This is an email I hoped to never have to write


Yesterday, fracking was given the go ahead in the UK for the first time in five years.

Despite overwhelming local opposition, Ryedale — a tiny town in one of the most unspoiled parts of rural Yorkshire — was approved for drilling by the local council.

I’m sure that so many of you, like me, are devastated by this news. Right now it’s vital we turn our thoughts to everyone in Ryedale who’s worked tirelessly to keep fracking firm Third Energy out.

So one of the best things we can do right now is to stand with people affected — and promise to never let the fracking industry win.

Today, all of us here at Greenpeace are pledging to continue to oppose fracking. It would mean a lot to me if you could too.

Please click the link to pledge you’ll fight fracking alongside thousands of others:

Stopping this destructive industry is one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced together. But if fracking firm bosses — or David Cameron — think we’re about to give up any time soon then they’re wrong.

Fracking not only threatens to industrialise areas of natural beauty, it threatens to make climate change worse by burning even more fossil fuels.

More than ever before we must keep building a powerful movement to take on this industry. And already, we’ve achieved an incredible amount. Together we’ve exposed the risks it poses to our health and to the climate. We’ve rejected government plans to force this risky industry on us. And together we’ve protested peacefully, pushing back wherever frackers have tried to drill.

Though the result from Ryedale is one I hoped we’d never see, we must remember that no drills have yet hit the ground — and that’s because thousands of us have banded together to keep fracking at bay.

I’ll be in touch again soon with new plans on how we’re going to keep on challenging fracking, in Ryedale and beyond. But in the meantime, please click the link below to leave a message of support for people in Ryedale — and join me in pledging to keep on pushing back wherever the fracking industry tries to drill:

With all my thanks,

Richard Casson
Greenpeace UK


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  1. bluefeather says:

    Serve each councillor and directors of the corporations with a commercial lien.
    They may have sold their soul to the highest bidder, but the fracking is not going to happen. People know the value of water, air, good soil, healthy wildlife, animals and people. Most people do not have an addiction to power, status and wealth.
    It is the minority of self serving idiots that we allow to run riot with their actions, causing harm to life itself – do not allow it.

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