Farmers back Brexit

Brexit would mean a better deal for farmers

The Express carries an interview with Tory MP and Farming Minister George Eustice, who runs through the ways in which British farmers would benefit from Brexit.

The staggering line from the piece is “the UK currently gives the EU £6 billion a year towards the CAP, but only £3bn gets back to UK farmers. That’s a calculation that should make any British farmer join our calls for Brexit. It’s clearly having an impact given the poll of British farmers carried out by theExpress on Friday, which shows two thirds of them backing our campaign.

Eustice also says “ I wrestle with insane European legislation on a daily basis and it would be far better if we took back control and designed our own policy”. Never could a truer word have been written.

If you want to know more about  how our exiting the EU would help British farmers then I’d encourage you to visit the website of our excellent Agriculture Spokesman, Stuart Agnew. As a farmer himself, he’s suffered first hand as a result of European legislation and red tape and has been making these arguments for years.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

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