Mankind has survived catastrophic change on earth many times

Since the golden age when Saturn was our sun, gravity has increased four times.  This presentation goes through all the changes that mankind has been subjected to throughout the times we have lived here, listing out what those changes have been.  Surviving the catastrophes has had psychological, cultural as well as physical effects.  This video gets you thinking, the talk given by Michael Arnstrong.

EU isn’t European Union by the way.  It’s the conference on the Electric Universe.  Saturn was the god of the ancient world.  Saturn is still the god of the parasites who are working to reduce our numbers.  The history of how Saturn was replaced by our current sun is the untold story that is starting to come out.  Our history is just part of another battle that’s been going on between stars and planets.


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  1. bangonit says:

    Well done TAP for posting all these, even a child can understand the simplicity of an Electric Universe now.
    Love peace harmonies.

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