Our houses will fall down if we quit the EU

35 days to independence
Now Bloomberg gets involved
Operation Fear is cranked up again today with former New York mayor Michael Bloombergclaiming a Brexit vote on 23 June could hit UK-EU trade and leave British-based “employees worse off”. He then goes on to  warn financial jobs could leave London for Paris or Frankfurt.
He is quoted as saying: “I also worry Brexit will leave our UK employees worse off.
“No one knows for certain how the UK would fare in trade negotiations with the EU, but we know Brussels would hold substantial leverage, given that the UK is far more dependent on the EU for exports than the EU is dependent on the UK.
“What price EU leaders would exact is impossible to predict, but deterring other countries from breaking away – not to mention the opportunity to punish an old rival – will likely discourage them from looking sympathetically upon Britain. Even if fair terms are secured, achieving them may take years, and families may feel a pinch well into the next decade.”
Funny that because we know leaving the EU would lead to us being able to set up our trade deals, free from EU interference – as for the UK being more dependent on the EU than it is on us – come off it Mr Bloomberg!
Rents and property values would drop after Brexit
Meanwhile The Guardian reports that rent bills are likely to fall if Britain exits the EU and property will become more affordable to first-time buyers, according to the bodies that represent the UK’s estate agents and landlords.
The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) said that Brexit would cut levels of immigration and depress future price rises, leaving the average UK house worth £2,300 less in 2018, and £7,500 less in London.
The Daily Mail reports the story too. It goes on to report Brexit also could make it harder for UK housebuilders to buy building materials from EU countries and would lead to a skills shortage in the housebuilding industry.
As UKIP MEP Douglas Carswell pointed out, “Do we really need to be in a political union to know how to build a house?
Trade Unions saying EU does not help British workers
An interesting piece in The Daily Express today – the report says trade unions have slammed the “myth” that Britain’s membership of the European Union boosts workers’ rights.
It goes on to report  David Cameron’s deal to reform Britain’s role in the EU secured “only very minor changes” and that the 28-member bloc “acts overwhelmingly in the interests of big business” instead of ordinary Britons.
This what we in UKIP and those on the Leave side have been saying all along – the EU won’t do reform and the Prime Minister asked for very little and got even less.
As for business? The unions are dead right – SMEs are being strangled by EU red tape. It is an organisation only interested in big business, not the ordinary resident on the street.
 Downing Street and that leaked letter
The Daily Telegraph reports the intriguing story of the of how Downing Street reportedly considered involving the police over the leaking of a letter from Rupert Soames, chief executive officer of outsourcing company Serco, to the Prime Minister.
The PM is now facing pressure from his own ranks over claims he misled Parliament following a ‘stitch-up’ with big business over EU referendum campaigning.
All very intriguing and all deserving of some answers Mr Cameron?

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