Women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men


Maybe when it comes to risk-taking, men have the edge.   Otherwise is this brief assessment of feminism correct?  This was written in an earlier time.  Have women changed since then, or just the cultural programming?

Why the need for cultural programming anyway?  The fact is we all do better when we work together.  If we try to compete with and outdo each other, the really amazing things we can achieve by working as one, become impossible.  Serial failure of enterprise is the likely result.   The only remaining life available becomes one inside the corporate or governmental system, where you are told what you may think, as well as do.

We are trained to think of ourselves as individuals, not as families.  We are encouraged to avoid commitment, to be suspicious of others who want to be close to us.  Siblings are encouraged to become rivals, children to avoid the company of their parents.  Asians who see their families as their best and first line of security tend to outperform Europeans and Americans in the business world,  with educational standards and every other measurable, and possibly superficial indicator of success.

Most people imagine that the accumulation of money will bring them success.  My experience is that accumulated money is easy to lose, whether through inflation, or the fraudulent nature of financial investment.  Longterm cooperative relationships, whether family-based or non-family, continue to bear fruit throughout the years.  Markets can change, the political environment, but somehow people of skill and experience can adapt, and still be standing when all around them is in turmoil.

If men act as men, and women as women, it would help the process.  Feminism is only in the interests of corporations and governments who want family wealth, political and spiritual strength destroyed.  Divide and be ruled.  Stay together and be free.


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  1. Gordon says:

    “If men act as men, and women as women, it would help the process. ”

    On several occasions I’ve written to and congratulated activist women whom have taken a stance on a variety of subjects were men have failed to do so. Men are by and large no longer real men having lost their spunk to stand up and say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done regardless. That takes guts.

    Woman was created equal to man, to be his helpmate, certainly not his slave with sex, while man was to take care of and be responsible for his woman in a two way loving relationship in which giving is primary and not what “I” can get out of it.

    How often I see men going down the road of self gratification while treating their women worse than dogs.

    Indeed, “If men act as men, and women as women, it would help the process. “

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yes the same goes for all the other Biblical responsibilities and duties such as not engaging in race mixing etc etc…

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      I totally agree Gordon this is my whole moral outlook on life and the sacred male female bond and marriage and family, which in turn is the cornerstone and pillar for a strong, stable sane society

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