Answer to A Well-informed Reader about America´s and Russia´s Status in the NWO

by Anders

You criticize me for favouring Russia over America. If you could read the German Blog “Der Honigmann sagt” which posts all my articles, you would see me scolded for just the opposite! You criticize me for taking Agenda 21 serious, you criticize me for quoting Alex Jones.

I shall try to explain my basic views on the New World Order.

I am just as sceptical to Russia as I am to the USA. I see the US as the Hegelian thesis and Russia as the antithesis – just as Hitler was the antithesis to then Russia.
This  is the strategy of the Illuminati – and their Masonic errand boys.

Both the US and Russia are under Illuminati/London City control. Indeed the NWO is the London City ideology

The US is a product of the Rothschild/Jesuit Freemasons and Illuminatus Benjamin Franklin. It was called the New World, and Jefferson´s Masonic Constitution, so much bequeathed, is Rothschild´s order for the New World. When it had to be replaced for further NWO development, the London City issued the 1871 Constitution for the Washington DC, making it a Rothschild corporation,  by stealth replacing the first constitution for the USA – putting the US nearly totally into the pocket of Rothschild. The total take over followed by the Coup d´État called the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Already Rothschild´s symbolical Great Seal of the United States – probably a gift from Rothschild agent Haim Solomon, the Rothschild funder of the American War of ”Independence” – shows the real force behind the USA .


Today the US Foreign Policy is governed by the Jewish/Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations, founded by Rothschild agents, Jesuit  Edward Mandell House (who also authored the Peace of Versailles, so that WWII was inevitable) and Rothschild agent JP Morgan– and the Brookings with Nathaniel Rothschild on its International Advisory Board has been writing US´laws for more than 70 years.
Other Jews, too, rule the US, such as  the AIPAC and ADL  etc.

As for Putin
Time and again, I have warned against Putin,  even disclosed that he is Jewish and was anointed Antichrist of the Illuminati in 1993, that he has been appointed King of Jews – as you showed me!

I have written that Putin is under the influence of very dangerous Jewish Chabad Lubavitch forces (Berel Lazar) and here and that his mentor is fascist Eurasian ideologist, Alexander Dugin, who wants Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostock

I have written that Putin is waging war on the US superpower basis, the petrodollar and that Putin is under heavy pressure to start WWIII. 

I have written that this might be the reason why Putin disappeared from the stage in March last year: a power struggle might be going on  in the Kremlin.

What makes the situation dangerous now is that orthodox Jew Putin seems to be liberating Russia from Zionist London City – starting with the imprisonment of Rothschild´s minion, Khodorkovsky and the nationalisation of their Yukos and its equities.

Instead, Putin is leaning on the Chabad Lubavitch who are hell-bent on realizing the Gog-Magog prophecy. For only when that happens, will their ben David (Rebbe Menachem Schneerson) come and kill most Goyim and make Israel rule over the surviving 500 Mio.Goyim  (Georgia Guidestones – raised by US Mason)  as slaves. Also see the Masonic Albert Pike-William Carr plan – real or not.

So far, Putin has not abolished Rothschild´s Tyranny over Russia´s central Bank and economy (see Nikolai Starikov). He is still in Rothschild´s pocket – the antithesis.

This makes me think 1) Putin is a puppet of the Jewish Oligarchy, with which he surrounds himself and who are dependent on Rothschild´s money. That´s what Putin Confidential Fyodorov says or 2) the whole show is pure Hegelian dialectics.

You may like the US , and thus Rothschilds London City or you may like Russia and thus Rothschild´s London City.

I dislike both.

The US
I have written that the insane US war on terror – based on scandalous false flag operations, especially 9/11  – is basically a war on Russia.

But i am in no doubt, that the US is pursuing  Zbigniew Brzezinski´s Grand Chess Board strategy in a very aggressive way – challenging Russia to respond. Now Brzezinski has even changed US strategy into luring Russia into a chaotic quagmire in Syria to weaken it and raise insurgencies in Russia.

And I dislike the way the US creates chaos through illegal wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, the Balkans), thereby creating mass flows of Muslim refugees to Europe – with the obvious plan of creating chaos here too. And I disgust the US having created and trained, funded and equipped ISIS alongside with Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as a false flagg for war in Syria. Veterans Today even points out that ISIS does not exist per se. The US/NATO is ISIS!

In 2012, US intelligence planned a salafist enclave for what would become ISIS in north eastern Syria, protected by US troops.
Now the US is begging Russia not to bomb Al Nusra, US´ Al-Qaeda ally in Syria.
Nevertheless, the US Congress has declared WWIII on Al-Qaeda –  as an excuse for the president to clamp down world wide on “terrorists” he does not like!

Who is behind the mass immigration to Europe?
Rothschild agent George Soros  og the Council on Foreign Relations and here and here by means of  meaningless US bombings in the Middle East – the flow absorbing migrants from Africa as well!

The Russian media is much less threatening than their Westen equivalents, occur much more factual and dispassionate to me – although they do worship Putin and express worry about the western preparations for war.
What I see on NATO´s website repeatedly mentioned is that Russia is about to start WWIII .
I never saw the Russian media saying that NATO´s obvious aggressivity is about to start WWIII.

Which does not mean I sympathize with Putin or his hooligans in France!!
I disgust them.

As for Agenda 21: This is not nonsense
 Agenda 21 was the product of the Rio Conference in 1992, arranged by Edmund de Rothschild by means of his Masonic minion, then vice Secr. General of the UN, Maurice Strong.  The purpose of the exercise was to rob us through Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facilitywhich includes the World Bank. It is thought to profit on Climate and environmental religion – thus emptying our taxpayer pockets further!

Here is the mastermind behind the CO2 scam Edmund de Rothschild at the 4. Wilderness Conference 1987 – from the 28:45 min. mark.

Agenda 21 was generally adopted by the UN General assembly  Our governments funded it.

The GEF´s purpose is to lend money to countries made bankrupt through Rothschild´s central bank loans with money made out of thin air. When such countries default (Argentina, Brazil etc.) the GEF can take over those countries´ wildernesses with their mineral treasures as forfeited securities. To enlarge the wildernesses, the Agenda 21 slogan is ”urbanisation”, having people live in battery hen cages.  This is what Maurice Strong was doing in China, where he became adviser to the Chinese government  – where he had to flee to, after he stole 1 Mio. dollars from the UN. He became adviser to the Chinese government.
 Strong had 250 mio. unwilling Chinese peasants removed to megacities.

This was highly praised by Jesuit President of the European Council, van Rompuy, who also declared the year 2009 the first year with world government.

Countries without a Rothschild central bank are being systematically taken down by Rothschild´s private army, the US Army, Air Force and Navies as “rogue states: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya were taught mores by the US and now have Rothschild central banks. Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Iran remain to be bullied into the line.

179 Countries signed and funded this monstrocity in Rio in 1992 – among them my country, Denmark .
The Danish Parliament has made it obligatory for every municipality to elaborate a new Agenda 21 every 4. years and send it to the UN NGO ECLEI (Appendix) which then coordinates the show globally.  More on UN´s Local Agenda 21.

Halex-jones-666ere is about the plan for my municipality.

I can use Alex Jones in so far as he exposes the crimes of the NWO – although I know he is part of the Masonic establishment – as shown by this 666 hand signs and the fact that he is still alive!

Well, this is my view. I won´t enforce it on others – just present it for consideration.






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  1. Samadhi Maithuna says:

    Published on Jun 9, 2016

    The following video, provided by anonymous source, clearly illustrates that Nibiru is not only real but is visible from southern parts of the world.

    htt ps://ww w.yout…
    htt ps://w…
    ht tps://w ww.yout…
    h ttps://w ww.yo…
    htt ps://w ww.yo…

    Steve at WSO discusses the anomaly here. They also discuss chemtrails, the chelation process for removing aluminum from the body, and more—even the Anunnaki.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Maurice Strong is alleged to be the result of an affair between a Jewish communist woman & a Chinese communist man (Deng Xia-pao,a later president of red China),when both were in Paris.Thus his Chinese connection.He was also suspected to be the conduit by which Chinese guns were smuggled to the Kenyan Mau-Mau in the ’50S.

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