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  • By 2023 British power station generating capacity will only be 33.5 GW if we remain in the EU, 40% lower than peak demand and less than half British capacity in 2012. So if we stay in the EU blackouts will become a daily reality, especially in winter.
  • This is because the EU is forcing the closure of our coal-fired power stations. Already 12.6 GW of capacity has been lost and the remaining 16.4 GW will be closed by 2023. From 2019 onwards we will also lose 5.6 GW of nuclear capacity as the older reactors reach end of life.
  • No new power station construction is underway and nor has final sanction been given to any new power stations.
  • Energy policy is under the control of the EU. The three key EU energy directives are:
  • Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD)
  • Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) which replaced LCPD on 1st January 2016.
  • Renewables Energy Directive (RED)
  • The renewables directive has forced the government to promote windmills, but they only produce electricity when the wind blows – regardless of demand. As the electricity they produce cannot be stored they make no contribution to meeting demand.
  • The EU’s crippling of our power station capacity is helpfully explained in an informative article at:

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