The EU made simple. It’s not complicated, you know.

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This is a brilliant little video which gives you the picture clearly in a few seconds.   Don’t listen to all the complicated horror stories being put out by Project Fear, the work of Cameron and his media cronies.  This what the EU is.  Not hard to understand at all.


9 Responses to “The EU made simple. It’s not complicated, you know.”

  1. peugeott says:

    May have listened only for the ridicupous music, why you people put stupid music in the background is totally beyond me.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Is it your ridiculous name?

  3. 1nickmill says:

    Children please, this is serious.
    Where is the video? YooToob address please

  4. 1nickmill says:

    My page has been open for 20 mins,Do you have a FB address. I am living la vida Français, so perhaps that is the glitch?

  5. 1nickmill says:

    Merci bien pour votre aide.Mais, C’est trop complicate pour les stoooooopid.
    Merci encore, Cheers

    • ferryt says:

      De rien. Il faut utiliser ‘tor’.

      But I wouldn’t log in to FB using tor. Well I wouldn’t log in using anything really. FB is a tool used for tracking. Amazed how many people still use it tbh.

      Anyone know of a way to leech video from FB over a proxy or anything? Could be shared on youtube then (at least until it’s ‘not available in your country’).

  6. 1nickmill says:

    Stopped FBing a couple of years ago. The info people upload negates the need for spies, just collators be needed nows.

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