This is without doubt the most interesting video I’ve ever seen

So much of the history of the solar system is a puzzle.   This video works from records and drawings made all over the earth by peoples including the Egyptians, Indians, Peruvians, Australians, Chinese and others and demonstrates convincingly that their simultaneous drawings and representations had extraordinary similarities.  That’s because they were all drawing the same things – the events they could see going on in the skies above them.  Lloyd Pye’s phrase ‘Everything you know is wrong’ is amply proved right by this pone hour video.

When the work of anthropologists is combined with that of electrical plasma analysts, things get really interesting.

Once you’ve seen this video, you will never see the world in the same way again.

I wonder what else this will lead to in terms of understanding of human history and the history of the planets around us.  There is a lot going on that we need to know.  This is merely another door opening to us, as we awaken.  It could be a crucial one in extending our understanding to the point we can see who is controlling us, where from and how.  I’ll keep searching along this new track which is livening up my days.

I have to thank David Icke for referring to the work of David Talbot and The Electric Universe in his latest book Phantom Self.  This video is only episode one.  Keep watching the rest of the series.  For full list of authors, go to


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  1. Nicky says:

    “Is it possible a fundamental mistake has crept into the sciences”? I should coco. Crept into ? More like promoted.
    All to keep us, Humanity, Ignorant of our own essential nature.
    Ignorant Here on our own very special Mother Earth. Prime real estate sat bang in the centre of the whole caboodle. (Reference “The Principle”).
    The messages within this fit. Saturn and the Sun’s altering positions of importance to us in our ancient skies.
    What bothers me is how on Earth did Humanity fall into the practices of Human and Animal sacrifice? How thick is that?

  2. Nicky says:

    What bothers me more is some of the seemingly bright people whom aspire to the highest positions of service end up swapping their inner happiness for weird sacrificial practices.
    Surely they must have been altered in some way. Chemically altered possibly. This I know. Once my Uncle Billy started reading works I passed onto him. He ended up ill. An fit Man and a FreeMason whom starts to question his “peers” back at the local lodge on those subjects soon ends up bed ridden. He was vocal about his displeasure at being told Maggie was the Masons Gal and then watching her hand over control of everything to corporations. Health stayed intact during that.
    Starts questioning Our ancient History and Boom. Unwell.

  3. Nicky says:

    “The planets are innocent in all this” A quote from the Maharishi.

  4. Nicky says:

    Worship the God within you

    Be still and Know that I am (One is) God.

    Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.

    We are mislead when we worship external things. Such as pretty lights in the sky.

    I wonder what deception it is that these groups like the Masons and temple knights plant in the minds of those climbing the greasy pole as they expose the falsehoods of the current religious and scientific models? Do they tell those whom have climbed that there is no God as we invented all the false ones you have been fed thus far so do what thou wilt ?

    I have some news for them. the truth that persists in the few lines at the header of this comment have survived all the crap we have been fed by the enslavers for eons. The Universe is intelligent and it does know your works. You have been decieved by the false jew. Cruelly decieved.

    Those of you whom are doing what thou wilt are just exposing the rot you now have inside you. I pity the victims of your Ill works but not as much as I pity you. You whom have done these deeds and brought destruction to our Mother Earth and countless souls along the way.

    Do Good works. While you still can. Time here is now short. Time after is not.

    Missuse of Yagya will not save you. Missuse of Yagya has brought us to where we are today.
    Correct use of Yagya could save our asses.
    The best Yagya is being still. Silent. Peace creating. On a regular basis. It is easier for a settled mind to fend off bullshit puked upon us from the enslavers and decieved decievers.
    A stressed individual is easily led astray.

  5. Nicky says:

    Good to watch this once again Tap.
    I took a look at the long path to understanding Gravity shortly after.

    Yet another Vedic comment rings true with much of what is posted. As is the atom, So is the Universe.

    So what are they doing at Cern. All these intelligent beings? Surely if a num nuts like me gets that the electric universe model make more sense then the folks at Cern must all be fraudsters or weak self serving humans with no backbone to speak of. Or up to something else. Earthquake generating maybe. Is this an by product?
    If an gyroscope spinning fast enough can overcome the electric gravitational force and lift. Is it possible Cern when spinning particles within itself can cause the Earths crust local to Cern to lift ? Causing quakes ?

  6. Nicky says:

    Does Cern become lighter?
    Does Cern alter the electric fields in the of the Earth?
    I do not trust any of them that much is true. I to could rarely get an straight answer to an question from so called teachers. It soon became obvious they where just regurgitators. I remember standing with an old friend after first wathing an tv prog on the big bang. Back when there where only three channels. We both looked at each other and in unison said “Bollocks”.

  7. Dublinmick says:

    Thunderbolt has some good stuff.

    The planets can actually alter DNA. They were producing more energy during the golden age and 12 strand DNA was fairly common so the Vedics tell us. Obviously it is a rare thing today.

    • ian says:

      As always D’, I looked for your suggested material, i.e. Thunderbolt. It was like threading a needle in the dark. If I hadn’t been fairly sure of what I was looking for, I’d never have found it. I’m glad I did thank you. Google and all browsers who use it are becoming very controlled and awkward.

    • Nicky says:

      Ditto DM. Listening to the Thunderbolts project is Time well spent for sure.
      @ Ian, Googling the Thunderbolts project will get you straight to it Mucker 🙂

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