Sevan Bomar – King Of Conspiracy 1 – Why The Illuminati Killed Prince [04/29/2016]

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Published on May 1, 2016

King Of Conspiracy With Sevan Bomar published on April 29, 2016
Episode 1 – Why The Illuminati Killed Prince

The circumstances behind the death of Prince can hardly go unnoticed as not being a ritualist sacrifice by the occult powers behind the music industry and modern media. The King of Conspiracy takes it apart and reveals the startling evidence of foul play.

“Every now and then something comes along that changes everything…

It’s all too often we wish to pursue the higher meaning to life, however, the structure of modern society allots very few opportunities to engage in true, vivid esoteria. James Evans Bomar III (more popularly know as “Sevan”) has spent over a decade in diligent pursuit of the esoteric inner workings – extracting hidden knowledge and innovative methods of application from the worlds most proficient spiritual resources.

Pioneering the next level of spiritual involution, Sevan holds the Keys & the Universal Blueprint that expand consciousness and allow one to connect their microcosm with the macrocosm.

As the creator of ‘Open Source Spirituality’ through Secret Energy, his contributions to humanity have introduced an innovative approach primarily with his latest unveiling of The Innerversity; an advance academy for those seeking to enhance their power and abilities.”

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5 Responses to “Sevan Bomar – King Of Conspiracy 1 – Why The Illuminati Killed Prince [04/29/2016]”

  1. salty says:


  2. salty says:

    Communism — A Ruse for Illuminati Jewish Theft and Murder

  3. Babushka says:

    As I listened, I thought of Sugar Man, Robin Williams and Michael Hutchence and Whitney Houston.
    Sugar Man survived the ‘contract trap’ while those who had loved and been inspired by him believed he had died.
    Instead, he returned to South Africa
    A moving film was made by one who went in search…

  4. salty says:

    The Devil and the Jews

    Rabbi’s book shows the scale and continuity of the llluminati Jewish Conspiracy.

    Our Illuminati Jewish masters have consigned this knowledge to the memory hole.

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