Andrew C McCarthy is a Conservative.

He wonders when Trump backers will realise that they have been had.
McCarthy writes:
Donald Trump is the Washington establishment…
Take John Boehner, former House speaker, GOP establishment pillar . . . and longtime Trump golf pal…
Boehner spent the last decade working with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid…
While Boehner was surrendering, Donald Trump was backing him to the hilt: a staggering $100,000 contribution to the Congressional Leadership Fund – Boehner’s super PAC, formed largely to fend off conservative primary challenges against GOP establishment loyalists…
It is the same amount Trump gave to the Clinton Foundation…
Trump says: “I’ve always liked Hillary.” She and Bill are members of my club and they’re wonderful people.” dailymail. The Clintons were honoured guests at Trump’s third wedding.
McCarthy writes:
It doesn’t seem to register with Trump voters that he is promising to give legal status to millions of illegal aliens after temporarily deporting them…
In just the last three years, Trump has tweeted in apparent support of the … immigration bill … and has urged giving illegal aliens a ‘path’ to legal status…
 If Trump were elected president, there would not be the mass deportations his followers crave; he would skip that step and move on to the amnesty they abhor.
Trump is the Washington establishment, the very embodiment of its progressive pieties, cloaked in tough-guy bravado.

Donald Trump Backers Vote for the Washington Establishment ...

Jeffrey Epstein’s Nadia, who learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed Atta. JEFFREY EPSTEIN and 9 11. Trump is a close buddy of Epstein.

As late as September 2015, Donald Trump supported universal healthcare in an interview on CBS News.

Donald Trump has no fixed views. He will apparently support any policy that will get him elected.

In August 2013, Trump met with illegal immigration activists who he claimed “convinced him” to make it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the USA.

Donald Trump ‘a champion of legal immigrants’.

In 2008, Trump supported the big banker bailout.


Trump’s program would increase the federal deficit by just under $10 trillion in the first decade, and then by $15 trillion in the second decade.

Trump’s Art – Posing as Reformer Without attacking Power

Trump backer Jerry Falwell and 9 11 Flight school’s owner, Wally Hilliard. Falwell received the Jabotinsky Medal, awarded for outstanding services to Israel. Falwell is the only non-Jew ever to receive the medal.

Trump denounced Pat Buchanan as “isolationist” and an “extremist”.


CBS News’s Will Rahn on Trump’s candidacy:

“Trump really most closely resembles an old-school northeastern centrist Republican.”

Above we see Donald Trump and Barron Trump.

Retired Senator Bob Dole says that Donald Trump is being backed by the establishment.

The New York Times report

Bob Dole,”always one to spill the beans … decided he really didn’t give a damn about propriety anymore” and thus admitted that Trump is the establishment’s man.

The Republicans’ Trump plan.

During an interview with CNN, Donald Trump compared himself to Michael Jackson, saying “I knew him very well.”

Political insiders such as Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and Chris Christie are supporting Trump.

Donald Trump IS The Establishment.

Roy Cohn, who ‘ran child abuse rings for the CIA’. The C.I.A., Mind control & Child Abuse. Roy Cohn’s clients, as a lawyer, included the Mafia figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante and John Gotti. On at least one occasion Trump and Salerno “met in Cohn’s apartment”. How Close Was Donald Trump To The Mob? – The Federalist.
Look at Trump’s close buddies and business partners:
Benjamin Netanyahu
Roy Cohn
Jeffrey Epstein
Rudi Giuliani

Michael Glassner, formerly of AIPAC

Stephen “Steve” Wynn (Weinberg)

Tevfik Arif, with Ivanka and Donald Trump
Look at Trumps close buddies and business partners:

Tevfik Arif, prosecuted for trafficking underage girls.

Engin Yesil and Raoul Goldberger, who have been involved in the trade in Cocaine.

Felix Sater, an ex-convict, who identified himself a “senior advisor to Donald Trump”. “Sater has mafia and Russian criminal ties, as well as a 1998 racketeering conviction.” [264][265][266]

Carl Icahn ‘a corporate raider, asset stripper, and union buster’.

Former CIA boss General David Petraeus

Jerry Falwell, who has been linked to the CIA and 9 11

Gregory T. Angelo, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group for gay Republicans.

Trump was close to Michael Jackson.

In January 2013, Trump released a video endorsing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the 2013 Israeli elections, [148][149].


Donald Trump on Edward Snowden: Kill the ‘traitor’


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