Venus was born from Saturn within human memory.

Saturn was a star within the memory of mankind, before it converted into a gas giant.  There was a greater and a lesser sun.  Dr Velikovsky knew that something was wrong with the gravitational theory.  Planets exchange thunderbolts.  If one moves even a small amount, it has instant effect on all other planets.  Earth and Mars were satellites orbiting a dark star, until the current sun appeared.  Atmosphere and minerals were showered down.  The solar system explained.  A bit technical but some stunning factual descriptions of catastrophic events from the past.

Proto Saturn was a red dwarf star.   Dinosaurs would have been unable to stand up with today’s strength of earth gravity.  They would have needed one third of what we have today.  The earth would have been a moon of Saturn.  The chances of capture of an object is far greater than gravity would suggest.  Saturn changed from being an anode into a cathode, becoming part of the solar system.  Brown dwarf stars switch off when they get close to bright stars.

Saturn ejected matter as it changed into a gas giant.  The satellites all maintain the same face towards the parent.  The sun has its own family.  Venus is the odd one out in a solar system, born from proto-Saturn, with a slow backwards rotation.  It didn’t achieve phase lock with proto-Saturn.  Saturn moon Titan has many elements in common with Venus.  Venus was Saturn’s last born, an event witnessed by humanity.  Venus is a baby, born from the interior of the brown dwarf star.  Its high temperature the result of its recent birth.  It still has a comet tail.  The mountain peaks are glowing hot in the radar sequence.

Mars was stripped of atmosphere, water and rocks.  We still receive rocks from Mars.  North American Indians called Mars ‘scarface’.  Hit by interplanetary thunderbolts.

Earth is a former Saturnian.  Why so much water on earth?   Scarring can be caused by massive plasma discharges at planetary birth, sculpting the oceans.  Global tectonics is a failed theory.  Brown dwarfs shower their offshoots with water and minerals.  Earth, Mars and Venus may be of the same family.




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