British MP was “rescued” by Dead Man?

The hero who tried to save her had actually been dead for three years


Bernard Kenny was waiting outside Birstall library when he saw Cox being attacked and stepped in, allegedly. The problem is that he had already been dead for three years!

UPDATE: It now appears that there was a mis-identification and there were actually two Bernard Kennys in West Yorkshire and each was/is married to a Doreen. This reminds me of one of the main reasons why I usually keep my distance from conspiracy theories and, as I wrote in the opening sentence, leave the poring over the little details to others – let them work out the details while we remain focused on the bigger picture.

So, we have a false lead here, sorry to everyone for that. However, I am still of the opinion that the Jo Cox murder case is very highly suspicious and will most likely be proven to be yet another fraudulent event, another psyop to influence public opinion to fit a nefarious agenda. I am very gratified to see that readers have taken the time to check the obituary was acccurate – something I should have done, another lesson learned.

I heartily encourage you all to continue to check facts and hold us to account when we make these mistakes. It is sad that the modern day mainstream journalism has died such a death that people now have to do their own investigating and fact checking, but conversely, it is a good thing if people are vigilant and do check things as it shows that you aren’t all asleep sheeple and that makes the job of the people who carry out these false flags and psyops all the more difficult. – Ian

Thus far, I have kept quiet about the Jo cox murder, preferring to take a wider view of events and leave the nitty gritty of pulling apart the official story to others as today, whenever a suspicious incident occurs, a veritable army of skeptics immediately arises to pore over every detail.

In this case however, very little painstaking analysis or dedicated research was needed to blow the lid off the official story and be able to declare with certainty that this is yet another fraudulent event. 

The nail in the coffin for the official story has been provided in the form of a 77 year old supposed hero; however, when one learns that this hero has been deceased, ceased to be, became an ex-pensioner and began pushing up daisies three years ago, a massive hole is blown clean through the official narrative leaving nothing afloat, the whole thing has been obliterated, exposed utterly for the fraud that it is.

In an article written by Josh Halliday for the UK Guardian newspaper on June 20th, entitled Calls for man who intervened in Jo Cox attack to get George Cross, we find the official version of events:

Friends, neighbours and former miners have joined calls to award the George Cross medal to the pensioner who tried to save Jo Cox.

Bernard Kenny, 77, was stabbed in the stomach as he went to the aid of the Labour MP, who was fatally stabbed and shot last Thursday.

Kenny arrived home on Monday afternoon under a police escort, having spent four nights in Leeds General Infirmary.

There’s one problem with the above report and it calls into question everything we’ve been told about Jo Cox’s murder.

Bernard Kenny, the pensioner who allegedly intervened when Cox was attacked died in 2013.

Pictured below is a screenshot of his obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post.


The following is a machine translation from a Dutch website that elaborates on this fraud:

BREAKING: helper Jo Cox, 77 -year-old man named Bernard Kenny passed away in 2013

Filed in NEWS ANALYSIS by Martin Vrijland on June 20, 2016

The 77 -year-old retired man Jo Cox would have helped according to testify against the attack of Thomas Mair , already appears to be deceased in 2013 . This is apparent from an obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post . The best man can never have been on the scene of the accident . The myth of the saving hero is thus pierced at 1x . The myth of the murder of Jo Cox is thus also pierced.

Mr. Bernard Kenny would have been an ex- miner who would be in good condition and swimming every day . He was already a hero , because in 1973 he had been involved in a rescue operation in Lofthouse Colliery mine in West Yorkshire in England. Mr. Kenny would after his heroic act and attempt to save Jo Cox , were wounded and evacuated to a hospital in Leeds. But what now appears (and probably you will not even believe this, because it does not come from the mainstream media ) ? These Bernard Kenny is already deceased on January 21 , 2013. The following ad speaks for itself. Mr. Kenny now would indeed probably have been 77 , assuming that his birthday would have set the date of the alleged murder of Jo Cox. How likely is it that someone with the same name and the same age , from the same place?

This is hard evidence that the murder of Jo Cox is a hoax. Earlier evidence I reviewed all here, here and here. It is fully put in scene , which now appears clear from the fact that a hero character was invented in the form of an old miners hero . Unfortunately, now comes out that this man already no longer alive . This hoax bubble has been punctured !


2 Responses to “British MP was “rescued” by Dead Man?”

  1. Mark says:

    Well done Tap. The risks of investigation. Sure, we take things assuming dots and crosses have been thorough, and it’s a lesson but… nevertheless, encouraging to see your response. In some ways worth the error. Respect to you.

  2. UglyTruth says:

    There are major problems with the story of two couples:

    The age of Kenny the coal miner matches the the age of the Kenny in the obituary, but the Kenny who reportedly just celebrated his 78th birthday is off by one year.

    Also the Whitepages postcodes for both couples (Bernard & Doreen) match the same electoral record.

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