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  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Honesty is such a lonely word.

    It sure sure is indeed Tap are you a mind reader 🙁


    This is interesting. But as i feel my way forwards, my sense is even though hemps great got loads of uses. The chances are in this chemtrailed world now, ingesting it since its such a good bioaccumukator from the soil, is not such a good idea, cadmium for one thing.

    So the buds flowers of marijuana instead, not industrial hemp, a version where its not been messed about with , bred to have high THC levels. Either a trqditional strain where all the phytochemicals are in balance, as i think CBD and others offset and stop THC doing damage. Or i suppose marijuana bred to have low THC and high CBD if it can be trusted. Will be the way to go with marijuana for cancer.


    • Men Scryfa says:

      This is spot on – oil made from the flower buds of traditional strains. But remember not to go too far the other way and end up in the clouds. That is why I recommend still eating some red meat. Helps keep one still grounded.

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        Yes careful sourcing from a trustworthy source where lab analysis too is trusted, are clearly needed.

        I am still no further forward though really answering my suspicion of CNN and Rockefeller and is it Soros, and of course, Big Pharma motivations for involvement in the medical cannabis game. it cant only be money? This is the same crew who are responsible for untold death and misery. And now suddenly they ride in on a white horse offering a cannabis cancer cure? Something feels wrong.
        Off the top of my head, I havemt researched, because im spinning so mnay plates and have to attend to day to day life too. but I am imagining, that Rockefeller and CNN are breeding certain cannabis strains that …..ok fair enough are therapeutic. But will have detrimental in other ways, other chemicals or toxic metals even.

        Yes but what would be the aim? I suppose to derail the legitimate good real medical cannabis movement. Infiltrate and distort and twist it to the ground. I can see that as a motivation.
        It cant be money only can it.

        The question arises: is CNN and Rockefeller and Soros and Big Pharma slying in strains with phytochemical spikes of undesirable chemicals, that weaken the brain and make the masses vulnerable to entity attack and attachment or even possession?
        HAARP and Smartmeters might on a certain level, be facilitators for demonic invasion into this realm, and possessing the population. Im speculating guessing here but it might be the case.
        I think im sensing something about the cabal. When they employ tactics, like chemtrails or vaccines, or other. They seem to have a few purposes, not just one. Killing 3 birds with one stone, but of course all the aims overlap like a Venn diagram.
        So it would be good to arrive at a definitive final answer why CNN and Rockefeller are now funding cannabis cancer cures.
        But hopefully its an irrelevant point, hopefully we will all manage to sidestep it and access or grow flower buds of traditional strains.
        Sorry for so long comment MS

        Another question arises is, when considering tackling cancer alternatively. Ok yes traditional flower bud cannabis oil is to hand.
        How does one distinguish which alt med cancer approaches to do? For example, theres this thing called Protocel, and a similar thing Cantron.
        theres many other approaches too. I suppose if one is desperate, a shotgun like approach doing it all based on best advice , is the way.

        However one approach I think is good and needs championing, is Dr Gonzalez. Sadly he ‘died’ about 6 months ago in NYC where he was practicing, in his 50s I believe, very healthy guy. He had a ‘heart attack’.

        The Gonsalez approach was heavily on pancreatin enzyme intake to digest tumours, not exactly cheap. And coffee enemas too to help eliminate all the dead tumour tissue. Gonzalex death is a big big indicator to us MS he must have been doing something right, and the statistics if his successes back this up I think.

        Anyone doing all those things though, it certainly would be good im sure to take a quality cannabis oil too.
        If we make it through ok and the cabal are fearmongering that the Red Kachina seen in the skies now is NOT going to cause mass cataclysm extinction event.
        Or if x y z elements swoop in to protect us from Hercolubius effects.

        If we make it through I think I will go into hydroponic gardening and grow cannabis to make oil as well as organic vegetables

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        It is an interesting thought to contemplate and one ill have to research more sometime.

        We know that trauma and torture is used in the MKultra type programs. And some pretty convincing things ive read, plus the bizarre phenomenon of multiple personality disorder, one woman has 92. That Ipcress File type mkuktra they do uses black magic and invites demons into the…..etheric field round the body maybe., and creates a kind of entity posession, hence the Alter.
        And so, my point is. Could the entire reverse phenomenon also be true?

        That all encompassing wonderful possessing feeling when youve found someone and felt that warm syrup like feeling pouring all over you, and fallen in love with all their uniqueness and little traits and personality facets and mind and intelligence. Not to mention Physical Beauty.
        That surge of drug like happiness from feeling that they like you too. And then a selfless feeling of love emerges and takes off. Liking everything about that person and wanting them to be well. It is truly a fantastic spiritual experience that goes way beyond lust or infatuation, but a deep pleasure gained in liking and affection being returned.
        My point is….could beautiful loving Spirits enter our etheric body and heart and mind, when we fall in love? The antithesis of MKUltra?
        This could account for the magical beautiful invincible tremendous mindblowing feelings one gets. Spirits posessing us when we fall in love.
        I have learned that whilst wonderful, it can be painful , making friends with a married woman in love with her husband.
        Its like playing with fire in a way.
        But all part of lifes rich Tapestry

  2. freebornman says:

    Friend of mine related this to me a while ago. An old fiend of his was diagnosed with several forms of cancer. The guy was an old hippy, and decided to treat himself with cannabis oil. 12 months later, doctor was astonished to declare him in remission. Guy stopped taking the oil, cancer returned. Doctor said “this is proof it does not work”. Recommended chemotherapy, the guy was dead 6 months later.
    Anecdotal, I know, but it seems inevitable with chemo, it makes it go away for a while, but inevitably returns with a vengeance later, and one’s chemo-wrecked immune system is overpowered.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Amazing story Freebornman. Id value and trust your anecdotal judgment than all the peer reviewed Lancet corrupt nonsense.
      And look at how that doctor inverts common sense logic!
      I spoke last year with a Welshman who lives in spain and grows his own and makes oil, and he had cancer, and told me he cured himself of it, oil pellets under his tongue.
      It is very exciting.
      Yet I still contiunue on in my questo identify what CNN, Soros, Rockefellers agenda is. They don’t care a damn about curing cancer so what is going on?

      • Toy SOULDIErs says:

        Tumeric & Ginger have similar affects I’ve been told not as strong but non-lethal.

      • freebornman says:

        This documentary is very good:-
        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAMYAoiCSsI
        (take the space out of https)
        This one also:-h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGsSEqsGLWM if you haven’t seen them, they are both well worth the time to watch.
        My father first got cancer aged 60, he had a new, experimental chemo, and he lived nearly five years after. But when it returned it was everywhere, and un-treatable. It was small-cell lung cancer he had originally.
        The second film is probably best watched first, it starts more at the beginning, if you like. If the information in these films is true, it is an absolute outrage, deserving brutal punishment of the perpetrators, for they conspire to murder. Stay well 🙂

  3. Toy SOULDIErs says:

    I am sorry to hear about your father, the truth is the cancer industry is just too profitable for them to bother making a real cure, they’d rather invest in projects that give as many people cancer as possible to maximize their profits.

    This is the truth, certain cancers I believe are incurable depending on what part of your body develops the mutation, but it is my personal belief that the vast majorities could be cured for relatively low costs if the pharmaceutical industry wanted to.

    It’s much the same with dementia treatment for the elderly, they perscribe these poor people with ‘medicine’ that does nothing to the affliction they suffer from but causes more side affects meaning higher profits, in Scotland doctors get up to a 40% commission from the pharma companies based on administering certain drugs to the elderly.

    It really is sick.

  4. Tapestry says:

    It looks like the picture I loaded was replaced! The theme posted was all EU. Somehow another theme published. Apologies.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi Tap just a quick note.
      I am deeply sad by an email i just had from someone very special but whis married
      To hell wuth them.
      I detest myself tap yet again, making myself so vulnerable being swayed like this

      She can goto hell. Ive had enough if thus shit
      Even though ive been deeply in live from getting to know her but niw this.
      Well fuck her. I dont dwear on taoblig but i hope youll alllow me that.
      What can one say wyen ones been an infatuated fool but the woman in question has a screw loose?
      To hell with her. Move on. If she ever gets in touch again ill ignore because im so upset, hurt.
      And ill move on.

      How awful it is Tap to talk deeply intimately with someone then for it to all stop and come to this. Traumatic.

      I wont condemn her because shes really nice. Even though i want nothing to do with her now.

      Goodnught Tapblog

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