycles that together spell dramatic change for Earth

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Essentially, the sun is breaking a number of its general cycles and this is effecting the earth. The sun is changing its magnetic cycles. The earth too goes through cycles of magnetic pole shifts that align with the sun’s. Sometimes these shifts cause dramatic changes and sometimes less. Ice ages are created by these changes as well as cataclysms of fire and flood.

      What is most unusual and hard to believe about these cycles is that they are directly related to human consciousness and what is happening on the earth. The sun is basically becoming a planet as Earth is becoming a star. The two are linked. The three outer planets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the asteroid belt, which is the remains of the planet Marduk, are a record of the three stages of development the earth went through to become the earth we know now. The inner planets, including Vulcan, a planet scientists know is there but can’t find, are an indication of the future stages of Earth evolution. Vulcan, like Nibiru exists in a non-material form most of the time. It is fair to say that Vulcan, which is in an orbit inside of Mercury, can be called a “missing planet.”

      Nibiru travels in a sort of tube or tunnel that connects the Pleiades and our solar system. This is why the Pleiadians are so interested in humans. They are a type of being that humans will become in the future. When Nibiru comes near the earth, a connection is made between the earth and our “older brothers and sisters” in the Pleiades. Nibiru and the Annunaki are Pleiadians angelic teachers who instruct the Wise Ones on Earth, the beings often referred to as Masters of Wisdom.


      This background is needed to picture the answer to your questions, Tyla. Yes, dramatic events are happening and the entire cosmic plan for the earth and sun could be disrupted and the events of the future could pour into the present, subsequently overwhelming humanity. That is why every wise person who can incarnate in a body has done so at this time in history. Truly, it is a question of the survival of humanity and yes, the apocalypse is upon us. Nibiru has arrived and its gravitational and magnetic forces are being felt and will help strengthen the earth to have a mild magnetic pole change aligned with that of the sun. It is the seeding gifts of the Pleiadians that will mitigate the evil that human machines have done to our magnetic environment

      In the past, the Pleiadians helped the Lemurians and Atlanteans tame the forces of the etheric and astral. During Lemurian times, it was the raging forces of the fiery volcanic earth that needed taming. Nibiru’s return caused the volcanic activity to calm down and the metals and minerals to take on their solid forms. At the point of Nibiru’s closest encounter with Earth during Lemuria, Nibiru’s gravity and magnetism drew the moon from the earth and placed it in a perfect balance-point for transforming cosmic energy into Earth/Moon energy. As a result of another Nibiru encounter with Earth, the continent of Atlantis sunk and the oceans swelled and covered the land. When Nibiru passed by, the waters receded.

      During our age, Nibiru should ease the earth into a mini ice age and help balance the magnetic pole shift on Earth and Sun. Nibiru will also change human consciousness dramatically. When Nibiru gets closer and starts to grow into a huge comet that is brighter than the sun, all of science will become mythology. Those with spiritual sight will be listened to again. The teachers of Nibiru, the Pleiadians, will have a direct connection to those who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear.’ Clairvoyance will become common and the beings above and below us will become perceptible throughout the Nibiru transit of Earth and Sun. Evil will wilt and die, and good will blossom.

      Cataclysmic times can create quantum leaps in consciousness. Entire civilizations have disappeared when the galactic equator manifests in one of its cycles and Nibiru’s magnetic tides change Earth. Evil believes the end is here, while good knows that a Golden Age is beginning. Those in harmony rise and ascend, those in disharmony are consumed by the power of the seven deadly sins that they are actively participating with.

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