Dying for the EU?


The European Army will be thrust upon us if we don’t Brexit.  Scenes like the above will become the norm.  The video was made to show what Britain will become, once the doors of The Superstate are banged shut behind us.  Brexit or die as Brussels wimps.  Brexit and become Great Britain once more.  Only fight necessary wars, preferably none at all.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    The EU claims it is doing everything it can to fight terrorism and stem the incoming flow of refugees, however actions speak louder than words.

    The EU dictatorship has just announced it will maintain sanctions against Syria thus undermining the successful anti terrorist effort one of the few nations that has actually fought and killed thousands of terrorists. Similar with EU anti Russian sanctions.

    Thus the EU is aiding and abetting terrorists and facilitating the influx of so called refugees.

    BRUSSELS, May 28. /TASS/. European Union’s decision to extend sanctions against Syria by one year comes into effect on Saturday, May 28, says the Official Journal which published the legal acts.

    The decision to extend restrictive measures was made by the Council of the European Union on Friday. The statement said sanctions against Syria would stay in place “as long as repression continues”.

    The sanctions include an oil embargo, restrictions on investments, a freeze on the assets of the Syrian Central bank within the European Union, embargo on trade with dual purpose technologies, as well as export restrictions on equipment and technology for monitoring or interception of internet or telephone communications. Besides, more than 200 Syrian individuals and 70 entities have been blacklisted in the EU.

    The sanctions will stay in place until July 1, 2017.


    As for an EU army anyone bearing arms in the UK under the command of the EU should quite rightly be viewed as an invading enemy combatant and treated appropriately.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Inaccurate – photo shows too many white school children.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Yes it is a crumbling despairing picture when one looks out across the this ancient Isle they are so determined to change and destroy.
      But I may be way off here. But the Elephants Voltaire speaks of might be rushing now in desperation to try and get this Agenda done, as the window is narrowing for them to achieve their NWO Greater I**ael dream. Because of the approaching earth changes. Slightly bumpy ride ahead but im hoping my instincts right on this.
      Interesting too I noted was it in a Dubkinmick recent article, the Nefilim creators were circumcised. But the races created here, the brothers noted were uncircumcised. And so today the Elephants do this practice, to make them more similar to the Nefilim Gods Creators , in their minds.

      The Matrix Program is Crashing

      Vatic Note: Now this is very very interesting and a MUST READ. Why? Because, over time, we have done numerous blogs that support most of what he is saying down here.

      For instance, we did a blog proving that a Vienna Linguist and a Russian Microbiologist mapped our “junk DNA” that no one was able to map, so they called it “Junk DNA”, but little did they know that the so called Junk was really a 25,000 character alphabet and now we know with the right engine (vibrational factors) that we can communicate with our DNA and tell it what to do as well as communicate with the cosmic consciousness.

      Belief is one of those vibrational conditions that make it all work. What you believe is picked up by your DNA and used in the cosmic arena of consciousness. Thats why prayer works and why these evil ones hate Christians, Muslims and real Jews. We believe and pray and it works as scientific, peer reviewed research has proven.

      Add to that the fact that every time this solar system revolves closer to the center of the galaxy, humanity has a leap in evolution with respect to their consciousness. Then we did a series of blogs on the “plasma Universe” showing that “soft physics” (electrical/magnetic) is as powerful as “hard Physics” (gravity). We have never been taught that in school.

      We also know that the pineal gland in our brain, is also the seat of our soul, and with a soul and spirit comes “creativity”. If you lack a soul, as our wanna be controllers do, then you lack creativity and they have proven it with all their false flag mistakes they have made.

      Then we find out that the Shumann resonance of our sun has increased from 7.82 hertz, to almost 14 hertz. That is the source of our vibrational engine. Shortly thereafter we found out the earths Shumann Resonance has also begun increasing and is currently past 9 hertz and rising as we speak.

      And btw MS I think it is actually possible to buy a 7.83 Schumann resonance machine for the home and bedroom, something I will certainly try and do – when i get around to it. Ill wait until Red Kachina has shown its hand

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      That then, has an impact on the shuman resonance of humans. How do we know that? Because “PRAYER WORKS” and scientists have proven that fact. Children/babies being born today are way more advanced than those born during my life time. I am amazed at these children and how they can “think”, ponder and see right through you.

      So, my point is, the engine (Vibrational shuman resonance) I referenced above with respect to communicating with our DNA and the cosmos consciousness is vibrationally advancing at a very rapid pace and these dark evil ones can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT. They are even more limited because they lack a soul. They have shoved all efforts they have to their brain, which is limited. They have no heart and that is the most powerful brain in our bodies. Its why we know things without being able to explain it. Some religions call it the Holy Ghost.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      All roads lead to Rome. Everythings interconnected, and relevant to each other, even though Immigration seems separate on the surface. And again, with the mention of the word Galactics, it should be resisted to close the mind down on it. If Nefilim are real and Ringmakers etc etc why not all the rest too. Shes a very perceptive blogger I find
      A Dose of Reality; The Space War & The Internet [video]
      by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

      For me, the more I watch Dante Santori’s videos, the message is, “The more we know, the more we know we don’t know.”

      I just watched a quick update he posted 3 hours ago which confirms the battle is not yet over, and the death toll mounts.

      Obviously they use these videos to communicate; not only to wake us up and educate us, but for internal intelligence, as well.

      What he doesn’t say is, whose ship it was—us, or them. (Light or dark)

      And what a stunning statue and grave site. It’s loaded with innuendo and ignited so many questions and musings for me.

      Some of his images really stick in my mind. I have to question just how many places on this planet the Karistus winged symbol rests… virtually unnoticed. Makes you wonder just how many things we see without really seeing them, doesn’t it?

      He has already pointed out that Honda used to use the wing in its logo. I’d forgotten all about that. It was goddess-inspired, apparently. Nike. What a coincidence.

      Dante has been uploading videos very quickly and while they may at first seem fear-based, if you follow the thread, he is simply educating us and giving us a warning. (Ref. the BFF Chapter 19 videos) Fear is a choice.

      The Shellium (orbs) are negative, but he clarifies that nearly all orbs are positive entities. Energetic beings not in the physical.

      The Chapter 19 videos about the orbs explain WHY we need to remain out of fear. Don’t feed the animals. I’ve never seen any orbs, and I don’t worry about it.

      I get email updates from a woman named Joanna Fay from Heartstar.org and she often sends photos of orbs and points out the faces in them, whether leonine or various other animals and birds. They certainly seem to gravitate to her.

      In closing I would say that many on the Internet probably use this vehicle to share information with Soldiers of the Light. I recall a few years ago a friend sent what appeared to be a hilarious video weather forecast about a “Godzilla” storm approaching the east coast of the USA, and we understood it to be a warning about something unfolding or that might be attempted in the Canary Islands with “weather wars”.

      Nothing happened, so perhaps a crisis was averted as a result of that communication. There are many fronts in this war—many of them unseen.

      The Internet is a tool and information we see isn’t always intended for us. It may not mean what we think it means.

      Without the Internet, this war would most certainly have gone another way, so for the Galactics to introduce this technology decades ago was a stroke of genius. ~ BP


  3. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Mind you, she does say this. But nevertheless things she highlights are still worth a look

    Starship Earth: The Big Picture says:

    May 28, 2016 at 11:12 AM

    We always need to use our discernment, of course. We can throw out anything that doesn’t resonate, and I don’t assume everything we see and hear is true. I don’t have time to vet any of this, unfortunately, so it is up to each to do their own vetting. I appreciate the info, as always. We have no way of knowing without certainty of most of the info out there. I just feel almost anything is possible, and remain open-minded. There is little harm done in observing what people offer. I’m not in fear about any of it.

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