Planet X theory of mass extinctions debunked.

The media is jumping over Planet X, giving people terrifying notions of mass extinctions to dwell on.  It’s all bunk, says this presentation by Wal Thornhill.

Published on Apr 21, 2016

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A recently published scientific paper is creating a firestorm of media coverage around the world. The paper’s lead author, Daniel Whitmire, proposes that the hypothesized Planet X, a never-discovered body believed by some to exist in the outer solar system, is responsible for mass extinctions on Earth approximately every 27 million years. Recently, researchers at Caltech have inferred Planet X’s presence from orbital anomalies in Kuiper Belt objects. Wal Thornhill discusses the tenability of these claims from an Electric Universe perspective.

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Dwardu Cardona’s presentation (delivered by Wal Thornhill) “Order Out of Chaos,” at EU2015:…

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2 Responses to “Planet X theory of mass extinctions debunked.”

  1. OutandAbout says:

    Thankyou for posting this Tap
    This is a complicated world with many people trying to lie and instil fear but we must never give up hope
    I happen to think that non man made climate change is still a real phenomenon. But I am hopeful, that whatever is driving it, will be gradual enough where we still enjoy some semblance of good lives with our families and friends. Though life and planet earth will undoubtedly be in for a few changes.
    That’s why im hopeful and optimistic. To simplify matters, im choosing to strip out and not allow the topic of aliens ETs to enter the discussion. Theres plenty of suggestive evidence these are a deception by a certain tribe on this earth.

    There is also however plenty of suggestive evidence for those with eyes to see, of secret programmes with exotic technologies, that could transform life on earth for every man woman and child. This is a long topic but ill just say im sure many battles are being fought with those not wanting these tremendous technologies out and widespread for all, like Free Energy.

    This would massively help humanity to adapt to whatever climate change scenarios are in the pipeline.

    Also, anyone having a basic idea and knowledge of these free energy technologies will realise, especially with a few decades of R & D the secret governments have been engaged in, technology is likely to exist that can vacuum up chemtrails and volcanic ash blocking the sun as well as any comet tail hitting earth should that scenario arise.

    However this article above is very interesting and provides relief from the X stories.
    A question does remain, what about the second sun people seem to be reporting? That might be real.
    Its what might be driving climate change.
    But it is possible cabal fear propaganda in these changing times that could benefit humanity, cataclysm scare stories have been pushed on us.

    This is encouraging and we have to wonder is there more secret black project programmes waiting in the wings to help when the time comes – maybe even 1000 mile wide man made motherships? Not an alien in sight!

  2. Nicky says:

    There is one huge thing relevant to climate change that rarely gets coverage, That is the arrival of the hole in the ozone layer shortly after the nuclear “Tests” in the upper atmosphere. The ones that apparently never happened now, Despite them flooding all of humanity (All Life with a calcium based skeleton) with bone weakening strontium 90 at the time.
    Rarely if ever gets a mention. In much the same way the 911 towers concrete cancer issues are never covered or referenced online. Despite the worldwide problems this issue is having on high rise buildings, They call it something else now.

    Just did a search for world trade center concrete cancer and the only link on the first page of hits was an earlier comment left on the Tap blog.

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