What is Donald Trump doing with Henry Kissinger?

Kissinger is the front man for the New World Order, the star of the Bilderberg Group.  Why is Donald Trump continually in touch with him?  Their meetings are secret, off-the-record.  Kissinger holidays with the Clintons.  He tutored Hillary Clinton.  He’s a war criminal, a main proponent and director of the Depopulation Agenda.

The Bilderberg Group is meeting in Dresden this year.  Trump and Kissinger will be there.

As Barack Obama was the new hope and change candidate, with millions becoming Obamatards, unable to see the reality of what was to happen once he was elected.  Is this the same with Trump?  What deals is he cutting with the Bilderberg fraternity?  We Are Change say they will report on whatever they can find out about Trump’s real agenda, not the one he’s pretending he represents.


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  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Yes good question. Why is Trump continually in touch with him?
    heres a suggestion:
    – Trump and Kissinger are both Bloodline Babylonian Pharisee Khazarians
    – They are both Satanists
    – They are both engaged with very very evil things connected with Satanism it wouldn’t be wise to mention here
    – They both attend Kabbala meetrings in Manhattan and I dare say the Talmud get brought out for study and worship
    – Kissinger at least, and maybe Trump too.Are both part of and well aware, of the SSP Secret Space Programme factions above our heads in Low Earth Orbit and as well solar system space and also, galactic space and interstellar and intergalactic space.
    – Tapblog once Free Energy technologies are in a group of peoples possession, Star Trek wonderment is possible just from playing about in labs, within decades. IF YOU HAD FREE ENERGY TO PLAY WITH IN A LB. WHAT COULD YOU CREATE?!?

    – Hey by the way what does all the secret space programme stuff mean compared to someone you really like? I would throw all the ssp stuff in the bin if it would save one hair on her head. She is so lovely and I like her so much

  2. ferryt says:

    Trump is with Kissinger because he is a Zionist. Election 2016: Who Will You Elect President of Israel? Trump, or Clinton?

    Adam even NASA state we haven’t left earth’s orbit, straight from the iss commander’s mouth:


    Whaddabout that moon, ladies and gentleman, yeeaah how about that moon? USA USA USA USA

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