Brexit! – The polls are turning – we can win this one!


The i headlines “Leave Campaign jubilant after polling turn-around”, with a picture of a beaming Nigel Farage, uncharacteristically holding what appears to be a cup of tea.  The Indy headlines “Third poll in a week shows Britain headed for Brexit”, although the on-line edition highlights an easing of the Pound against the Dollar.  (It appears to be firming against the €uro, though). Freedom beckons.  With three weeks to go, we can win this great battle for British independence – especially as we expect a bonus from differential turnout.

Immigration is the key

We know that Cameron feared a surge in summer immigration which he rightly believed would favour the Leave Campaign.  Now his nightmare is happening in the last few weeks of the campaign.  And today it’s happening in the English Channel as well as the Med.  The Sun Headlines “Haul Aboard! Migrant crooks on CCTV”, adding that traffickers are making £140,000 per trip.   It adds that there seems to be a cottage industry in fake documents, many of which have been recovered in the UK.


The Express claims that migrants are being ferried into Britain for as little as £100 each (though that’s difficult to reconcile with “£140k per trip”).

Boris and Gove promise to cut EU immigration with an Aussie-style points system

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, so UKIP can be pleased that Johnson and Gove, and the Leave Campaign, have picked up the policy we’ve been promoting for years.  We want a broad consensus between government and industry on a sustainable level of immigration, and within that limit we want to ensure that British industry gets the skills it needs.  Better an Indian dentist than an unskilled Eastern European.  And of course we want temporary employment and study visas, properly enforced, for students, seasonal agricultural workers and so on.  The Mail headlines the story which is also carried by the Times.

The Telegraph picks out a detail of the story to headline: Boris rightly says that migrants wishing to settle in the UK should speak English.

Government criticised for lack of preparation: May scraps surveillance programme

I reported yesterday that the government had ignored a series of warnings about the vulnerability of Britain’s coasts to illegal immigration.  Today the Telegraph carries a story that in January, Home Secretary Theresa May scrapped an aerial surveillance programme which could have monitored people-smugglers in the Channel.  She did this against the advice of Baroness Neville-Jones, a former Security Minister and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Grayling: houses will be unaffordable if we remain

Chris Grayling, Leader of the House of Commons, has warned that house prices will continue to rise if we remain in the EU.  Young people seeking to get onto the housing ladder should vote for Brexit to help moderate house prices.This of course is the flip side of the Remain scare story that “house prices will drop if we leave the EU”.  Not everyone regards high house prices as an unalloyed benefit.

TUC: “Workers’ wages will fall by £38 a week”

In an extraordinarily misleading intervention, the TUC claims that workers’ wages will fall by £38 a week if we leave the EU.

In fact there is a general consensus that mass immigration leads to wage compression – even the leader of the Remain Campaign, Lord Rose, is on record as saying that Brexit will result in higher wages.

So the idea that wages would fall at all is highly contentious.  The purported precision of the prediction – “by £38 a week” – is simply absurd.  If the TUC were really concerned about the interests of workers, it would be backing Brexit.

Donald Tusk: EU’s Utopian élites responsible for Brexit

The EU’s first Eastern European Council President Donald Tusk has blamed the EU’s “Utopian élites” for the Brexit referendum. He adds that they are “living in a fool’s paradise”, and are guilty of “tearing Europe apart”.  Strong words – good sense.

Botham Backs Brexit

Sir Ian Botham has come out for Brexit. Well done Sir.

Mass sexual assault at Darmstadt Music Festival

In a distressing reminder of the outrage at Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Independent reports another “mass sexual assault” at a music festival at Darmstadt in Germany. The paper adds that three young men from Pakistan have been arrested, while other suspects are sought.

Masked protesters abort Nigel’s speech in Northampton

I was travelling in the UKIP Brexit Battle Bus with Nigel yesterday on the way to Northampton when we were advised by the police that forty or so aggressive masked protesters had assembled in the Market Square, and there were concerns for security.  The protesters were described as “pro-Brussels” in the Express report, but “Anti-UKIP, anti-free-speech” would seem more appropriate.  They were carrying protest banners, some of which were obscene.  In the interests of public safety, we went elsewhere.

These protesters appear to be from an organisation called “Hope not Hate”, which is largely funded by major trade unions.  So two questions remain.  Why does Hope not Hate adopt fascist tactics to prevent free speech and open debate?  And why has it had not a word to say about the virulent anti-Semitism in the Labour party?


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