When will we reach “Peak Project Fear”?

Over the past couple of months, the British people have been inundated by claims from the British and international establishment that jobs would be lost, prices will rise, there could be World War III and now, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has just said that ISIS might be happy if the UK were to vote to leave.

This has now become ridiculous. The people have been subjected to dodgy reports by the Treasury, claims the UK would be at “the back of the queue” from a US President who is in his last year of office, and threats from multinational corporations that they’d look to leave the UK / downgrade investment after we left. Now we are meant to believe this? Well, the UK people shouldn’t take it any more: we are being taken for fools.

Firstly, jobs and investment depend on trade and trade is informed by the business environment that companies and individuals trade in – not which political union they are part of. Many companies threatened to leave the UK unless the UK joined the Euro currency. Yet they are still here – bigger and better than ever proving that they  were wrong then, and are wrong now.


All the wrong things for all the wrong reasons: The evidence shows no good reason for George Osborne's economic austerity policies - other than, possibly, an intention to rob this nation of everything possible before 2015.

Secondly, Treasury forecasts have been notoriously wrong, with the Chancellor George Osborne missing targets again and again, proving that his economic forecasts aren’t accurate for the next 14 months, let alone 14 years.

Thirdly, “the back of the queue” argument is so patronising and patently false that Obama’s visit backfired and even had a positive influence on Leave’s polls as the British people regarded the intervention from this lame-duck President as condescending and “a sort of 1776 in reverse“. Indeed, as figures from the highly respected economist and commentator Ruth Lea shows, the US and the UK are highly connected investors with the US as the most important partner for both onward and outward investment for the UK, with the reverse (the UK being the most important partner for onward and outward investment for the US) being almost certainly true. It means that the countries are two of the closest allies with regards to investment, and would be able to do deals regardless of the UK’s membership to the EU.

Finally, this claim concerning Islamic State – or ISIS. It comes at a time when ex-spooks have been trading arguments over the security of the UK, however, it is so absurd to say that ISIS might be happy if the UK left the EU that the Prime Minister has even outdone his farcical insinuation that leaving the EU could trigger World War III.

ISIS firstly want to destroy the UK; they are our enemy. However, why would they be happy if the UK left an arrangement that allowed their recruits to potentially come into the UK? Yes the Prime Minister might say that the UK is in Schengen and can check their passports, but what if the potential terrorist is an EU citizen and has been lost in the system (possibly also by Europol or another pan-EU agency) and is able to come into the UK? Free movement doesn’t help in this instance.


Regardless,  not everyone has been fooled by the Prime Minister’s claims, suggesting that the British public are more intelligent than the Prime Minister thinks we are. Let’s just look at how Twitter reacted to the Prime Minister’s comments:

Take note, Prime Minister: the British people won’t be fooled and will Vote Leave on June 23rd 2016.


source: http://www.betteroffout.net/when-will-we-reach-peak-project-fear/

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