Philippines election rigged

President Duterte got there, but with a far smaller number of votes than were actually cast for him.  Reports of the Smartmatic machine giving Mar Roxas (cabal) as the return when Duterte was actually voted for are legion (in the alternative media) from different parts of the Philippines, and Hong Kong.  The cheating of results can also be done at the collection of the votes as they are reported from local to regional level, and then into the final level.  There are no effective counter checks, which could easily be made, by each village sending their results to a separate website, as well as through the official channels.


Bong Bong Marcos

Duterte was credited with 15 million votes against Roxas 9 million.  The divide would have been nearer 25 million to 5 million if the evidence from car bumper stickers and street talk was any guide.  No one I met for the last month spoke of anyone but Duterte -anywhere.  Only in Roxas’ home island of Bohol was he ahead.  But at least Duterte wasn’t blocked by rigging.  Only his overwhelming lead was clipped.  The cabal would have blocked him if they could have, but everyone would have known it, if they had.  They just couldn’t.

The other big name which was expected to win, Bong Bong Marcos for Vice President, somehow didn’t win, and that by a suspiciously thin number of votes.  Talk on the street is that the result was rigged to keep him out.  The cabal doesn’t want the world re-examining the details of their support for  his father Ferdinand Marcos, and the way global corporations gained control of the Philippines in the 1960s and 1970s under his Presidency.  The payoff for the Marcos’ for playing the cabal’s games was enormous.  Still, the people trusted Marcos as he provided so many jobs and built so much infrastructure, while the assets of the Philippines were stripped.

In the end he refused to sell out to the cabal, sign the Peso into the US Dollar area, and give away the natural resources of the Philippines to Wall Street, as he was being pressured to do, and he was kicked out by the CIA, in the name of People Power.  It’s not a chapter the cabal wants to revisit as it gives so many clues as to how the world has been managed for the last 50 years.  Ferdinand Marcos didn’t roll over to the cabal, and tried to maintain independence which is never tolerated.  He was removed politically by CIA ops and later given the ‘cancer’ treatment which has since become the main way strong governments are removed, another well-known victim being Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Instead Leni Robredo won the Vice Presidency.  She’s just another insider, friend of Roxas and Aquino. If Duterte were to stumble, with Marcos out of the picture, the cabal is nicely in position to regain control.


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