Event In 3 Months Confirmed, John Kerry Warns, US Use A Different Track In August – Episode 963b


Published on May 5, 2016

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Report date: 05.05.2016

The German people do not trust their media. Kiev signs law to extent non payment of loans. 90% of Kiev’s military assets are back on the contact line. Russia and China holding missile drills together. 100 Rangers arrive in Yemen, we are seeing a military buildup in this area. US will ramp up attacks on Syria. John Kerry confirms that the US will use a different track by August, be prepared for an event.

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  1. OutandAbout says:

    It seems via various levers, whether manoeuvring for war, or economic ‘collapse’ that is clearly being orchestrated.
    And then the mysteriously titled ‘X22 report’ which leaving aside the occult number 22, is on a background of a disc with an X on it.
    And an ‘Event’ coming in 3 months confirmed by the above actors
    It could be that all these orchestrated levers are designed to coincide and converge with, some major nibiru type event, where it will be easier for them to maintain control , since a lot of prepared orchestrated winding down will have happened of economies etc.
    This is not to be a doom merchant. One hopes there are various unseen variables that will offset a full scale cataclysmic scenario where none of us are here this time next year
    Rather than ‘monitoring’ it is possible this and others like it are using suppressed technologies to keep volcanoes and plates under control and or at least minimise effects.http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/667730/yellowstone-volcano-ufo-alien-youtube
    One hopes there is more of this help waiting in the wings

  2. salty says:

    John Kerry Says Prepare For New World Order ‘Borderless World’

    Posted on May 9, 2016.



    Does the USA support the Jewish New World Order?




  3. salty says:

    Israeli NATO

    Besides the obvious problems associated with Israel having an office within NATO that will afford her the ability to spy on the military activities of 28 Western militaries, the other obvious problem is that it also affords the Jewish state an open door towards influence.

    04 MAY 2016.


    Is NATO part of the Jewish New World Order?

    If NATO is part of the Jewish New World Order, then only the combined efforts of Christian Russia and Islamic Iran can save the world.

    Is the land of Syria part of the Jewish New World Order?


  4. salty says:

    This map is published by the Israeli Radical Settler Movement:



    This map shows the land promised to Abraham in the Bible.

    The Bible promise includes all of Jordan, all of Lebanon and most of Syria.


  5. salty says:

    Can the combined efforts of Christian Russia and Islamic Iran stop the Jewish New World Order?


  6. salty says:

    John Kerry is Jewish or partially Jewish.

    John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, the tenth most senior United States Senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    It was discovered in 2003 by Felix Gundacker, a genealogist working with The Boston Globe, that Kerry\’s paternal grandparents, who had been born Jewish


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