Surviving aggressive Police officers

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This video tells you how to handle the situation where Police are interviewing you in a highly aggressive manner.  It’s US, where over 1000 people a year are killed by cops.  The same principles no doubt apply in many other places.


You might be lucky and get a cuddly cop like this one.  Just be wary, is the advice in the video and be prepared.

Always be polite.  Never engage.  Ask ‘am I being detained?’

If not, leave.

Police are allowed to lie.

Never answer questions.

Do not physically resist under any circumstances.

As regards searches, just say ‘I do not agree to searches without a warrant’.

A dirty cop could find something that wasn’t there to begin with.

Police do not need to comply with the law, as decided by US Supreme Court.

If detained, don’t say anything.  Just politely request an attorney.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    The journalist who exposed the Cruz/JFK murder connection and the Rubio foam boy party connection found dead!!

    Dead in a stairwell. They claim he was a failed depressed blogger who killed himself because of financial difficulty, when in reality he was a lawyer who blogged and did not care about money from a blog. So the lies are already flying, This was not a “depression related” suicide as stated. The obit lacks a few details which can be seen HERE
    This means one thing and one thing only – Ted’s father really was with Lee Harvey Oswald in the photos this blogger dug up. He was a lawyer, (probably one of the rare few good ones) who would have better access to such things. How much more damning can this get?

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hes a good blogger living in Hawaii , a phd in chemistry who turned his back on the rat race. I rarely feel compelled to share his messages but this one feels different. Plus Galactic ships cloaked as clouds!
      I feel this is a time to be aware of how intensely, joyfully, powerful the Incoming Energies are at this moment. They are bringing Light to all, Freedom to all, and Blessings to All. Each will receive what they are able to allow in. The High Incoming Energies are there. The only question for each one of us is, “How much am I willing to ‘let in’?”

      And there’s no judgement or “more is better” kind of thing here. We each may allow in that which is right for each of us. Some will handle “more”, some will handle “less”. But it does not matter. It’s like the waves over here. Some are okay with 2-3 footers, some with 4-8 footers, some are most at home with 50-80 footers.

      I’m not really sure why this is coming out right now. But it seems it needs to come out. In fact it seems this is just a quickie before I lie down into my wonderful bed of air.

      But whatever it’s for, it feels that we are on the verge of something rather “major” occurring, both within us, and outside of us (whatever that means). I took a walk today, and I recognized several Galactic ships, cloaked as clouds. One was quite huge. But it was clear to me what they were.

      We are ready. So let’s hold on for the greatest ride in our lives!

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Ok we must hope there are secret government good SSP factions with their technologies over Wyoming now. Since this could be big. Wed better strap in and hope all ive been saying is true. Iceland volcanoes not far from the UK
      North American Continent Begins CRACKING in Wyoming East of Yellowstone Volcano
      By Cosmic Convergence Research Group – May 31, 2016

      Over the weekend an ENORMOUS crack in the earth developed in the southern foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. The mountain range lies east of the Yellowstone super-volcano. Estimates by some put the crack at 750 yards long by 50 yards wide by 50 feet DEEP — and growing!

      As shown in images taken by Randy Becker, this is not small event; and the US Geological Survey confirms there were NO earthquakes in the area before, during or after the crack developed. It appears the continent itself is shearing rather than shifting. It is shifting and slipping that causes earthquakes, while shearing quietly takes place as the land tears.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Analysis of unfolding Wyoming Events:
      How much longer are the cabal going to be able to paper over the cracks and stop the Public noticing? There are sinkholes happening more and more.

      Soon this is going to call the hands of everybody in this poker game.
      Soon the UFO technologies will not be able to be prevented being seen, because the effects of the Red Kachina (and maybe other galactic wave reasons too) will become greater and need more intervention.

      This will be what blows the cabals hand. My view is the cabal are keeping at bay possible benevolent Galactic or benevolent SSP factions, by keeping us all as hostages under siege threatening humanity if they show themselves.

      Soon this tactic wont work for the cabal
      Soon things are going to come out in the open and all hells going to break loose! In a good way for us! Bad way for the Pharisee Satanists!

      Now I understand why they want those deep underground infrastructure bases so much.

      The Nefilim and Ringmakers of Saturn cant be the only civilisation presence in the galaxy or universe can they? I mean what would be the odds of that, them and us and that’s it?!

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but it makes interesting reading and I suppose is empowering, that things like this could be possible and are part of whats going on. However I rather like the idea of us having only ONE soul inside us, a soul that goes on after death and travels, and whilst we drop the built up shaping and ego and defences society imposes (tries to impose), once that gets cast off we are still…..essentially the same people our true selves inside, but no longer in this body and travelling the dimensions and universe. However Wilson claims we actually have millions of souls in us, although there is one Master Soul inside us that guides the rest. But I prefer there to just be one soul/spirit in us for some reason

      At this time (April 2016), the accelerator methods used with nutritional balancing programs are:

      1. Ask for your controller souls. The controller souls are usually two very important souls that surround the physical body, in the area of the head. Interestingly, they face the four directions – north, east, south and west.

      If a person has had a trauma such as rape, they often are beaten away from the person. When this happens, the person feels very disoriented and has trouble thinking.

      Getting these souls back is not too hard. All you have to do is 1) be on a complete nutritional balancing program for at least one or two months, and 2) ask lovingly and persistently that “please, all controller souls return”. This is a very important accelerator procedure!

      2. The toe trance. This amazing method is explained in a separate article entitled The Toe Trance. It is a simply, yet powerful healing method for traumas, in particular.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      During the trance, the main soul or entity soul leaves the body. Special souls, called development souls, then can enter or intervene and help release the trauma. To read more about soul interventions, an important part of nutritional balancing programs, please read Assisted Healing on this website.


      The Toe Trance is not hypnosis, and it is not sleep. Neither of these are interventions of the same type. Unlike the sleep state, during the trance the person can hear and speak, although one cannot move the body. The person is also less suggestible than when under hypnosis.

      During all trance states, there is a little danger, so please read this section carefully and follow all instructions.

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