Newly-discovered images of alleged BBC “napalm victim”

1) In June 2014 a Netherlands resident contacted me, expressing anxiety about being recognised in a frame from ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ which I had posted on Facebook. Although the woman was not among the group of alleged napalm/thermite victims in the frame in question, I subsequently recognised her in a You Tube video shot at Atareb Hospital, Aleppo on 26 August 2013, apparently in the guise of a victim of the same alleged events portrayed in Ian Pannell and Darren Conway’s BBC reports. I have written about this here and here.

A number of images currently viewable on the Facebook account of one of the woman’s relatives would appear to make it plainer still that the person who contacted me (below left) is indeed the same person who appears in the You Tube footage of the aftermath of the alleged Aleppo incendiary bomb attack (below right).
Details here.
2) My attempts to secure documents relating to Saving Syria’s Children from the BBC through a Freedom of Information request appear, somewhat inevitably, to have run aground.
Following a decision notice from the Information Commissioner’s Office upholding the BBC ‘s rejection of my request, I had argued in an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) that the evidence set out in my blog:
…clearly demonstrates that the BBC has committed the greatest betrayal of audience trust imaginable by a news broadcaster – the fabrication of an atrocity for the purposes of war propaganda. Such an egregious transgression is quite possibly unique in the history of broadcasting.
I further argued that Saving Syria’s Children and related BBC News reports had breached Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that “Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law”.
In response the Tribunal has issued a Case Management Note (3 May) observing that:
Mr Stuart’s rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights may be capable of being litigated and remedy given to him if a Court finds there was a breach of those rights. The question of whether reports are genuine or fabricated may also be capable of being independently investigated.
However the Tribunal “is unable to grant Mr Stuart a remedy for what he says is a contravention of his rights under that Covenant” and directs that I must provide it with reasons why the information I have requested from the BBC was or is “not held for the purposes of journalism, art or literature”.
The deadline for submitting a response is 24 May. Any opinions from members of this email list would be much appreciated.
3) A high quality copy of Saving Syria’s Children is currently available on Vimeo. The section which forms the focus of my blog commences at 30:38. As BBC Worldwide has long since blocked all You Tube postings of the documentary, please consider downloading the Vimeo copy while it is available. This version is the highest quality I have seen to date and has already yielded a number of interesting new details, such as an apparent glimpse of the Dutch woman pictured above (see update here).
4) Further to my submission of shocking images of a staff member of UK registered charity Hand in Hand for Syria’s “flagship medical facility”, Atareb Hospital, Aleppo, posing with an array of weapons and munitions, an officer of the Charity Commission’s Investigations Monitoring and Enforcement department has responded (12 April):
I am currently considering the information that you have provided in order to determine what regulatory action, if any, is required. I confirm that I will provide a more detailed response once I have completed my assessment.

5) A reminder of the two sets of graphics highlighting some very startling inconsistencies in accounts of the alleged events of 26 August 2013 by BBC International Correspondent Ian Pannell and BBC ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ presenter Dr Saleyha Ahsan and my recent presentation on Saving Syria’s Children for Frome Stop War.

Robert Stuart

12 Responses to “Newly-discovered images of alleged BBC “napalm victim””

  1. ian says:

    This does not surprise me. Yes I’m cynical, but we are very limited to do anything about it. As I have said before, we are annoying to the Mafia who run the show, but in a seagulls on a rubbish tip kind of way. This morning, when I got up, I looked out, and the sky is white. I tapped chem trails into google like that, i.e. two words, and the first page up was Wikipedia. The chemtrail conspiracy theory. It was at a good few pages later before I found anything useful. They are buying up and taking over the internet, just like they do any other means of information supply. Depressing, but predictable.

    • ian says:

      I’ve been troubled all day after posting this comment. By using the term “we”, I don’t include those amongst us who actually run these blogs. Tap and friends, and Dublin Mick and others do an excellent job. My derogatory remarks about being like annoying seagulls was aimed at me and others who read these blogs and give their three penneth worth in comments. I’m not meaning it in a nasty way, just I feel that it’s futile and the mafia is buying up the good sites at a rate of knots.

      • Nicky says:

        Hi Ian, found nothing offensive at all in your comment.
        I disagree that it is futile though. One recent example. Exposure of wrong doing just got an mental institution taken out of the private sector. It is costing more energy and time dealing with the abuse and corruption within the private sector than any savings the state gained through privatisation. Corporations cannot be trusted. A good government would kick them all out of the country and use our tax money to take care of our own, Not line the pockets of the likes of Monsanto and G4.
        A good government would follow Mr Putins example on this. Exposing the war mongering of the same corporations and the vote rigging etc etc etc all leads to pressure for those bent politicians to straighten up and fly right. Under their misguided lead we now find our land and water supply poisoned. We now have affordable and unaffordable housing. etc. They know they have sold us down the river being greedy and they to are having to eat and drink and breathe the same shit they helped to create Ian. Not exactly forward thinking people the power crazy. Exposure though does get results.

      • Nicky says:

        Hi again Ian, Here is an very timely article from Zen Gardener you may find helpful in overcoming the apathy that can creep in quite naturally from time to time when overloaded with such dark materials.
        It is indicative that you still have a Heart, It shows you care. All is not in vain.
        The article. The Ongoing Erosion of the Occult Agenda.

      • ian says:

        Thanks Nicky, I read that Zen Gardener article, and you’re correct, it did help. I am given to these swings in emotion.They come and go. Thanks again.

  2. Nicky says:

    Interesting Wallpaper. The patterns Look very similar to some in todays article on the Symbols of an alien sky documentary. She probably worships them.

  3. Nicky says:

    I say She. Difficult to tell in these social experimenting days.

    • Toy SOULDIErs says:

      Regarding social engineering, Google recently acquired 5 years worth of NHS data from Hampstead hospital including the rights to more live data, Hampstead being the former home of George Orwell & Sigmund Freud seems the perfect place to get data to feed into their google deep mind AI. Hampstead is also largely owned by the Corporation of London… It’s a weird place.

      • Nicky says:

        So much time and energy wasted gathering information on others by people whom would do better spending it getting to know themselves. Am guessing they cannot bare to look at what they have been conditioned to become or are conditioned not to look. Poor souls.

      • Nicky says:

        Hampstead. The home of Ricky Dearman. the kind of jew that got his race thrown out of England in bygone days. Till that shitbag Cromwell and his dutch jew financiers came on the scene and brought them back here again.

  4. colin says:

    hello 1st comment and its off topic (cliche lol)
    i found a great little blogsite that is rammed full of free pdf books to download on a good number of subjects. its well worth a look if you want to educate yourself on the banking system, NWO , ufos, SRA etc you get the gist, here it is —> happy reading people

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