The all-time best show on RenseRadio

It is Sunday and I am working – must be something wrong with me.  I did take a break to watch the Indianapolis 500 race as did probably half the people in the world and I got to see two of the guys I knew way back when I was racing – A. J. Foyt, the greatest race car driver ever…..and Mario Andretti, without question the biggest jerk I ever met during my racing days.  It was a great race and I went through a lot of chips and dip – and Pepsi but it is time to let you know that Jeff Rense, host of Rense Radio and his engineer have put together a short video clip of the historic 13 May radio show with Jim Marrs and Dick Allgire…..and I was there too.  It has been said that this was one of the all-time best shows ever on Rense.  You may judge for yourself.

But to make life easy for you – just click on this link by Jeff and go right to that show.  Enjoy and let us know how you like it.

The discussion covers German and American expeditions to Antarctica.  They photographed huge habitable caverns under the ice.  What did they not show that they found?

They cover the book – What Really Happened to Adolf Hitler?

From Harry Cooper of



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