Private Prisons Join the Candidate Support Game as Sen. Bernie Sanders Says “No” to Them


LBN’s Bob Donley reports that Senator Bernie Sanders, running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has taken a stand against private prisons. And the private prison companies have joined other industry groups who provide financial support for politicians. Big Oil is the name given to a group of large oil companies that donate money to politicians. Big Pharma, the pharmaceutical lobby, has spent money promoting its interests and supporting candidates who support its goals. The NRA has for years supported politicians who support its interests.

The private prison industry is a latecomer to the political support game, but now, says Donley, the companies are spending money to influence politicians to support profit-making prisons. Donley reports that these companies have spent about $10 million on individual candidates who support their interests and $25 million on lobbying efforts. The private prison industry has turned into a big money industry in the thirty years since the first prison opened. [Note: LBN has reported extensively on private prisons, most recently on September 23, 2015.]

Private prisons now manage about ten percent of all federal and state prisons, about 200,000 inmates (including illegal immigrants being detained). The prisons generate revenues of $3 billion annually. Senator Sanders is one politician who has spoken out against these prisons. Sanders says that private companies should not be profiting from the incarceration of prisoners. Sanders has introduced the Justice Is Not For Sale Act of 2015. The bill seeks to end federal use of private prisons by 2018.



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  1. Nicky says:

    Government for the people by the people. There is a good reason for this. When Magaret Thatcher was pushing privatisation down our throats here in the UK with propoganda such as “Nanny state” labels, She took away the protection from overly powerful Private corporations that the people had garnered, Two world wars had woken the people to the dangers large corporations present. Maggie led us all back into slavery. Our own Bomber command unable to bomb the Industrial heartland of Germany,Krupps and others where off limits, Some within the UK establishment and government possessed shares in the same, The order not to do so came directly from Winston Churchill. The one the Media portrayed as an hero. and the one Thatcher also aligned herself with on many an occassion to decieve the nation once again.
    Private prisons and policeing are not a good way to go. Government would spend more on policeing the Police if they did bother than on any savings privatisation could bring.
    The Private sector cannot be trusted. Our food chain is now toxic and our mental and physical health are in danger. Real pressing Danger. You could end up made being mentally unstable and end up in a private prison being tended by mentally unstable staff. Hell on Earth.

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