The Grand Canyon was created by electricity arcing from Venus, and was not eroded by the Colorado River

Start at 8 and a haf minutes to dive straight into the detail.  There is no way water flowing could have created all the features of The Grand Canyon as people used to believe.   No doubt the cabal doesn’t want people to realise the Universe is Electric, as we can start to unravel yet more of their multiple deceptions once that point is established.  The author of the presentation, Michael Steinbacher, died in July 2015.

For several years, Michael Steinbacher has studied the geological formations of the American Southwest in the field. He has compared the standard explanations and alternative explanations with what he sees and has noted correspondences and anomalies. The context of his study is the physical interpretation of globally occurring themes of ancient legends and art, the observed properties of plasma behavior in laboratory settings, and a plasma-catastrophist theory of the recent geological history of the Earth.

Michael’s presentation will show excerpts of experiments and photographs of formations that appear similar. Of special interest will be video of dark-mode bipolar plasma discharge above a non-conducting substrate with dolomite and clay dust sifted down onto it and a channel of flowing water cut into it: a river runs through it. He will present photographs and maps that illustrate the explanatory facility of this model.

Andreas Otte has a Masters degree in Computer Science and specializes in designing and implementing applications based on Oracle technologies for a small IT company in Paderborn, Germany. His interest in chronology, catastrophism and the Electric Universe started in 2000 after stumbling upon references to the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.

From there it was a small step to discover the works of David Talbott, Wal Thornhill, Herbert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn and many others. Meeting Michael Steinbacher at the 2011 NPA conference opened up another field of interest as the question of how the theory of the Electric Universe might change our thinking about earth’s geology came into focus. Andreas will also be giving a presentation at EU2016 on EU Geology.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Good post Tap. A little bit over my head still but I will leave the details to the science boffs among us. Interesting how Steinbacher is now gravely ill…hm

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:


      How about making this into a post if it passes the BS filter?
      With the Red Kachina being seen in the sky now it is vitally impirtant people wake up to the reality of earth based Secret Space Programmes, so that when things kick off, the cabal are undermined trying to deceive us into their NWO.
      The technologies are the genie out the bottle achilles heel to not only help us survive ok the coming Earth Changes. But expose the NWO Tal+*d reading Satanists who have suppressed all the technologies and metaphysical truths of reality.

      Kauilapeles comments too would have great impact if you include them too as a Trojan horse quickly, cleverly getting in tge readers mind. Thanks

      Structures on Venus? Sure looks that way!

      This fascinating colorized (I presume) video shows clear evidence for structures and cities on Venus. It also shows how NASA has tried to hide the evidence.

      The only parts of this with which I take issue is where he calls this evidence of “aliens”. But knowing what we now know from Corey Goode, this could very well be part of an Earth-based Secret Space Program.

      ht. tps: //k

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Too tantalisingly interesting to ignore and not analyse Men scryfa. Even though its Wilcock
      “Our focus was on vertebrates, but if you look at flies, they can perceive light flickering up to four times faster than we can.

      “You can imagine a fly literally seeing everything in slow motion.”


      This “flicker frequency” effect has been widely known to insiders for some time.

      Our insider Pete Peterson conducted elaborate research in “black ops” projects on the variances among individuals in their actual perception of flickering light.

      Certain people can detect a light flickering at a much faster frequency than others.

      Those people are not susceptible to propaganda and mind control techniques. They also have an average of 10 to 15 points higher IQ scores.

      About 18 percent of the population has this characteristic, and it is distributed across all races.

      It does appear that this is directly correlated with the amount of extraterrestrial human DNA that any given person has within them.

      This “vibrational increase” can also be taught. It is not strictly genetic in nature. The “ageless wisdom” of all great spiritual teachings tells us how to do this.


      Pete also invented a “flicker frequency generator” that was used by all high-level American politicians to help them avoid various mind control strategies.

      It was a small matchbox-sized device worn under a suit lapel. You would hold the light up to your eye and turn the dial until the flickering appeared solid.

      Then you would wear the device and it would use a form of micro-gravitational currents to stimulate your mind to remain at a higher flicker frequency.

      There are various technologies, such as extremely low-frequency or ELF waves, that can negatively affect people’s moods —as one example.

      These devices effectively counteracted those influences. All politicians of the 60s and 70s were secretly wearing these devices according to Peterson.


      The arrival and interbreeding of extraterrestrial humans on earth —people who look similar to us or just like us —is another great insider secret.

      I have enc

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Interesting succinct laymans analysis of Plasma and Ether
      4. PLASMA

      Least dense and least compact. Plasma is the least dense form of matter.

      Exists at the highest temperatures or the lowest pressure. Plasma occurs at the highest temperature, such as in an atomic bomb blast.

      It also occurs at the lowest pressure. For example, outer space has very little air pressure. Space is almost a vacuum, which means no pressure. Plasma is common in outer space, even though the temperature is cold.

      The atoms move about the fastest. Atoms move at the fastest speed in a plasma.

      Examples. Plasmas, if they can be seen, often look like light. Examples are: the glow of fluorescent and neon light bulbs (when turned on), lightning, the sun and other stars, the fireball of an atomic bomb blast, the Northern lights or aurora borealis, and the tail of a comet.

      Ether. What is called ether is also a plasma form of matter. It is made of certain chemical compounds that happen to be in a plasma state at room temperature and room air pressure.

      Ether cannot be seen, but is found in our food, water, and air. Proper cooking enhances it in our food, which is one reason why cooking most food is recommended in nutritional balancing science.

      An article about ether is the next article in the Physics Series on this website.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I prefer to stay with The Electric Universe which unravels a lot of nonsense put around about space matters.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      800 degrees, it may well be distraction disinfo then.
      I do think even if this is disinfo, it doesnt mean earth based secret space programmes are real. I passionately feel
      it in my bones and bone marrow, they are.

      And even if a human earth based SSP is real. The question must be asked why bother to set up shop on 800 degree inhospitable Venus?.
      To play Devils Advocate on that, maybe the SSP black projects have surged so far ahead to what we know, in inventions, and physics, they can create heat resistant modular domes and buildings and as well drilling underground in Venus. It might be possible to colonise there like that. There might be valuable mining operations deep inside Venus. Or if heat resistant technologies the case, it might just be a valuable strategic location to be.
      Or….it might be archaeological remains of civilisations from.when Venus was in a cooler orbit perhaps.
      I know the Hopi and others prophecised that the end of tge Kali Yuga is a deadly severe time of turmoil and earth cleansing and rejuvenation.
      Id like to suggest, as a message of hope, its not going to be like that this time. Or at least most of humanity are going to be saved and propelled into a beautiful Free Energy Golden Age. A Space Age, an Interplanetary and Interstellar Age. A Second Renaissance. Free of the Babylonian Black Magicians who have manipulated us and worse.

      Why do i have this naive optimism Tap?
      – because i dont think humanity had an internet, or our level of 21st century awareness and advancement, during previous End Times.
      – There were no earth based hi tech SSP factions during the last End Times.
      – And again, sorry for being repetitive. If the Nefilim, if Ringmakers of Saturn. If rumours about antigravity free energy ships in ancient Mayan and Vedic times are true
      – Then why cant a benevolent Galactic Confederation of Star Nations positioned round the solar system helping us deal with the changes tge Red Kachina will be a catalyst for, also be true?
      – The technology required for the Ringmakers of Saturn is truly astounding and mindbending.

      Maybe things are way more complex than we realised and Secret Space Programme rumours are the tip of the iceberg?

      So i bear all this in mind rather than despair about the Red Kachina hyperdimensional comet planet sun whatever it is

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:


      Another thing these sequential catastrophes provides is a vehicle for discharging tremendous karma — for those who need it.

      If karma is real, and “elites” exist who have secretly been responsible for the torture, rape and murder of countless people, they need some way to balance it.

      The vast majority of a population will not have invited or authorized these catastrophic events, and higher-level beings will ensure their complete safety.

      Furthermore, sources like the Law of One tell us the Earth will activate a new “fourth-density” level that is apparently unaffected by such an event.

      Some people will pop into this fourth-density earth, which will start out having all the same things we see here in the third — a perfect mirror.

      Others will be rescued by various intelligent means, including being brought into vast Noah’s Ark-type ships or relocated to areas inside the earth

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