GROVELLING Merkel and Hollande launch thinly-veiled ATTACK on Brexit

ANGELA Merkel and Francois Hollande have launched a desperate plea for European unity ahead of Britain’s once-in-a-generation referendum.

By Patrick Maguire Mon, May 30, 2016
Merkel and Hollande made the plea at a commemoration for the Battle of Verdun
Merkel and Hollande made the plea at a commemoration for the Battle of Verdun. Getty
The grovelling heads of state warned EU member-states “not to close in on yourselves” in a thinly-veiled reference to Brexit campaigners.

The Europhile German Chancellor and French President said “the forces of division” threatened the future of the Brussels club.

Merkel and Hollande spoke out as they commemorated the centenary of the Battle of Verdun – one of the bloodiest episodes in the First World War.

Merkel spoke of the need for Europe to welcome migrants

GETTY. Merkel spoke of the need for Europe to welcome migrants
300,000 French and German soldiers perished over the course of the 10-month battle – and Hollande invoked its grim memory in an attempt to convince Europeans to “protect our common home”.

The beleaguered President said: “Our sacred destiny is written in the ravaged soil of Verdun.

“It can be stated in a few words: we should love our country, but we should protect our common home, Europe, without which we would be exposed to the storms of history.”

Both leaders are in favour of the UK remaining a member of the EU

GETTY. Both leaders are in favour of the UK remaining a member of the EU
He also claimed that “the principle of the free movement of people and goods” – which Leave campaigners argue has created a migration nightmare for the UK – was among the EU’s most important.

Merkel, whose government has welcomed more than a million migrants to Germany over the past year, added: “If we reason only in national terms, we will not be able to progress. This is true for managing Europe’s debt crisis, and also for welcoming refugees.”

But Mrs Merkel’s grip on power is growing ever weaker, with rebellion growing across the country against her controversial immigration policies.

Brexit campaigners have claimed the migrant crisis will get worse and EU bureaucracy will continue to cost hardworking Britons thousands of pounds a week unless the UK votes to Leave.

Merkel and Hollande made their passionate appeal as part of a solemn tribute to those who died or were left missing or wounded at Verdun – considered as important to French and German history as the Somme is to the Britain.

Both leaders laid wreaths before the Douaumont Ossuary, which holds the unidentified remains of more than 100,000 soldiers.




No wonder they want us to Remain: Germany fears Brexit because they would lose £35BILLION

A GERMAN bank has predicted Britain leaving the EU will cost the German economy almost £35BILLION – plunging the country into financial disrepair.

By Rebecca Perring Wed, May 25, 2016 |
Angela Merkel
GETTY. Germany’s economy is set to suffer significantly in the event of Brexit
Restlessness and anxiety is said to be growing across top companies in Germany as next month’s historic EU referendum draws closer.

The future of German companies will be thrown into doubt in the event of Britain freeing itself from the shackles of Brussels as 2,500 businesses have branches across the UK.

As Remain and Leave camps drum up support for their campaigns here in the UK, DZ Bank says Brexit would cost the Germany economy £34.8bn by 2017 alone and the country could fall into recession.

German experts predicted Britain leaving Europe would act as a “slow poison” to their countries economy.

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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Give it up for Merkel, this lard arsed psychopath with an I.Q. of a goat has demonstrated to functioning members of Europe what the EU is all about.

    Photos with takfiris, tossing the German flag away like trash. She made the deaf hear and the blind see.

    She is the perfect example of what happens when you let people who actually want you dead run your country.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Nostradamus was right.

    Nostradamus Predicts The Rise Of An Islamic Empire And The Infernal Gods Of Hannibal-Never More Horror Nor Worse Of Days

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