Be aware of campaign posters and billboards outside Polling Stations


A voter arrives at a polling station in Sheffield

Well here we are, Referendum Day and as one might expect, geoengineered influenced skies are to produce thunder storms and heavy downpours across most of southern England with expected flash flooding and traffic disruption.

Having arrived at my local Polling Station this morning 07:15 I noticed a Remain billboard sitting on the pavement across the road from the Polling Station but made no mention of it to the officer in charge until I had cast my vote and returned home to clarify the fact that no billboards, fliers etc are allowed outside a Polling Station.

Sure enough, according to The Electoral Commission (EU Referendum 2016) Par 1.9. no such campaign material should be within 50 meters of a Polling Station. here

Returned to my local Polling Station with the relevant document and made my complaint to the officer in charge with which the Remain billboard was promptly removed.

I wouldn’t have minded so much if alongside the Remain there was a Leave billboard but to have one sitting on it’s own is just too influencing.


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  1. Mark says:

    Funny, a receptionist commented in a greeting this morning, “you could bring the good weather with with you next time”. With that, I began quick rhetorical yet tentative convo about the Geo-possibilities. Why not? If can/would do? Can. So? Assume the oldies are a swing ‘out’ and early hours was most-thunderous. Obviously – if/was: They messed the mix-up. Least now/here. A lovely day for the polls. Questions I have about this Ref. are subsiding with – Up the OUT. Certainly the case, this time tomorrow – be something good. Potentially.
    Pray on.

  2. RabbiT says:

    Can’t see the reference to 50m @ Par. 1.9 but having been a Presiding Officer some years ago I recall political material (and campaigners) were permitted outside the grounds of the Polling station on the outside of gates or railings but not within said grounds and most certainly no material was to be permitted in the Polling Place as may be left, for example, by a voter at the booth.

    At my Polling Place today was a Remain Billboard propped up against the entrance gate to the grounds marked clearly as having been provided by the present party in government.

    Also listened to a neighbour adamant why we should remain, claiming Brexit material was full of lies but having asked if he had heard of FEMA or the Georgia Guidestones the guy was oblivious.

    Though intelligent, his arguments passionate, I considered him uniformed and informed him I’d be voting to leave for fear of how the EU will become if/when we become locked in – by OUR OWN democratic decision as of today. It is feeling scary.

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