The BBC Invites David Icke for First Time! Icke Plainly Exposes Real Conspiracies, has Last Laugh 5/27/2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016

(Before It’s News)

David Icke was invited, for the first time, onto a BBC current affairs program.  In this interview, David unpacks the simple truth about the existence of Conspiracies that are based on “hard evidence,” not “theories.”

Icke SOUNDLY defeats the arguments and pulls back the curtain of deception in his well-known style.

Take a look and share with everyone you know…in the hopes of waking them up.

That BBC Interview – Why It’s Me That’s Doing The Laughing: The David Icke Videocast/Podcast Trail

Here is the video of that BBC interview:




2 Responses to “The BBC Invites David Icke for First Time! Icke Plainly Exposes Real Conspiracies, has Last Laugh 5/27/2016”

  1. Mark says:

    I agree, David did very well. It’s where his assured and resolute manner works so well – on T.V. Perhaps because, this is where he ‘came from’, and holds a special power when he’s allowed some minutes to dangerously reign – and back on the box. They do want to play with fire in some deriving authoritative-way but it’s not working. Not with someone calm and confident as this.

    “Have you ever believed in a conspiracy theory Liz?” – “No I haven’t…” Said it all.

    David was perfect-pitch careful and clever, how he approached the answers to the questions. Appealing on logic that made for considerable sense, to those in the studio and kind of audience who’d watch. Must have given pause. They tried to score but he saved them all.

  2. Mark says:

    PS – said my bit here:, i.e. a comparison with comments from a national on a 9/11 story. Note the msm sites who (can) no longer allow feedback? Stopping comments. It’s starting with some US based outlets. How long for more here to follow their big-brothers? ‘Moderating off’ isn’t working so well, therefore…

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