Dental, Medical And Climate Lies

May 19 2016 | From: DrSircus
Anyone alive today that believes we are living in a world of truth, justice and love needs to have their heads examined. We live in a world of lies and half-truths, which are really the same or worse than outright lies, because they confuse the human mind so much.

Selected not elected

As such rare to non-existent are the politicians who do not lie because they have to swim in a sea of lies to get anywhere in politics.

Lies cause unmeasurable amounts of human suffering and lead people to early graves. Too often the lies are hidden from view from the vast majority because there are plenty of people in power who know exactly how to deceive the public through manipulation of their collective imaginations.

The public media of course is the carrier wave of this manipulation but it is possible to see through the smoke and mirrors if one invests the energy to do so.

It is impossible to break through to a person who has swallowed the manipulations when they are widely shared, because these kinds of people feel comfortable and surrounded by others who feel the same. Even in cases where individuals have been abducted by extreme groups and have to be kidnapped back by parents, when possible, the reprogramming can be more than difficult. We humans cling to our beliefs no matter what they are.

Big Lies in Dentistry

Wrong beliefs kill yet even professionals cling, even when children die for them. For a first example, let us turn to the world of dentistry. I have written before about one of the biggest lies that they entertain that effect the broad public in the countries that put fluoride into the public water systems.

It is a broad lie shared by doctors that poisons are good for us. That poison is safe when actually very dangerous, especially to the children who are more sensitive than adults are.

Personally I have always liked and trusted all the dentists I have had, even my uncle who started putting in tons of mercury into my mouth starting at age five.

It was not until I was fifty did I learn the dangers of mercury contamination and the insanity of putting a neurotoxic poison inches from the brain, and into vaccines, meaning directly into children’s blood streams. Mercury fillings leak badly through the years causing all kinds of health problems, including cancer, whose cause is not obvious.

A recent horror story from the world of dentistry reminded me of the dangers, lies and insanity of dentistry. A 14-month-old baby girl died recently after being put under anesthesia for a dental crown procedure on teeth that had cavities.

Daisy Lynn Torres was taken to Austin Children’s Dentistry in North Austin for the “routine” dental procedure, but halfway through the treatment she died. The mother said’;

“You don’t take your child into the dentist thinking it will be the last time you see them alive. You should feel comfortable and safe at the doctor or dentist office – never scared for your child’s life.”

One has to read the news article and read into it to see the deception. There are two glaring ones. First is that anesthesia is safe when it is extremely dangerous. Moreover, the second is the lack of mention that sugar consumption is the cause of most cavities in children. White sugar is a poison that causes a host of health problems but the first of them shows up in the teeth.

We should pay attention to what the mother said at the end of the news report. She said, “You should feel comfortable and safe at the doctor or dentist office – never scared for your child’s life.”

This exposes a broad manipulation in our civilization for the opposite is true. We should always be uncomfortable and always scared for our children’s lives when we take them to a doctor or dentist’s office.

Big Lies in Medicine

Doctors kill and maim many more people than dentists do. The biggest lie that I have written about is that vaccines are safe. When a parent takes their child to a pediatrician’s office (to a professional terrorist), they are playing Russian roulette with their child’s life.

My first published book was originally titled Cry of the Heart but I eventually changed that to the Terror of Pediatric Medicine, which I still give away freely. We just recently saw that the CDC has been caught red handed lying about the link between vaccines and autism.

And anyone who has even a shrivel of intelligence would understand the equally into huge lie about the safety of injecting mercury into babies and adults alike but that is exactly what we get in the flu vaccine in the United States and in many vaccines administered in the third world.

The big lie is that pharmaceuticals are safe when in fact in America alone over 100,000 people a year die for properly prescribed medicines. We could go on all day talking about the different areas of medicine and it is my common assertion that would be better to go to a gas station for one’s health problem than to a doctor’s office. At least at the gas station they know what they are doing.

They know to put gas into the gas tank and oil and water where they belong where doctors are working over quicksand meaning they have no idea of the basic causes of disease (like nutritional deficiencies in basic minerals) and as such they do nothing to address these fundamental issues.

Just one example to mention in this regard is that surgery is safer when doctors administer magnesium before, during and after surgical events. Do doctors administer magnesium? Hell no, they are too caught up in their own lies because their imaginations have been manipulated too.

Global Warming

Incredible that the big liars of our times would stoop so low as to lie about the weather. Whom do they think they are kidding when they tell us it has never been warmer? It is spring and we are seeing record cold and snow, even down to near the equator at ten degrees north.

“It will feel more like February in places such as New York City, Syracuse and Buffalo, New York; Boston; Burlington, Vermont; and Portland, Maine,” says at the beginning of April.

The cold is expected to linger at least through mid-month, giving us temperatures more like single digit highs anywhere between 2, 3 °C (35.6, 37.4 °F) when we’d normally be seeing daytime highs of around 10 °C (50 °F).” Sounds like NOOA and NASA reports of record heat are going out the window.

Global warming mongrels have a serious mental disease that is characterized by deliberately forgetting the most important aspect of all life on earth as well as its weather and that is the existence of the sun, whose output is in a cyclic decline for the next few decades. They are sick just like the vaccinationists who just happen to forget that there are dangerous poisons the pharmaceutical companies put into the vaccines.

Time Magazine and the Guardian both have recently published hysterical articles about the deadly serious threat of sea level rising because of ice melting in Antarctica.

Unfortunately, for these dishonest media organizations that fact is that Antarctica is gaining not losing ice. According to NASA the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

In addition, another reminder of how warm it isn’t. A 142-year monthly April record shattered in Concord, New Hampshire. Not just for the day, but for the entire month of April. The temperature on Tuesday morning dipped to a bone-chilling 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15.6 C).

The previous April cold record, 7 F (-13.9 C), had stood since April 1, 1874, during the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. Syracuse, York, almost tripled its daily snowfall record on April 3rd with 16.8 cm of snow. This far exceeds the 6 cm that fell in 1937. Moreover, it is only the fourth snowfall ever recorded in the month of April for the city.

It has been a brutal spring in both the United States and Russia with hard freezes, record low temperatures, and heavy snowfalls. Farmers are losing crops but our favorite politicians and governmental organizations will not stop getting on the horn about how warm it is.


Governments are suiciding the trust people have in them, democracy is becoming a cruel joke in Japan, the United States and Europe. Moreover, the media is showing how dishonest it is and how ready it is to prostitute itself to commercial and government interests.

Furthermore, with the financial and economic lies compounding everyone’s problems we are in for a rough ride. Bill Bonner writes;

“We live in a world of sin and sorrow, infected by a fraudulent democracy, Facebook, and a corrupt money system. Wheezing, weak, and weary from the exertion of trying to appear “normal,” the economy staggers on.”





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  1. Leo says:

    Now, one of the best Supporting articles below…

    Pictorial Essay: 15 Proofs It’s a Fake, Fake, Fake World 😉

    —Worth (fun?) reading (including its comments).

  2. dkblue says:

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      • dkblue says:

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    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Yes I was in a rush forgot to include those sorry
      [If this isn’t one of the major examples of selfish Evil in our world today I don’t know what is. Bas*ards]
      This section is unfortunate to have to include, but this article would not be complete with out it. The fact is that the AMA (American Medical Association) and other powerful medical groups do not like the competition from natural cancer therapies. Doctors who offer alternative and natural cancer therapies are often harassed by federal agents, and some lose their licenses for helping people recover from a terminal disease.

      However, many prominent politicians and others know about these therapies. Ronald Reagan and Betty Ford are just two among many politicians and public figures who secretly received natural, alternative cancer therapies and succeeded.
      A rough way to understand cancer is the following:
      Cancer loves:

      1. Excessive estrogen in the body. This is related to the trophoblast theory of cancer, discussed above. Some estrogens are potent carcinogens. Reasons for high estrogen levels today include:

      1. A toxic liver that cannot properly detoxify estrogen.

      2. Elevated copper levels and low zinc levels. Copper and estrogen levels tend to follow one another. Zinc is deficient in the soil, so it is deficient in our food supply, as well. Stress also lowers zinc and often raises copper in the body.

      3. Possibly a compensatory mechanism that could result from adrenal exhaustion.

      4. Use of birth control pills and patches and the birth control IUD.

      5. Estrogen-mimicking chemicals used in chemical agriculture, mainly.

      The Johanna Budwig protocol interferes with estrogen in the body by using large doses of flaxseed oil, which occupies estrogen binding sites and thus has an estrogen-reducing effect. In other words, it is a type of natural chemotherapy with no side effects.

      Coffee enemas, red heat lamp saunas, an excellent diet and other measures can help reduce liver toxicity and therefore also reduces liver toxicity and estrogen buildup.

      2. A toxic body. This is related to the above. Toxins often damage the liver, and this leads to high estrogen. Dr. Max Gerson, MD found that if he could regenerate the liver, meaning reduce its toxicity and improve its nutritional state, he could usually heal cancer. He used coffee enemas, diet and other natural methods for this purpose.

      3. Low levels of alkaline reserve minerals. This common situation causes the body to become too acidic, which causes many dysfunctions. Replacing the alkaline reserve minerals therefore is very important to avoid and correct cancers.

      4. Low oxygen levels. Cancer does not use oxygen in its metabolism, as the body does. Instead, it thrives on sugar. Low oxygen in the body is common, and favors the growth of trophoblast.

      Low oxygen levels are due to shallow breathing, lung problems, living in cities with little vegetation, and working or living in closed-in, low oxygen environments.

      The Budwig protocol restores oxygenation of the tissues. This may be because it interferes with estrogen, or for some other reason such as restoring cell membranes.

      5. Yeast and fungus in the body. This comes from a copper imbalance, primarily. Copper problems result from adrenal and thyroid exhaustion, zinc deficiency, stress, fear, and occasionally from exposure to copper, though this is not that common.

      6. Yin bodies. This means cold, upward-moving energy, and “expanded” bodies. Causes for a yin condition include old age, toxicity from any cause, eating sugars and other sweet or raw foods, holding grudges, and the use of alcohol, too much sex, or holding on to negative emotions.

      For more on this condition, please read Yin Disease on this website.

      7. Low etheric energy in the body. This can be due to old age, ill health, too much sex, poor quality diet, improper lifestyle, or other causes for lowered vitality.

      8. Sugars of all kinds in the diet, including fruit. These foods make the body more yin, deplete nutrient minerals, upset the blood sugar, damage calcium metabolism, and damage the body in many other ways, as well.

      9. The emotion of resentment, in particular. I am not sure why this is so, but it is reported in the medical literature. If one wishes to overcome cancer, let go of all anger and resentment against everyone.

  3. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

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    Update on the yogurt

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