New party calls for Welsh Sovereignty and Independence from both UK and EU

Press release/Datganiad i’r wasg (sgroliwch lawr am y Gymraeg)

New party Cymru Sovereign calling for Welsh sovereignty from Westminster and the EU standing in the Welsh Assembly elections.

The party, officially established in March 2016, believes that Wales should be a fully sovereign state in the world, out of the control of both the Westminster establishment in London as well as the undemocratic European Union. The party also wants to see a publicly owned Central Bank of Wales and the creation of a debt free Welsh pound currency.
Other policies include a common sense firm but fair points system for immigration in to Wales and the scrapping of the current disastrous local development housing plans. These have seen the Welsh Government admitting on record that they want to build a disproportionate 190,000 new households in Wales ‘for UK needs’ rather than Welsh needs in the next 20 years. Cymru Sovereign urges the need to scrap these plans and instead ensure that new and social housing are built to cater for local needs first and foremost.
The party is putting forward its first candidate, party founder Gruff Meredith in Newport West constituency in the Welsh Assembly elections on May 5th.

More details and the party manifesto can be found on the party’s official website:

(Cymru Sovereign party logo attached)


7 Responses to “New party calls for Welsh Sovereignty and Independence from both UK and EU”

  1. Baz says:

    If they don’t hurry up they will soon get a rather rude and aggressive, racist black person turning up in Lampeter refusing to pay his restaurant bill while demanding they “give back the land”…

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Rather more sensible than the idiotic agenda of the SNP who seek “Scottish independence” as a vassal of the EU Dictatorship / the Wall St led UN.

    Nevertheless Wales would sink economically without the rest of the UK to prop it up.

    • Baz says:

      Aye – I cannot stand the satanists in the SNP, a completely phony ‘civic nationalist’ Anti-White party that actually hates anything that is true to Scotland and truly Scots. Plaid Cymru may even be actually worse again. The only thing ZOG allows is Anti-Nationalist parties in all of its colonies!

      SNP did not do anything when they dropped 4,000 Muslim Immigrants onto a small island community in Scotland and then arrested someone who complained about it on twitter.

      Phony, fake nationalist parties all of them.

      I cannot wait to see the ‘Celts’ reject these traitorous enemies of Truth!

      P.S. not a fan of the term ‘celts’ but you get what I mean.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Traitors Blair and Brown made this possible 1998 treason abolished

        And section 73 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 abolished the common law offences of sedition and seditious libel.

        How well that suits the collaborators in power.

      • Baz says:

        Just re-enshrine these offences in new legislation and make it retrospective or in any event rely on the inherent common law to overturn all Anti-White, Anti-British laws

        This is Britain ‘Bad Law’ cannot exist as it cannot be true Law, if the Common Law is understood properly. All these phony Acts of Parliament can be dismissed and disapplied by the Common Law or either that or for England by the English people calling out the WITAN or Witanmoot.

        In Wales it would have to be some kind of Eisteddford (??). Scotland could just declare UDI or disapply legislation using its own Parliament once the traitors in the SNP are arrested. In Cornwall it would have to be by the reconstituted Stannary Parliament.

        Isle of Mann the House of Keys etc etc

      • Baz says:

        Let us not forget the role organized paedophilia and zionism has played in this

  3. sovereigntea says:

    It should be clear by now that our treasonous government(s) and all political parties seek the break up of the UK as a nation state whilst the courts police and white feather military leadership collaborate with foreigners such as Soros and Peter Sutherland to effect this.

    We are getting the Yugoslavia treatment !

    Who is up for a fight ?

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