Farage “I’ll back Boris for PM”


The Mail on Sunday reports that Nigel Farage has declared he’ll back Boris Johnson for Prime Minister if Britain leaves the EU.  He would be a much better leader that the “Pro Brussels fanatic” Prime Minister.  Attacking the “devious” David Cameron, he also compared Boris to Ronald Reagan. This comes ahead of the ITV Farage/Cameron debate – which should make great television.

Cameron fears Boris as next leader

The Times reports that Cameron “fears Boris as next Conservative Leader”, and believes that George Osborne has “a lot of ground to make up” in the leadership race.  Cameron has admitted privately (says the Times) that eurosceptics will have the whip hand in the Conservative Party after the referendum, whichever side ins.

Boris more trusted on than Cameron over Europe

A new poll shows that 45% of voters trust Boris ahead of Cameron over the EU, while only 21% trust Cameron more.  This is a huge disparity, and must surely have a big influence on the referendum outcome.

Boris compares EU project to Hitler

The BBC reports that Boris has compared the EU’s aims to those of Hitler, saying that both (and indeed Napoleon) had the objective of unifying Europe under a single system of government – the only difference was that  the EU’s methods were different.

Massive voter registration campaign launched

The government has launched “a massive voter registration campaign”.  Of course we all agree that people should vote, and that therefore they should be registered to vote.  Nevertheless it seems likely that the government has calculated that unregistered voters, and especially young voters, are more likely to support Remain, so there is a partisan objective here. Launching the campaign, Cameron said “We have 40 days to stave off economic disaster”.

It’s time Cameron explained how a year ago he was insisting that Brexit was an option, and that Britain could prosper as an independent nation, yet now he speaks of Brexit in cataclysmic terms.  He also needs to explain why he chose to risk offering the British people a vote on Brexit if he regards it as a disaster in the making.

Cameron to press ahead with Bill of Rights

The Telegraph reports that David Cameron is determined to press ahead in the Queens Speech with his “Bill of Rights”, seeking to convince the British Public that we in the UK can control our legal system.  This is clearly a spurious tactic, so long as we remain signed up to Treaties which make foreign laws superior to our own. Like the European parliament itself, and like the talk of “subsidiarity”, this is meant to give a false impression of democratic accountability.  The voters will not be taken in.

Cameron’s own Tory PCC backs Brexit

David Cameron’s own local Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, a Conservative, has backed Brexit, saying that open borders are a gift to organised crime, and that we cannot ensure our security as long as we remain in the EU. He sets out his position on a robust and well-reasonedarticle in the Telegraph.

Cameron to create 25 Peers to reward Remain cronies

The Sun reports that David Cameron plans to create twenty-five new peers “to reward his Remain cronies” after the referendum. That should help to bring peace and harmony back to the Conservative Party.

Charles Moore “Carney against the people”

Charles Moore of the Telegraph has written a telling article in response to the awful warning on Brexit from Bank of England Chief Mark Carney. Entitled “This is Carney – and Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Lagarde – against the people”.  Well worth a read.

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