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  1. UglyTruth says:

    The title misrepresents the content, since Zionism and Jews are not the same thing. Most Jews are Zionists, but some oppose Zionism. The conflation of historical Israel with the Zionist state of Israel is used to obscure the vast ethical divide between original Judaism and the hypocrisy of the Zionists.

  2. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Hi there Friends at Tapblog
    We have now entered a new passageway on the journey. Another siginificant step has happened as we exit the Kali Yuga and the Matrix
    We all need to get with the programme now , and realise the Second Sun is real, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFJ7e7PGlFk
    the elites are pretending its business as usual. We need to step back and work out the significance of all this, sense patterns, and also, realise and understand considering the tremendous silence from Officialdom. What else could be going on too behind the scenes? Yes we allow a wide margin for ridiculous disinfo. And also a narrower, more discerning margin, for disinfo which is much more clever.

    Put it this way, things are going on. But this isn’t a message of Doom. Much as the illuminati would like to exploit this end of the Kali Yuga situation to their NWO benefit.
    No. There are too many good people on this Earth now, who don’t deserve the Red Dust Nightmare End, after all the Satanists have done to us hiding in plain sight.
    I wont go into it here. But im leaving plenty of comments for optimism, for us to understand, all is not lost. Allis not lost.
    I wish all of us well and these are very unique times

    Why oh why oh why MS. Is the New Scientist this May 2016 which is a cabal like front just like tge Economist Rothschild front.

    Why, when the existence of the Hercolubus Second Sun, plus Secret Space Programmes existence in the skies above cant be denied. Why does tge NS report to us with this
    There might be a planet better than Earth – right next dooru

    There should be worlds out there so balmy they make Earth look stale, and there are signs of one just four light years away. That’s close enough to visit.

    ” “WHEN I was a kid, I was always looking at Alpha Centauri,” says Eduardo Bendek. One of the things he discovered about it while growing up in Chile was that our closest neighbouring light had a secret: it is not one star, but two.

    More than 30 years later, Bendek, now an astronomer at NASA’S Ames Research Center, suspects that his favourite celestial beacon might just be hiding another, more marvellous secret. There could be a planet orbiting one of the stars. And not just any old space rock. This could be a place so bursting with life that it makes Earth look post-apocalyptic.

    And at a mere 4.4 light years away, we might feasibly develop a probe that could visit within decades. That’s precisely what a project backed by Stephen Hawking and billions of dollars now plans to do. We could catch our first glimpse of this bucolic world within a generation. ”

    ht tp s:/ /ww w.newscientist.com/article/mg23030740-200-there-might-be-a-planet-better-than-earth-right-next-door/

    And i will end by saying. I think tye Babylonian Pharisee Khazarian Elephant Talm*d reading Satanists backs are against the wall. Soon the cabals Poker Bluff Hand is going to be called and exposed when X Y and Z elements intervene to stop the red dust burning meteor rain of the End of the Kali Yuga.

    Thats why Kissinger is going to try and fall back on his Bluebeam long in tge making Deception

    We Wise Owls are wise to whats going on.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Yes, This Elephant In The Room, this situation, will be dealt with, is going to be dealt with, soon. I now realise why they want their underground bases so much to hide in. They are going to need them but its not going to be enough to stop Justice.
      IS THE SUN TILTING? WHATS GOING ON? ht tp s:/ /youtu.be/48o69x6RELE

      May 24, 2016 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

      The Sun is Tilting? Steve Olson & Friend Are Baffled [video]

      Steve and his friend have quite the conundrum and throw out a few theories, but this is truly bizarre.

      They say it is impossible, so suggest the “projection” of the sun “they” are showing us is faulty… or something.

      What a fascinating time to be alive in this less-than-real reality.

      Perhaps it is the “Ma net” (Yellow Rose for Texas reference) breaking down. I don’t know. But it certainly is fascinating.

      You may have seen some references on the Internet to the Conscious Veil enveloping Earth retreating. It’s hard to know what to think when these never-before-experienced anomalies occur. Not that it matters that we can or can’t put a label on it. It’ll happen anyway. I don’t see our reality breaking down or “freaking out” as a bad thing. I will be only too happy to see it all in tatters.

      Break on through to the other side! ~ BP

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