You only learn what is true through your own experience.

I just read the book Rolling Thunder, Doug Boyd’s description of his time spent with an American Indian medicine man, published in 1974.  It’s full of interesting insights.

People who try to convince others of truths they are aware of through the use of words are unlikely to meet with much success, the book suggests.  You only learn truth through your own experience, by becoming part of it.  Here are a couple of extracts : –

  1.  In our religious services, we pray for all people – no matter what color skin – and for the animals, and all things around us in Mother Earth.

I always say we have our own church within our hearts.   You have your own church right in here.  If you follow that within your heart, you are doing something right with the Great Spirit’s instructions.  You can follow your own heart even if you do not go to church.  That’s the way we’ve been told.

In all David Monongye talked for three hours,  and while he was speaking, my mind went back to some of my conversations long ago with Swami Rama, and more recently with Rolling Thunder.  There were all talking about the same things:  the happiness that could be found within the heart, the disciplines of mind and body, and the techniques for working on the self and for living in harmony with nature.

2.  Rolling Thunder had explained at Council Grove that his training was experiential.  In his conversation with me he said that truth cannot be expressed verbally, that it can only be experienced.  ‘You have to live it and be part of it, and then you might get to know it.’

My first step was to learn what Rolling Thunder meant by understanding.  Understanding is not the sort of thing my modern, establishment education had me believing it was.  Understanding, to what Rolling Thunder calls the establishment mind, is simply a rather low level dance and shuffle, a kind of churning process by which a number of ideas and concepts are juggled around with the newcomer idea until they all somehow fit together.  This fitting provides a feeling of knowing which gratifies the mind. …

To Rolling Thunder, knowing is being.  His simple description of the arrangement of the universe is that there is a right time and place for everything.  That cannot be understood by any process of speech or thought:  ‘It’s easy to say but hard to understand.  You have to live it to understand it.’….

He understands right time and right place and therefore he is a part of right time and right place….First you identify the principle, that is, you become one with it.  When you become one with it, it responds to your will.

Though the unenlightened student might feel the need for evidence and reason, for immediate conclusions, the supreme teacher is above the need to prove his point, or even to be understood.

EXTRACTS from Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd.  Dell Publishing Co.  1974.

It’s a great book, full of stories which illustrate the philosophies being described.

My own experience of being shaken out of a long-term depressed state by earth energy in a split second while walking down Paseo De Roxas, in Makati, the Philippines in 1988, makes it easy for me to follow the belief of the American Indians (and other pagan, primitive and gnostic people) that Mother Earth is a living being, as written throughout the book.

I have often returned to the spot where this experience occurred.

I went back to that same place this morning at sunrise, and relived the moment, feeling energy and optimism feeding into my body and mind, as usual.  Earth energy nodes are usually covered over by churches, or are used by Satanists holding sacrificial rituals to depress the Earth’s natural vibrational energy.


The old Mandarin Oriental the other side of Makati Avenue from the ‘live point’ where the new one is going to be built.

Next year, they’re going to build a brand new Mandarin Oriental Hotel over much of the ground, where this particular earth energy node appears to be located.  I’m pleased to say that not all the ground will be covered by the new hotel.  It was one of the runways of the original Manila airport, and is next to where the Japanese occupying forces’ headquarters were located in WW2.  Today an American bank is based alongside the spot which I return every year to relive that wonderful and surprising moment of recovery from illness.  The Satanists haven’t destroyed it yet.  I hope the American Indian medicine men are still able to survive the cultural genocide of their people.

The earth is a living being



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