Don’t panic. Organise.

Why are we cooperating with our own enslavement?  The system is a house of cards, a row of dominoes.  Push one down, and the buggers are gone.  We are the many. They are the tiny few.  What are we doing?

They divide and rule.  Stop dividing.  Unify.

Stop battling amongst ourselves.  Stop being ‘Me Me Me’.  Direct our energy as a single source, the source they are trying to break up.  Only love can drive darkness out.

TAP – Another reason they keep the Electric Universe secret (apart from free energy)is the threat the planet Earth faces from the variations in the movements of planets and electric flows in the galaxy.  You can be sure the parasites are aware of the threats faced and they have their own escape lines worked out – the DUMBS – and plans to start a new sun if our current sun were to falter, just as Saturn faltered 5000 years ago and was replaced by our current sun.

The cosmic events that took place were devastating.  The scarring of planetary surfaces are there to this day, including on earth – mountains and deep trenches carved out.  Many of the religious symbols that are in use to this day were signs that formed in the sky as part of the events taking place.  Snakes, dragons. crosses, ying and yang.  All are electrical events visible from earth by terrified humanity, that somehow survived – in caves and by cliffs,only 5000 years ago.


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