A Pure Generation

Thank you Men Scryfa

May 25, 2016


It is important to understand that all of us, no matter how awoken, are somewhat linked to the Jewish indoctrination and poison. Many of us had to fight our way through all the brainwashing they have done to us. Some had to experience a shocking event in order to live for a brief amount of time outside of the Jewish Matrix and think again with their own mind. Others had the opportunity to be born into families which kept the Truth safe and preserved.

In our modern times, children are also waking up through the internet or through the reality of life they face – the non-White immigration, the massive anti-White propaganda, the enforced Diversity and Multi-culturalism – it eventually makes you wonder – what the hell is going on? And if there were no internet, if there were no such easy source where you could seek answers for your questions, then the Jews might be winning without any opposition. However, we must notice that the supposed “fathers of the internet” were Jews – Robert Elliot Kahn, Paul Baran and Vinton Cerf (some claim Cerf isn’t Jewish, but the surname is a Jewish surname).

Therefore, the Jews planned this massive tool of information-sharing in order to brainwash the masses of the near future – alas – we still managed to infiltrate their system and use it for counter-propaganda. Question is – will we make it in time, before they finally shut down any kind of freedom on the internet? They sure are attempting to destroy it. Nevertheless, it served its purpose for the Jewish agenda – furthermore, it was a useful tool to connect international Jewry into one Demonic Force. If, from the Jewish perspective, the Internet was causing too much trouble – they would have shut it down a long time ago.



Since we now understand that the Jews wanted the internet to exist, we can also understand why so much of its content is free. If you really think about it, it is the only thing the Jew grants you for free, because he knows what its purpose is. Free to play video games which serve no other purpose but to waste your time, especially since they are designed in such a fashion that the only way to really experience the “full potential” of the game without paying money, is to invest a huge amount of time which will grant you “in-game cash” used as exchange in order to get that “full potential” for “free”.

Free porn everywhere – free movies – free TV shows – whoever wishes to find these things will do so. Massive amount of free books – usually of the Jewish kind and propaganda. But, if the Goyim somehow manage to create a system where they control the file-sharing and if that file-sharing is in some way making the Goyim stronger – then the Jews shut it down immediately. Almost all modern web pages have advertisement all over their sites; same is true for videos and music. Everything is “free” but you can only experience it if you waste time – one way or the other.

Having to watch or listen to these ads wastes your time. This is their primary objective. Their secondary objective is to get you hooked to their products. On Facebook, for example, on your profile page there are advertisements on the right side of your screen – that section of the page code is called “ego”. So, all these suggestive manipulations called advertisements serve one single purpose – they attempt to brake your ego projections and lure them into desire. These Jews are in your every thought and eye sight.

And as of lately, they wish to implant microchips into you – again to make you more “free” – in addition to having you experience virtual reality to further disconnect you from Life itself. Everything the Jew does is about “liberty, equality, fraternity” – but, of course not in the way you would imagine it. Just as they lure you into their games by the word of liberty – “free” – so do they lure you into Communism by preaching liberty. You will all be free and equal, Goyim! You will all share the same! Ironically, the very terms equal and free are contradicting one another – if I am free to become the best I am, but equality doesn’t allow me to do so, then I am not free.



But, our Jewish indoctrination is far deeper than this. It is inside Education – sometimes you can’t even pass a test without acknowledging information the Jew wishes you to perceive as positive or negative. Schools basically replaced Churches – wherever necessary – to preach the Global and Universal propaganda. There really isn’t a difference between “there is neither male nor female” and modern “social studies” – the only way you won’t see this is because you intentionally ignore it.

The Jew is everywhere. He is there when you turn on your PC; when you go to Work; go to your Church; when you go to the Bank; when you pay your Taxes; when you join the Military; when you go to School; when you Eat – he is everywhere. But, we mustn’t talk about the Jew, Goyim! We must talk about how corrupted all of these elements we just mentioned have become – and wonder – how did it come to this? We must wonder why our Civilization is collapsing, the same way the Mason M.P.Hall wondered how Egypt disappeared! The Jews were there, you Masonic shills – and you damn well know it.

So, here you areawokenyou finally “get it”. You finally understand what the point behind anti-semitism and the Holohaox is. You finally understand why the Jews are bringing in such a massive amount of non-Whites into our Nations. You finally understand why there is a Jewish organization for literally every possible aspect of our Society – not only running things – but also relentlessly spreading propaganda. It’s the Jews.

And will you ever really recover from all the shit you have been through? Will you ever really be free again? How can you? How can you go on and simply ignore all that you now “see” every day, every minute of life? How could you go on without your Mind recognizing the Jewish fingerprints behind everything? How can you shut down your own mind from having an in-built Jewish facial recognition radar? You can’t. And there is a good reason for it :

With Knowledge comes Responsibility.

You are responsible for what you have learned. You have broken out of the never-ending cycle of suggestive manipulation, of thoughts that were never reaching a conclusion; you have come to understand what is going on and have gained through that understanding a definite Knowledge – you Know it, you don’t just get it – you Know it. It runs through your Veins now, it enhanced your Perception – it literally Augmented you into a better Self. You recognize the Enemy and will never again bow down to him. You are responsible for yourself and your people. Because you know what is going on.

No one said it would be easy. But, you knew that already as well.

Many of us have been going through rough times. Sometimes I even wonder whether or not these Jews analyze each and every birth certificate and immediately use occult measures to determine which person has some kind of predestined capabilities of uncovering them and fighting against them. More often than not, such individuals seem to go through hell in life. They don’t kill you directly, but attempt to destroy your Mind and life force – they basically enjoy seeing that they have brought down an Aryan to their knees and let him afterwards suffer his entire life.

And what if you truly are here for a reason? What if there is a reason behind your awakening? How much more are you responsible, if that were true? How great are you for achieving that? For breaking out of a 2000+ year old prison! For not falling for the indoctrination that was set up for you through your childhood! You should take a good look at yourself and congratulate yourself for achieving that – just as a boy and girl have to grow into a man and woman – so have you grown from a little white spirit into an Aryan!

Alas, the story doesn’t end here, does it? You know what has to be done. You know why you were granted access to this Warrior spirit of Truth. It doesn’t leave your mind. It haunts you in your dreams. It reminds you while you drive your car. It reaches out to you whenever you begin to fall back into the Jewish trap – you have a Mission. You have a responsibility. You must spread the Truth and if necessary – die for it. But, it won’t be death for you – because you Know where you belong.



Be as it may, you might probably never entirely escape from certain Jewish nightmares or desires – it is a battle that you will be waging for the rest of your life – the body and its certain ego projections versus your now awakened superior spirituality and mind. We aren’t here to live forever – we know this life, as it is right now, sucks entirely. We are here to fix this.

And when that day of reckoning comes we will act in the spirit of all our European Thunder God Archetypes – we will be mad as a storm, precise as a lightning bolt and cleanse everything like a flood of never ending rain. There won’t be any thinking when that day comes. There will only be deliverance.

All your dreams and hopes are not those of your own better life. The future you imagine is usually one where you don’t see yourself in – it is a life that has grown out of your honor and duty. It is something that you have left behind. We won’t probably ever understand what life would have been like without Jewish influence. We probably won’t ever be really able to even imagine it. Ironically, somehow on a spiritual basis we know it. We know that there is a better life – but we also realize that life itself has to experience such a better way from its inception.

Our own lives may not be great or become great one day. They might not even be interesting from a greater perspective. They might not even be remembered in some cases. Perhaps our very names will be forgotten among the masses. But, there is one thing that we can make sure of – that there will be one generation of White children after us – that will experience life in its full glory without any Jewish influence and degeneracy.

This one generation will be the achievement of our lives. They will live instead of us, and through them, we will be alive as well. We might not be able to make entirely everything right; we might not be able to properly prepare them for what life will be like, but we will give them the chance to find out for themselves. To figure it out once again without Jewish and non-White influence, propaganda and brainwashing. A homogeneous society where they will be able to freely express themselves, be surrounded by like-minded racial brethren and live in peace and harmony. We will make sure that they can experience life as a true Aryan again.



Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/a-pure-generation/


3 Responses to “A Pure Generation”

  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    In a series of ironic twists years after it was written, small minded school boards tried to ban Fahrenheit 451 without ever realizing they were unwittingly mimicking the book’s plot — destroying books society has been persuaded not to read because their thoughts were too dangerous

    This is how our future has progressed; what was once the truth is now a lie. Suddenly, forces once thought necessary and beneficial have now turned into their opposite — a destructive menace

    think the thing that got me thinking about this reversal of intent was the discovery that bodies supposedly massacred in a Paris nightclub turned out to be dummies, mannikins, planted by the spinmeisters who arranged the whole hoax to convince the public that the bloody stunt really happened.
    The heroes who try to reveal government criminality — Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, Julian Assange, Bill Cooper — are constantly killed or jailed by those who resent their lucrative criminal schemes being exposed.

    The doctors who try to circumvent the poisonous medicines of Big Pharma — James Bradstreet, Theresa Sievers, Nicholas Gonzalez— are suicided by those who want to continue to poison their patients and deny life saving techniques and medicines from people who really need them

    This is not to say there aren’t heroic individuals in the U.S. military. This would account for all the generals the last few presidents have fired for counseling common sense rather the following homicidal orders.
    At exactly the time we need more people to behave like Guy Montag and stop this slide into insanity when truth is what our voracious government says it is, and justice cannot intrude into the consciousness of a citizenry intent on watching TV and texting their friends, we observe an unprecedented turning away from what needs to be done to survive, and misplaced intent leading to the widespread destruction of our species and every other species as well.

    Sorry to have to tell you again, but those who sleep now will be the first ones to die in the very near future. Our criminal, ELEPHANT -run government must be disenfranchised, detoxified and, where appropriate, disemboweled as soon as possible.


  2. Dublinmick says:

    There has been a double game ongoing for sometime. Western education has been turned upside down into a dystopia.

    This idea that Hitler was some type hero, has been latched onto by many, by the many who have no money no political power and virtually no organizations going for them.

    We see the Spingola’s, Kaminskis, Tophams, spin the juice on this supposed hero.

    The khazar mafia must delight in the fact that he was one of them, and edomite, who again is worshipped by segments of the gojim.

    It has to be this way, nothing can come between Israel and reparations payments by the Germans who themselves are being systematically erased from history by genocide. All due to their now imposed guilt complex, brought about by the kosher nostra.

    It is indeed long term planning. The destruction of Germany is coming about due to the so called muslim. You know the people who want to drive the edomites into the sea. There is only one problem, they never touch a hair on the khazar’s head, they form alliances with them to destroy places like Syria and Palestine where there is still somebody left with a brain in their skull.

    What do the wahabbis and others of southern Africa who act as if they have never been inside a school room do when they hit the streets of Europe? Why they announce your days are numbered, we are now the Germans, French etc, turn over cars, loot builidings, bust out windows, tear up traffic signs and rape. Exactly what they do in their own countries.

    If you want an idea of how an immigrant will act, take a look at the country he just exited.

    The brain washing is so dense, I have marveled at statements by some American indians here in the states who go on about the bad deal dealt to the jews and how it is similar to theirs. They blame the white man, as if the khazar mafia wasn’t drawing up the blue print or printing up the money.

    Around the world we see many rejoicing over the death of Euro countries without realizing who is behind it all.

    Yeah they call themselves they chosen because they can manipulate the death of entire ethnic blocks by the power of counterfeit money.

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