How to Talk to Brainwashed Anti-White Whites

by Bradford Hanson, on May 3rd, 2016

“THIS IS EUROPE” recently published a video with tips on how you should respond to people who are anti-White — people who consciously or unconsciously are working against White people’s interests and who support extermination of Whites by mass immigration and miscegenation.

Among other things, the film explains that anti-Whites in most cases are brainwashed since childhood, and therefore are often difficult to reach with pure facts — but that by asking critical questions you can get these people to, hopefully, see the contradictions in their own opinions and thus begin to question their Politically Correct world view.

Asking questions puts the other party on the defensive and lets you decide what will be discussed. Here are some examples of questions recommended by “This is Europe”:

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for all?

If color does not matter, why is racial diversity so important? And why is it just all White countries?

If multiculturalism is really something that people want, why do we have “White flight”?

If so-called “anti-racists” do not care about race, why do they have a problem with White schools, White workplaces, White towns, and White countries?

You accuse me of being “racist” because I do not want my people to be a minority in my country; when was the last time you accused the Chinese of being “racist” for not wanting Chinese people to become a minority in China?

It is also said in the film that many immigration critics, instead of discussing the most important issues — demographics and the issue of the White race’s survival — are cowardly and choose to only criticize mass immigration’s effects on short-term economic and social problems, because they think they will not be accused of “racism” if they focus only on these less important issues. But the race issue is paramount and it is our strongest moral point, so we should steer every even tangentially related dialogue toward a forthright discussion of race.

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Source: Nordic Resistance

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